Actor and Singer Choi Jin Young Found Dead

Choi Jin Young, 39, was found dead at his home in Southern Seoul on Sunday, according to The Korea Times. The singer and actor was discovered hanging from the ceiling of his apartment by Seoul police who noticed red markings around his neck. A full autopsy report is currently undergoing to find the full cause of the star’s death.

Choi, the younger sibling of the late Choi Jin Shil–S. Korea’s sweetheart–died almost two years after his sister hung herself on Oct. 2, 2008. Both were 39-years-old.

Known for his charm and humor in dramas like 2007’s “It’s Okay To Be Loved,” and his chart-topping hits from his records as his stage-name, SKY, Choi was adored by fans for his resemblance to his older and more famous sibling.

The star was said to be going through deep depression after his sister’s death, and even attempted suicide on his sister’s birthday last year. He was undergoing treatment and was determined to make a comeback later this year.

The tragedy of this story lies around Choi Jin Shil and her life as an abused wife who was brutally chided by netizens and also linked to a financial scandal with fellow actor, Ahn Jae-hwan, who was said to have had millions in debts. The latter actor also took his own life in 2008.


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  • bsasian

    This is ridiculously tragic..

  • lorraine

    oh my goodness this story made me tear up….how sad.. Is there anyone in his family still alive?

  • Korean Power

    His mother and two nephew/niece. They are so alone now. Tragic! Why doesn’t Choi’s ex, the baseball player, like, care?! He should seriously cut off his head.

  • ju

    that’s terrible. I feel so bad to the family………….. wow…

  • anon

    as tragic as it may be i cannot sympathize with either of the choi siblings for being so selfish as to leave behind first, one’s own kids to her mother and brother and second, one’s own mother with his sister’s children. my hear just goes out to the kids and mother

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