At The World Cup, South Korea Wins For Having The Cutest Newscaster


Aside from that game where a bunch of guys in long socks chase after a ball, the World Cup is known for its spectators. And one who has been charming the Internet is Jang Ye-won.

The South Korean newscaster was sent to Brazil to cover the Spain vs Chile match. In a news clip about her trip, she’s seen wearing a Spain jersey while clapping and smiling at the camera.

Let’s see that again.

And again.

And again.


Who says this year’s World Cup is a downer?


Here’s Jang Ye-won eating noodles and a parfait.

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  • Ohyesbbyaaa

    I am warm inside just looking at her

  • ES Lee

    예누자이! ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Wai You Fat

    Plastic level: 1000

    • why

      why are you assuming she has gotten plastic surgery? just because someone is pretty, they have gotten surgery?

    • Sayorain

      Korean stereotype for their addiction to plastic surgery.

    • Ibby

      Because in Korea, most women have. Even naturally attractive women will get plastic surgery to fix minor flaws. There’s no stigma against it (it’s basically seen as buying makeup or getting a facial) so why not?

    • KFAN

      most women HAVE NOT…w.tf

    • aaron

      most people in media have tho. thats undeniable. i agree that most people in korea have not tho. only concentrated in a subsection of the population

    • Ibby

      Okay, most women on television/in public roles where they’re picked for appearances. The same is true of Hollywood celebrities.

    • Tony

      Her eyes? It’s a trend to cut slightly into the outer points of the eye to make eyes look more like a fox/cat. Normal eyes don’t form like that.

      And that’s just ONE thing.

    • Steph

      Omg. Define normal eyes. I don’t know about other parts, but that type of slit eye towards the outside is naturally common in Korea.

    • Tony

      You have no clue what I’m referring to, and no, it’s not “natural” or “common” in Korea. It’s a combination of plastic surgery and/or makeup

      And no, I wasn’t be racist.

    • fckyou

      that’s natural to Koreans. it’s a known fact that most korean girls have beautiful eyes. stop assuming.

    • Tony

      More like it’s a known fact that the vast majority of Koreans have double eye-lid surgeries because they are genetically predisposed to being born with single eye-lids.

      If you want to count double eye-lid surgeries, 80% of Koreans don’t have “natural” eyes.

    • Jaden Jeong

      that may or may not be true, but remember, Korea isn’t the only nation with a lot of women who get plastic surgeries. China is probably the highest, followed by Korea.

    • Ibby

      Not true at all. Korea has by far the highest percentage of people who’ve gotten plastic surgery. Chinese people go to Korea for plastic surgery.

    • KFAN

      50 million people in korea vs 1.3 billion in china so using highest percentage isn’t that relavent

    • aaron

      so what you’re saying is that if china were to have a 3.8% plastic surgery rate, it’d be more relevant to plastic surgery than korea? why i chose 3.8%, because thats size of the KR population to China. i don’t think you’d be able to notice 3.8% of people having plastic surgery.

    • aaron

      to be honest, in the big cities now in china tho, plastic surgery rate is probably 5-10%. shanghai beijing shenzen particularly

    • david

      how is it not relevant? its the MOST relevant way to determine the proportion of the population that has done plastic surgery

    • david
    • david

      china is definitely not highest. maybe in terms of absolute number of people, but definitely not proportional to 1.5 billion people there.

    • david

      my korean friend told me she never had any “plastic surgery” done. i asked her about her eyes (double eye-lid). she said she didnt realize that double-eye lid procedure was considered “plastic surgery”. she thought only bigger procedures (such as nose jobs, etc) counted as “plastic surgery”. true story.

      so maybe in korea they do it so much that they don’t even categorize some procedures as “plastic surgery”….

    • Ibby

      Yeah getting eyelid surgery is basically like getting a manicure. I had tons of people tell me “why don’t you get your eyes done when you’re older” when I was growing up (as in, before the age of 10). Like telling a kid that they can grow up and go to college or something.

    • paratize

      Looks pretty natural to me.

    • Alex

      You can search up the pics of Korean girls on Google. So many South Koreans had plastic surgery that they look all the same! not even kidding ,verified by my Korean friend.

    • fckyou

      so dumb. so naive. tsktsk. stop assuming.

    • KFAN


    • david


      please stop trolling others. my korean friends from korean all have had some sort of work done, and they’re not ashamed of it or denying it or hiding it (no need to be ashamed of it! there is nothing wrong with it!). so why are you on here denying the fact that in korea plastic surgery is common place and accepted (even promoted). i bet you’re probably not even a real korean (or you’re a super-americanized korean). so just stop pretending to be offended on behalf of real koreans!

    • Serialmania

      There are some natural beauty Koreans who is more beautiful than people who have done plastic surgeries……

    • david


  • Woody

    What a surprise, someone in SK getting chosen for a job that they know nothing about purely based on looks…

  • Feigcan

    her nose & eyes & chin are pretty Korean standard..

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