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December Issue: Angry Asian Man's Angriest Stories of 2011

The Top 5 Angriest Stories of 2011 by Phil Yu From behind my laptop screen at Angry Asian Man headquarters, I sit at a relatively unique vantage point for what’s...
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December Issue: Jim Lee is Master of the DC Universe

Renowned comic book artist Jim Lee channels his dual identities as an illustrator and publisher. by Jimmy Lee photographs by Mark Edward Harris New York City....
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December Issue: Cecilia Lee Makes Korean Cooking Quick and Easy

Photo by Eugene Yi Through her cookbooks, Cecilia Lee has been tirelessly spreading her love of Korean food for more than a decade. by EUGENE YI “Have you ever seen...
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December Issue: Why Are There So Many Good Asian American Cartoonists?

A self-portrait by Derek Kirk Kim. An exploration of why there seems to be a glut of Asian American graphic novel superstars. by Oliver Saria For those interested in...
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December Issue: The Making of an Oscar Contender

Photo by John Park Only two Asian films have won the best foreign language Academy Award in the entire history of the prize. Korean director Jang Hun’s The Front Line...
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December Issue: Sisters Bond Through Tragedy, Chocolate

Frances (left) and Ginger Park at their store, Chocolate Chocolate, in Washington, D.C. Frances is holding the sisters’ co-authored memoir, released earlier this...
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December Issue: Nation's First Asian American Rabbi Inspires Social Change

Unorthodox Rabbi As a child, Angela Buchdahl stood out as the lone Asian face in the synagogue and at Jewish camps. Today, she holds the distinction of being the...
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December Issue: Randall Park and the Gift of the Vagi(na)

Back when I believed in Santa Claus, the holidays were a magical time. But then I turned 25, and with that came the harsh reality that some of the best things in life...
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