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We’re always looking for smart, witty, relevant and newsworthy guest posts for the iAmKoreAm.com blog. If you have something you want to share with the world (and its Korean American-related), email julie@iamkoream.com


KoreAm welcomes submissions and story pitches for the categories listed below. Send your pitch in a Word doc and three samples of previously published work to Julie Ha at julie@iamkoream.com. All submissions should include an introduction that indicates your previous publishing history and experience in journalism. No phone calls, please. We regret that we are unable to respond to all queries.

Hot Pot

Our “front of the book” section is a mix of news, columns, items that amuse, short interviews and quirky tidbits. They are typically shorter (300 words) but can run as long as 1,000 words. Hot Pot is similar to most “front of the book” sections in other magazine—think shorter, easily-digestible stories, charts and Q&As that pertain to current events, products or interesting events and people. If interested in writing for this section, send a half-page outline of your idea and explain how you intend to approach coverage.


Features typically run between 1,500 to 3,000 words. Each issues usually includes one cover feature and two feature stories. We aim for a diverse “feature well” – meaning we run stories that pertain to arts & entertainments, current events, politics, culture or notable Korean Americans. Examples of past feature stories are: gay Iraq war veteran Lt. Dan Choi and his fight against the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, Proposition 8 and the Korean American vote, the election of Barack Obama from a multicultural perspective, and “Why North Korea Matters” to Korean Americans. Other features have includes profiles on maverick Momofuku chef David Chang, and South Korean pop icons BoA, Se7en and Rain. We welcome any ideas that merit a 3 to 8 page spread. Please note that feature story contributors must have journalism experience and at least 3 previously published feature clips. If interested, send a detailed one-page proposal and explain how you intend to approach coverage.

Culture, etc.

This section covers all aspects of culture—and then some. Categories include food, drink, art, literature, film, television, travel and leisure, sports, health and wellness, music, home design, and fashion. We are always looking for a Korean American spin to any of these subjects, from a profile on a director of a new documentary, to a guide to the best Korean barbecue in the East Coast. If interested in writing for this section, send a half-page outline of your idea and explain how you intend to approach coverage.

Essays, columns and op-eds

Stories in these formats are always welcome and depending on the topic, may run in Hot Pot or Culture, Etc. In rare cases, a first-person essay can work as a feature story, if the topic merits that type of approach.


KoreAm periodically publishes photo or artwork essays by Korean Americans. If you are interested in having your work appear in KoreAm, please email julie@iamkoream.com.


Though the editorial staff at KoreAm compiles the monthly calendar, we are always looking for events to include. We need all event information at least 6 weeks in advance, and we also need at least one image. Please email event information to julie@iamkoream.com.

Stuff to consider:

Before sending any ideas or pitches, please acquaint yourself with the magazine and website to get a better idea of what topics and styles we publish.

KoreAm caters to Korean and Asian Americans, from virtually every age group. We aim to expose and represent the Korean American community—and are particularly interested in pitches that pertain to lesser-known aspects of the Korean American experience. That said, we welcome any stories that will provide a fresh, original and nuanced window into the Korean American community.

  • Elena Volpe

    I think your mag is a perfect forum for the voices of the Korean war generation and intimate stories mind boggling experiences,moxy and naughtiness. I want to write a few of the stories I’ve been told about these ajumma’s before they all got married, while they were separated from their families, living in the “wild wild west” of post war, post occupation Korean where anything was possible. Great stories, funny and gutsy and bittersweet. They are larger than life, epic–these aunties, Hairdresser Aunty, Motorcycle Auntie, Aunty Allen, now, for those alive, 80 something–one would hardly glance at these grey haired halmoni’s and think that they possessed some spectacular adventures and wild times.

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  • Stephen Darko

    I am using this medium to formally express my interest to write for your renowned magazine. My desire is to write articles or news stories for the ‘Hot Pot’ column.
    As a practicing journalist, i intend to fetch your outfit with interesting,credible and thought provoking news items that will be relevant for publication.
    I intend to visit some parts of Ghana were mining activities have rendered thousands of indigents homeless and how some of them have been compelled by the situation to drink from gutters, streams etc.
    I also intend to write a vivid report on how some of the local people lost their lives when they attempted to use force to get some of these mining firms out. (provide pictures of how some these people spend the night in the open.)
    That notwithstanding, i also have plans of providing articles on some cultural practices of some of the tribes in Ghana; provide an in-depth report on how some of these cultural practices have adversely or positively affected them. Additionally, it my desire to write stories or news article on how most Ghanaian youth in their bid of securing greener-pastures travel from far and near to the capital city, Accra and end up sleeping at lorry stations, classrooms, stores etc. accommodation.

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