Asian Americans: The New White?

Asian Americans are held up as the great success story, on the fast track to assimilation. But this has put us at the center of the debate about fairness in this country, raising the question: Are we becoming white?...
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Ken Jeong Lands Leading Role in Upcoming MTV Series

Ken Jeong has landed a leading role in an upcoming scripted series on MTV, titled "Ken Jeong Made Me Do It."...
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VIDEO: Full Trailer for ‘Dear White People,’ Co-starring Actress Naomi Ko

The film's contemporary exploration of the nuances of racial identity on a college campus will no doubt resonate with Asian American audiences....
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Fresno Man Sentenced To Three Years After Defrauding Elderly Korean Investors

Following a seven-year investigation, Kwan Yong Choi, 72, of Fresno, Calif., was sentenced this week to three years in prison for money laundering and charged $2.1 million in restitution to be paid to the victims of his fraud, many of whom were elderly Koreans, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office....
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Paris Baguette Finally Coming Home

Paris Baguette, a highly popular Korean bakery café, now faces its greatest challenge: gaining the respect and recognition of its French-styled menu from real Parisians....
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Seoul Transforms Urban Eyesores Into Creative, Artistic Spaces

An unused factory, a vacated government building, an abandoned commercial space—all are considered eyesores for a city. But, more and more, such sites in Seoul are being replaced by "creative spaces" that that may be ushering in an artistic renaissance for the city, while also fighting urban blight....
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Commentary: Renewing the Promise of America For All Families

The immigrant story is not one just of the past, reserved only for the history books. It is a continuing story that is still very much part of the fabric and character of America. ...
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LPGA’s First ‘International Crown’ Tournament to Feature Second-Seeded Korea

For the first time ever, 32 female golfers representing the top eight ranked countries will face each other in order to bring the International Crown to their own country....
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South Korea and U.S Sign Agreement Governing Return of Korean Artifacts

Authorities from the U.S. and South Korean governments today signed a landmark accord meant to facilitate the return of cultural assets that were seized during the Korean War....
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