Bibimbap Burger: The Greatest

The office just had McDonald’s yesterday, which sparked a discussion about the best burgers in the area. (McDonald’s did not win, by the way.) But, oh how we wish we were in New York, so we could try Social EatzBibimbap Burger.

Eater recently held a competition to find the Greatest Burger in America in honor of Eater’s first annual Burger Week and the Bibimbap Burger took the coveted top prize.


Made by Angelo Sosa (of Top Chef All-Stars fame), the burger features a beef patty cooked in sweet and savory sauce, topped with slaw, picked carrots, cucumbers and a slow cooked egg. The Bibimbap Burger isn’t the only item on Sosa’s menu that takes inspiration from Korean cuisine – his menu also features a Bulgogi Burger, shik-hae (rice drink) and Korean beef tacos.

To celebrate the victory, Social Eatz is giving away a free cocktail with each Bibimbap Burger during the entire month of May. New Yorkers – let us know how it is!


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  • EK

    Oh man, this makes my mouth water. I like bibimbap as it is, but a new “fushion” rendition of it can only get better!

  • Elain Ponce De Leon

    my mouth is watering!! *drool* looks so good, may have to experiment at home to make one for myself!

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