After Living In South Korea, A Brazilian Man Gets Plastic Surgery To Look More Korean


A Brazilian man has undergone plastic surgery in order to look more Korean. The results are exactly the same as whenever an Asian person goes under the knife to look more white: weird and cringe-worthy.

Brazilian television station RBS TV reports that a 25-year-old model has had 10 surgical procedures on his eyes to achieve an Asian appearance. Originally blonde and blue-eyed, the man who goes by “Xiahn” became fascinated by plastic surgery while studying in South Korea as a foreign exchange student. “Koreans have many surgeries to modify the shape of their eyes and become more like Westerners,” he said. “It was easy to tell when one of them had done it, walking on the street wearing sunglasses and a surgical mask.” Cosmetic procedures are so prevalent in the country that some hospitals offer “plastic surgery certificates” to help patients get through immigration since they often look nothing like their passport photos.

Xiahn’s mother was concerned that the surgeries would cause vision problems but he assured her otherwise. “As much as the size of the eye has decreased somewhat, I can see normally,” he said. Apparently, he has no regrets about the procedures. “I believe I have only one life and if I cannot be who I want now, I will never be able to,” he explained.

And the world has strangely shifted.

H/T The Korea Herald 

Photo via RBS TV 

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  • Jessica Woodward

    This is just weird sorry for saying so, I mean I like Asian guys but only when they were Asian from birth

    • M. Street

      is that really you in your profile?

    • this guy thirsty

      brah you’re thirsty

    • Jenna

      Hes korean not asian

    • Min Son

      im a korean male.. but i believe im also asian…

    • Min Son

      Lol im korean… i think its very weird

    • Jack

      Thats sound so otaku, get away from us asians…

  • luchana12

    Wow that’s crazy I don’t think I could ever do that I’m scared lol

  • ohsososhified

    Please stop noting that the majority of asians get plastic surgery “to look more white.” That is not why most of those who want plastic surgery do it. Smaller, taller noses and double eylids are not attributes only found in Westerners and it is not why Asians or any other race, gets plastic surgery. Also, small, tall, and defined can be of different aesthetic values in different races. We dont all strive to look like White people. As an asian, I dont look at White people and wish I could look like them because thats not the point, the point is to look like a prettier Asian, a prettier PERSON actually. I’m not going to go to the clinic and say “I want to look white.” This isn’t a super common becoming so don’t make it seem like the general ideal in Korea, please.

    • takadi

      Oh the denial, it’s so pathetic

    • Elron Hubburd

      actually the funniest thing is that many standards of beauty historically overlap across many cultures. a hot girl is a hot girl. its not like japanese n koreans n chinese historically worshipped dark skin and then after they met white people they were like ‘lets switch to that!’. actually the most white washed thing u could say is that all these features that was shared across cultures now belongs to whites.

    • Natsuno Sora

      It’s not denial; what she’s saying is accurate. Not all Asians are born with low-bridged noses and eyelids that lack a fold. There are many Asians who are born with the ‘double-eyelid’ and tall nose, but more Asians have a low nose bridge, and ‘single-eyelids’ without the fold, and so the less common look is considered more desirable. It has nothing to do with trying to look more Caucasian, and people need to realise this and stop assuming that otherwise. (It’s not all about us!) Even the pale skin beauty ideal – it dates back to feudal times when pale skin was a sign of being part of the noble class, since you did not have to be outside, labouring in the heat, getting your skin tanned by the sun. Just like beauty ideals can be different if you live in America than if you live Italy, or Greece, or Turkey, they are also different in Asian countries than they are in America. In Korea, the ideal is pale skin, a small face, big eyes with a double eyelid, a tall nose bridge and a slim body – tall for men, petite for women. And that combination is appreciated on both Koreans and foreigners alike. So again, it’s not denial, it’s just different standards of beauty.

    • Mel Issaw

      YES. YES!!! What you said is perfect. That’s really the reason people go under the knife.

    • takadi

      All I read in that delusional wall of text is “I wish I were white”. Asians are realizing that plastic surgery isn’t enough and now they are just resorting to plain ol’ eugenics and marrying their daughters off to white men like common whores

    • Natsuno Sora

      I am white, you tool. And you’re a racist moron who knows nothing.

    • takadi

      That explains why you’re a white supremacist

    • Natsuno Sora

      Ain’t gonna feed you no more, troll.

    • takadi

      Don’t you have a neo-nazi meeting to be at to talk about your superior white features, Adolf?

    • Chris

      So basicaly a “prettier Asian” is just someone who coincidentally looks more white. Way to be a disgrace to the Asian community, you should be proud with the features your inherited.

    • Elron Hubburd

      actually you’re oversimplifying the situation. first no one of the millions who gets plastic surgery is trying to pass themselves off as a caucasian through surgery despite all these features. there is arguably influences of white culture that you cant’t take away just like the fact that we all wear clothes in the style of western culture and are speaking english, but the observable and real cultural influences for surgery that you see around in korean is not western culture but korean. korean models, korean pop stars, actors etc. korea influence is much bigger than western influence in the day to day which I know is harder to believe when you grow up as an asian american. but as one who moved to korea I can say, its really not about being white anymore than you can say you craving pizza is being very white. standards of beauty overlap. and of all the mangled over operated on faces I see walking past me in gangnam every day, not one of them is trying to look white. they all have the same faces but not white. an asian face. a korean ideal of beauty. no one is ashamed of their asian feautures. just the ones they find ugly.

    • Natsuno Sora

      I think you missed the part where ohsososhified said “Smaller, taller noses and double eylids are not attributes only found in Westerners…”
      It has nothing to do with looking more white and everything to do with it being a less common natural attribute in Asians, (less common, but not non-existent), and therefore the uncommonness of it makes it more desirable.

    • hannah

      a “prettier asian” is not someone who looks more white. i was born with a natural double eye lid. nothing about me looks white though. though i have your “typical flat asian” nose and if plastic surgery was to ever cross my mind, i would probably get my nose done, but again, not to look more white. even with that procedure and my natural eye lids, i would still look asian. i would still look like ME.

    • b juardo

      Spin it whatever way you want. Plastic surgery originally was used to help military vets who were disfigured in war. It wasn’t for commercial uses like today.
      You may not “try to look white,” but getting plastic surgery is indicative of self-hate.

    • Elron Hubburd

      theres not one person walking the earth who is absolutely confident in every single feature, physical or not, about themselves. you can label it self-hate but so is getting a haircut.

    • b juardo

      To think that life, your physical appearance, etc. are supposed to meet ideals…is flat out delusional. A haircut is not a major transformation like plastic surgery. I suggest you learn what fallacious arguments are; this one would be a “false analogy.” A hair cut is akin to cutting your nails whereas going under the knife is an attempt to permanently change your physical appearance. Hair and nails constantly grow, but the face on your skin does not. You can cut hair and nails…and they’ll grow back, but the skin on your face does not. There.
      Your thinking is the recipe for major depression or some kind of mental breakdown. I’m sorry, but I hope it doesn’t go there for you. Good luck in life; be proud of your natural looks (or whatever is left of them).

    • Elron Hubburd


  • SB11banger

    japanese are the best looking asians. PERIOD

    • VetteZ06


    • Min Son

      just gotta say… we all look the same to me…

    • Adz Dy Full HD

      Yeah lol

  • Fujeyckei

    I love how ppl say Asians get surgery to “look more white” why does white ppl think everything is about them? The only reason why Asians go under the knife is bc THEIR STANDARD of Beauty is to have double eyelid (bc you appear more natural), higher nose bridge (bc it means your genes are strong), pale skin (bc back IN HISTORY having dark skin means that you worked as a laborer, and having white skin means you stayed indoors and had ppl work for you, it was a way to tell ppl’s status apart), and having a small face. It has nothing to do with WANTING TO BE WHITE. Just like how white ppl get botox and boobjobs, it’s bc it is the US’s beauty standard. White ppl really need to get their facts right before saying everyone in this whole goddamn world is trying to be like them. Asian ppl’s Beauty standard is different from the US. Just like how the US beauty standard is to be skinny, big boobs, big butts, no wrinkles… And thats why so many americans get boob jobs, butt implants, botox, etc to fit it. ITS EXACTLY the same way for Asian ppl. Their beauty standard is not BASE OFF A WHITE PERSON’S FEATURE OR FACE. It’s BASE OFF THEIR HISTORY. Jeez, ppl. Learn your shit right. It’s so ignorant to even claim such idioticy.

    • Powzerz Yo

      This guy knows it.

      Also: I want to look more Avatar.

    • Misa Pipattanakitja

      He said Western, not white

    • Kosse Moore

      “The results are exactly the same as whenever an Asian person goes under the knife to look more white: weird and cringe-worthy.”

      He said white

    • miguelo

      It’s like saying a white person getting a tan is trying to be _____insert darker skin tone race here.

    • Ryan Trix

      this article does not say that all koreans are undergoing cosmetic surgery to become white – but implies that there are some that might do (and there have been) and that when they do it is pretty weird. Please learn to read.

  • Juliana Tjitra

    men and women all over the world are pressured to follow a certain standard of beauty, and for some reason the desired look are the look theyre not naturally born with. what i see in tv alot of US citizens are obsessed with tanning & rhinoplasty, what if asians turned the table and said, “oh they want to look like asians because they hate their fair skins & noses”, you wouldnt like it too. self hate is an epidemic all around the world, i would appreciate if we could come to this terms without bashing each others race.

  • Frugivore Clarissa

    Just sad. People need to learn how to be happy with their own uniqueness and derive their self worth from that.

  • Jenizz | pinkcrown

    Well.. if he likes it. Who are we to judge~ x’D
    He certainly reminds me of a few asian guys.. it’s slightly weird but.. yeah. Not my face. :’D

  • lonetrey / Dan

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  • b juardo

    I love my broad, flat Asian nose. I love my fat-fold-over eyelids. I love my rounded jaw. I love my endemic features….and I still attract droves of the opposite sex…of all races.

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  • Calen Terry

    I like this, he looks good 😉

  • Viengvilay TheMagnificant Xaya

    An Asian fetish manifested. Nothing worse than a wannabe Asian.

  • Jacqueline

    Please explain why Korean seem to hate black people, multiracial people, well anyone with skin darker than them. Along with the bloodline thing. What happens when you are in love with a Korean person and everyone says it’s impossible to be together because you are the wrong shade and not Korean, yet Korean sometimes think you are? So you wish you could look more Korean, be lighter. What is a person to do? I understand all the reasons why Koreans get plastic surgery (also to be different in the sea of job applicants). When I look at Koreans all I see are beautiful people and I’m speaking of those that aren’t models and celebrities. Still, I get it. I just wish they could their attitude about skin color among other things. I desire to learn, so if anyone can explain plastic surgery all of it. It would be nice to know. Thank you.

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  • RidiculousSmile

    Is no one going to address the mother’s fear that his vision would be affected due to more hooded eyes?

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