Average Korean Female Face

Photo from pmsol3.wordpress.com

While this photo may not showcase the diminutive, more delicately chiseled features that have collectively become the preeminent standard of beauty in plastic-fantastic Korea, this “average” face still warrants a much deserved choir rendition of American beauty pageant song staple, Stevie Wonder’s Isn’t She Lovely!

Photo from Face Of Tomorrow

South African photographer Mike Mike has spent the past several years traveling the world and taking pictures of over 100 women in each city to create one blended image as a representation for one particular area as part of his ultimate web project, The Face of Tomorrow, a series of photographs that attempts to “address the effects of globalization in identity.”

The exposition is currently on display in the Contemporary Art Museum Saint Gery in Second Life, in Brussels, Belgium.

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  • http://www.konnectmagazine.com Primetime012

    Very interesting…but with all the plastic surgery going on in Korea….I wonder if that changes anything.

  • Not a Covergirl model

    Koreans need to stop embracing Eurocentric ideals of aesthetics. Your noses, facial contours, eye shapes, etc. aren’t the same. Accept who you are, and be proud of it. It’s no different than African-American girls who use relaxer to get “whitegirl hair.” Stop it with the self-loathing.

  • http://none pretty

    Please do not jealous to Korean girls.
    That is real korean look.
    plastic face does not look like that.
    So please stop jealous to pretty Korean.

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