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  • Magi Yang


    I was recently on a Southwest flight from Denver to Orange County. When my 15 month old started crying, I turned on Ppororo (a popular Korean cartoon) on my ipad. The sound was barely audible but was commanded by a male flight attendant to turn it off due to some noise violation. Meanwhile, other passengers were watching Sunday night football and Desperate Housewives on their laptops very loudly. I believe he was racially motivated as he said that he didn’t want to hear “such noise”. When I told him that his customer service was disappointing, he threatened to call the captain and the police on me.

    Please let me know if you would like to write an article on this as this type of discrimination from a major airline should not be tolerated.

    Thank you.

  • Steve

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  • Justin Chang

    To: John Ha

    I know I am responding to a 3 year old post that you made in here lol, but I too am a Korean-American Firefighter. I’m 24 years old and I have been a firefighter for only 6 month’s! I’ve always wondered if there would be more Korean-American Firefighter’s in the U.S., and after doing some searching I only found you and Emile Mack. Both of you have been in the “game” for a while now! and that is really inspiring to me! and that one day I want to be able to do the same!

  • Chuck


    I am a huge admirer of the blog. Really excited to share a personal film project I recently finished. It is a personal character study of different emotions. Just thought I’d share.

    See the project here:

  • Ashley Turner

    My name is Ashley I am a grad student and avid researcher and follower of Korean culture (and let’s face it K-pop) for the last six years. I am contacting you because I highly enjoy the depth and wealth of written material showcased in your publications.
    I am currently working on a web project that is being funded by the Korean Cultural Center Washington D.C. and KOFICE (Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange) and would like to know if you are interested in partnering with us, and writing or cross-posting material on our site. I am also gathering together an extensive blogroll of Korea-related sites on the internet, with intentions of it being the largest of its kind and would like the honor of including yours among them.
    Again, KOFICE and the Korean Cultural Center are sponsoring this endeavor, but have no control over the content and views displayed on my site.
    Right now I am looking for people with experience in web design, visual/graphic arts and audio/video, or anyone who is creative and would like to lend their talents to blogging or on-camera work. This is an ongoing project, and my goal is to have the basic framework of the site, including the first web video in May. If you or anyone you are affiliated with are interested in lending your services, please feel free to contact me at as soon as possible. I will then send my original proposal for the project which will give you a better idea of what I am creating. If you have any additional ideas or comments to contribute, they are always welcome :)
    Ashley Turner

  • Yoon Chun

    Remembering boxer Kim Duk-Koo: I had to bring out and listen again the haunting poetic music by the band Sun Kil Moon(named after another Korean champion boxer 문성길).
    FYI, this alternative folk rock band debuted with “Duk Koo Kim” wriitten by Mark Kozelek in 2003.

  • Yoon Chun

    Remembering boxer Kim Duk-Koo, birngs me to bring out and listen the haunting poetic music by the band of Sun Kil Moon(named after another Korean champion boxer 문성길), “Duk Koo Kim” wriitten by Mark Kozelek.

  • khaitan allen

    Response (manager’s name omitted):
    Hi Khaitan,

    Thank you for expressing your concern.

    The flyer that was sent out is designed by my home office and only a small portion (bookstore contact info) is re-writable, but I have already expressed my concern to my home office design team about the use of the word “adoption” (which I think is insensitive as well) and the need for changing it on the next flyer. If I receive another flyer without this change, and cannot change it myself, I will not send it out.

    Once again, thank you! I look forward to hearing feedback from my customers.

    Have a great day!

  • khaitan allen

    More communication from Follett:

    From: Distaola, Elio []
    Sent: Monday, October 29, 2012 12:06 PM
    To: Khaitan Allen
    Subject: RE: – Request for Information

    Hi Khaitan,

    Maybe this was taken out of context, but again, adoption is the INDUSTRY term for faculty members selecting a book for class (for nearly a century.)

    My response:
    Hello Mr. Distaola,
    I do appreciate your response. As well, I am not blaming you for the inappropriate use of the term and language. However, I do not believe that time and tradition is the best support for such use. For example, we do not call Native Americans “Indians” even though that tagging of a particular people was used for over a century. I am sure we can think of other names as well that might cause offense to certain identifications and connotations.
    Please, can you direct me to someone who would be able to listen to the concern I and many others have about this language?
    Thank you,
    Khaitan Allen

  • khaitan allen

    As an additional note: This language by UMass and by Follett is not an isolated concern. The textbook industry uses this “online adoption” throughout many of the colleges and other education systems. Therefore, I would hope that all of us who find this offensive would write to their own respective textbook supplier or bookstore and strongly suggest a change in the language. Although Elio Distaolo admits to “rent” and “adoption” are not the same AND that the term “online adoption” is an industry term, this does not make it right to continue the use of such language.

  • khaitan allen

    An issue has come to my attention by a fellow colleague (name will remain anonymous unless that wishes to be known). The issue is about the language used by Follett (nationwide text book and education service). Follett offers a service for renting books. However, they call this “online adoption.” This use of language is not only incorrect, but also offensive to me, a Korean adoptee (not a Korean rentee). Below is my brief interaction with Follett. Please, if you have time, email and or call Follett and express your concern over this issue that is offensive and insulting. Notice also that the person, Elio Distaolo incorrectly spelled my name as well…thank you for his lack of concern…Please email – Distaola, Elio []:

    Hi Khaiten Allen:

    Thank you very much for taking the time to reach out to Follett. Adoption is the textbook industry’s term for a faculty’s selection of a material to be used in the classroom for a particular section or curriculum. You are correct in that ‘adoption’ and rental are not the same.



    —–Original Message—–
    From: []
    Sent: Sunday, October 28, 2012 8:38 AM
    To: About Follett
    Subject: – Request for Information
    (my professional info is deleted)

    Hello, I hope all is well.
    In short, I would like to discuss with someone the language being used by the UMass Bookstore. This is in regards to the phrase, “Online Adoption” on brochures and on the online site.
    Although I understand the message behind the phrase, I do not find this appropriate. I do not blame the issuer of this phrase as being anyone more than unaware of the connotations and implications.
    Adoption is not about being able to rent a book and then return in a “re-rentable” form. As well, there are many issues concerning adoption, which of course has no relation to the process of renting. In other words, adoption is not what the bookstore is offering. The bookstore is offering a rentable service of texts. Renting and adoption are not the same.
    Being a korean adoptee, I find the language inappropriate. As I would also find the language of being called a korean “rentee” inappropriate, or if someone called me “rented” and not adopted.
    I hope you can understand my concern, which has been brought to my attention by others who share this same point of view. As well, I hope we can come to an agreement and change the language.
    With National Adoption Awareness Day arriving (Saturday before Thanksgiving) I would hope this issue can be addressed.
    Thank you and have a great day,
    Khaitan Allen

  • Anna
  • Anna

    My name Anna, im from Russia, but now im study in Korea.

  • Trevor

    We are pleased to announce the long anticipated feature length, psychological thriller/horror House Of Good And Evil, starring award winner Rachel Marie Lewis (Transcontinental Coffee), Christian Oliver (The Good German) and veteran character actress Marietta Marich (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) has successfully wrapped filming and we are beyond satisfied with the quality. This dark film was masterfully directed by Korean American director David Mun. The film is currently in post production at a major studio in Los Angeles.
    For more info on the film please visit

  • Christina

    I have yet to receive my September issue and since there is only three days left in September I am a little concerned.

  • bob

    You guys finally got around to posting the story about Hollister, congratulations. Now what? The snippet you included was a short quote and nothing more! I realize that Koream isn’t a traditional news magazine but you have the ears of KAs and you can reach out and DO SOMETHING! Write something of significance! Get the reactions of KAs out there!

  • bob

    You need to do a big run on this one….

  • Ed Kim


    My twin boys Matt & Mike have started a business related to the fast growing sport of Lacrosse. Lacrosse is huge in our area (Maryland) but it is now gaining tremendous popularity in the West Coast. I wonder if their story would be of interest to your readers. Please check out their website and click through to their FB page to see some of the videos. EcoLax’s mission is to refurbish old lacrosse balls and to save the planet at the same time. What they have been able to do in 8 months of operation is pretty good for a couple 16 year olds. Please also check out the article in


    Ed (Proud Dad)

  • khaitan allen

    Where are my issues? Here is my order number: VDME4CCEB531. I am eager!!! Khaitan Allen

  • Frank Lee

    Have you ever considered writing a piece on David Lee from SV Angel? He is the biggest angel investor in silicon valley and has invested in the biggest Internet companies today. Check him out.

  • Samuel Choi


    My friends and I from Wesleyan University just made an awesome American Sign Language Video and it would be awesome if you could check it out! I know it doesn’t have much Asian stuff, so I apologize. So far it has been featured on the Huffington Post, Examiner, and Angry Asian Man.

    Here is the link:

    Thank you so much for watching and any recognition!



  • Howard

    Hello and good evening!
    With all the discussion regarding the healthcare reform in the news, I came across a Korean-American owned company that currently develops software for medical facilities to help organize and maintain patient records. I found it interesting that in a multi-billion dollar industry this was the only company owned by a Korean-American. Perhaps the readers of KoreAm would also find this interesting as well. The company website is:
    Thank you.

  • Irma Vos

    Dear sirs,

    I am very interested in watching the Documentary Loyal to a Fault by Iris Shim. I live in the Netherlands, is there a way to obtain a copy or watch it online?

    Thank you very much in advance,
    Irma Vos

  • Anne Choe

    I just received the January 2012 edition and I’m disappointed, actually upset. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, employed by the County of Los Angeles, we strive to eliminate stigma and discrimination against mental health of all ethnic groups. Although I appreciate your efforts in dedicating a column for mental health, the fact that it was not mentioned on the cover of the magazine demonstrates that within your publication, such topic remains taboo. If we want to save lives and prevent suicide attempts, perhaps we should dedicate more pages on the subjact matter instead of full spread on the gala. We should confront the issue of suicide head on, not hide between pages. I’m sure you’re aware that Korea has the highest suicide rate amongst all the industrialized nations and that suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death for the API group (age 18-25) in the states. If you’re interested in learning more about what the County is doing about suicide prevention, please email me. The key is to recognize signs and get help.

  • Eric Park

    Dear Koream,
    Hello, my name is Eric Park, and I am currently a researcher at the University of Southern California. I am emailing you because I am currently working on creating a LGBTQI Korean archive within ONE, the largest LGBTQI archives in the nation. Under the mentorship and coordination of the director of the archive, Joseph Hawkins, I am acquisitioning different works relevant to the burgeoning Queer Korean Movement.

    I understand that Koream published a queer issue in August, 1993. If at all possible, ONE would truly appreciate a copy of this issue, both electronically and paper copy. If there is anyway to receive this copy, we would be truly appreciative. Thank you so much for reading this, and I hope to hear from you soon.

    Eric Park

  • Sujung Kim


    You published a piece I wrote entitled, “1.5 Generation Parenting” in the August 2007 issue in the Exiles on Main Street section of your magazine. Any chance you still have an electronic version of this article? If so, I would really appreciate it if you would send it to me. Thank you.

    Sujung Kim
    San Francisco

  • Tae

    I came across this article on the G.O.A.L. website recently about how the Korean government is no longer supporting G.O.A.L., which is a Korean-Adoptee organization in Seoul, South Korea. I’ve learned since that other adoptee organizations, not only in Korea but also in the US and Europe are also losing funding. Could someone at KoreaAm look into this? My main questions would be, why are they doing this? These organizations are so helpful for adoptees like myself who visit and live in Korea, and look to reconnect with our Korean culture. Thanks!

  • Liz Langley

    I was wondering if/how I could get a copy of the 2007 issue with Jung Ji-Hoon (Rain) on the cover?Thanks,

  • JSNF


    Nitro Fresh, a Korean-American music producer currently residing in Seattle, WA, is making a notable noise in Seattle hip hop music scene with his hiphop duo called SATURDAY MORNING CARTOON. Their debut album “Cereal Box Superheroes” is currently being distributed in South Korea. Japanese label will also release their singles for the upcoming releases.

    Article on NW Asian Weekly –

    Official Web –
    Facebook –
    Youtube –
    Nitro Fresh –

  • gelli

    You HAVE to see this video!! From Korea’s got talent.

    Wow. I hope his story is true (not that I want him to have had such a tough life) but not like that one British chick that embellished the truth.

  • John S

    Hello! I wanted to tell you all about the webcomic that my wife Sara, a Korean American, writes, and I draw. IT is about her family life, her experiences coming to America, and life in Korea as a little girl.
    IT is here:
    We also share recipes for traditional Korean food on the site.
    What do you think?

  • Joe Park

    I wanted to bring to your attention a racial slur posted on ESPN’s website about KJ Choi’s win.
    Under Headlines, the auther makes the comment, “Choi NIPS Toms…”

    Disgusting. I hope you bring light to it.

    Thank you.

  • Esther Lee

    I am looking for the full citation for the article written by Terry Hong in the December 2003 issue. Would you please let me know the page numbers for the article? The title is “Times Up,” and it is the cover story about Korean American theatre. Also, is there any way you can scan old issues and make them available online?

    Thank you.

  • Kane

    I never received the April 2011 copy.

  • Meghan

    Hi, I called to change my address, and nobody has called me back about it and I need it changed immediately. Can someone please email me, and so i can have this whole thing figured out, please.

  • Jin G.

    Hello. I came across an article recently about how there is a growing number of Korean-American babies ending up in orphanages in Southern CA. Here is the link:

    I was hoping that someone at KoreAm could investigate and do some further research. Would love for this issue to be publicized in your magazine. Thanks so much!!

  • teresa

    was looking for dresses online at bloomie’s and found that jamie chung was the new face for aqua for spring 11.

  • jane

    just wondering, when you ship out your magazines in the us, what postal service does it go through? i was trying to order the march edition, but need to know which postal service as that affects where it gets shipped. thanks.

  • jackie

    just wanted to say the cartoons are pretty damn funny especially falkzilla :-)

  • David Park

    I think her achievement is inspirational. Perhaps, you could do a story on her.

  • michael

    wheres the change of address place for this site? i need to change my shipping address.

  • Debbie Im

    Hi my name is Debbie.
    I recently read an article about ‘Periodic Table Hangul” in a Korean internet media.
    I am wondering if you can cover and publish about Darim Kim who made the “Periodic Table Hangul” last year. As a teacher who teaches Korean to second generation Koreans and others, I think it’s valuable (sensational) information everyone who wants to learn Korean should know about.
    Thank you. I am also wondering how I can purchase the table for the teaching purpose.

  • Jeanie

    Hello, who can I speak with on KoreAm that can help bring awareness of a current class action suit of a group of Korean women against a boutique multi million dollar corporation for work exploitation and work related injury?

  • Noelle

    Hi! I ordered a copy of last year’s September issue, but the charge hasn’t shown up on my card yet/didn’t receive a confirmation e-mail about the order. Will I get one once it’s been processed and shipped? Thank you!

  • Meghan

    I was just wondering if there is any possible way to get the September 2010 issue of KoreAm. I am buying a subscription as we speak, but would really like to get my hands on that issue. Anyway you can help me out!?

    Meghan Myung

  • Gail Guerrero

    We’re moving and need to change the address for our subscription. Thank you

  • Ian

    As a Korean-born adoptee living in America… is one considered to be a “KoreAm”?

  • Jwalkerz

    Jay park’s been doing lots and lots of Magazine covers in Korea.. it would be nice to see him in an ENGLISH writing magazine so we can read it. If you ever get jay on your magazine please let us all know what month issue.. we really wanna buy it.

  • Kathy Thao

    can you guys write an article on jyj? they are making a worldwide album releasing on the 12th. they are part of TVXQ/DBSK. if you guys can write about them it would mean the world to me

  • gae song


    I recently subscribed to KoreAM but I want to update my address but didn’t receive a mag yet. If you could contact me so I may update my address.

    Thank you,


  • Jenna Velez

    Hello, this is Jenna Velez and I was interviewed by David Yi. in the article,

    CONCERT REVIEW: Wonder Girls’ Nation-wide Tour Ft. 2PM! | iamkoream

    Just to clarify I remember talking about how we made our shirts and how we got into Kpop through Jpop and groups like Wondergirls 2pm TVXQ I did not call the jonas brothers “gay” that might have been my friend who was with me. I remember telling David that how we were going to dance to songs like again and again, i hate you, my heartbeat. The only right thing said in the article was what my sister said about her shirt and how she loves 2pm.

    I just felt it was needed to be said, Thank you for taking the time to read this and please respond back to me if you can clarifying you got this thank you very much

    Jenna Velez

  • Arnold Park

    Hello, my name is Arnold Park and I am a business owner in Indianapolis, IN. I am originally from Korea Town, Los Angeles, but moved out here to start my very own Taco Business. Seeing as how a korean from los angeles that moves to Indiana to sell mexican food is typically the american dream, i was hoping i could share that with all my fellow koreans. I do have a korean flavored taco, which is called the KTOWN and an authentic mexican flavor called the CALI. Our business name is World Famous West Coast Tacos and we have a huge following on facebook/twitter. Our website is but it is currently under construction. Please contact me via email if you are interested, and thank you for your time!

  • Edwin lee

    Please check my subscription. I’ve only received one issue (dec 2009). 501 Byron Ct, Irving TX 75038

  • Rex Hwang

    How do I change my address for my magazine subscription?

  • John Ha

    Thank you for a great source of “Korean Americaness”. I have been reading Korean Am for the last 6 years and it has brought me great insights into what makes a Korean American. I was brought up believing that being a doctor, lawyer or even a denist were the only “respectable” career choices. However, I chose a different career path. I became a firefighter. Unfortunately, my parents did not see my career calling as worthy of a doctor’s son. At times, my vocation was refered to as “fire cracker” job.

    Now, after twenty years on the “job”, I have reached a rank of fire captain. I love what I do. I believe that I do make a difference for the better. Least of all, I am changing stereotypical views of Asian Americans in my corner of the world. Most of all, my mother has changed her views some what. She would still prefer me being a doctor but old traditional views die hard.

    It is unfortunate that not all next generations of Korean Americans are getting the opportunity to serve as a firefighter due to cultural ignorance and racial stereotype. There are few of us on the front line and I would love to see more especially in Southern California where there are large numbers of Korean and other Asian Americans.

    I know Korean Am has had an article on Asian American police officers. I believe providing a forum to provide accurate information about being a firefighter will further encourage others like me to make a difference in a none traditional professon.

  • jane Lee

    Hello Mr. Alan Ince,
    I am an illustrator looking for work.
    I have a BFA in illustration from Otis Parsons.
    Also have attended ArtCenter’s BFA program – illustration/ fine art.
    I work mainly in Acrylics, and watercolor – with ink pen.
    Thank you!
    Jane Lee

  • Alan Ince

    Good morning,
    My name is Alan Ince, a writer from the Washington D.C. area. I have recently interviewed a Korean-American model named Catharina Lee. She is a full time student at George Mason University in great standing, and recently came back from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2010 in New York City. In 2009 she also competed in a Victoria’s Secret competition, both requiring her to miss classes.

    The main component of the article I wrote is how her cultural background drives her to follow her dreams modeling, while maintaining being an honor student.I would appreciate any consideration for placing my article in your publication.

    Thank you, and feel free to contact me. I am willing to send you an outline and/or the article.

    Alan Ince
    3912 Keith Avenue
    Fairfax, VA 22030

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