Black Rice is the New Superfood

We’ve been hearing that black rice is the new superfood, packing a bigger antioxidant punch than blueberries. But all of us in the office are still wondering: Is this the Korean black rice, the purple rice with beans that complements our kimchi jjigae so wonderfully? They say that black rice turns a purple-ish color when cooked.

This is what the superfood black rice looks like uncooked.

This is what cooked Korean black rice looks like.

It’s the beans that make Korean rice turn purple, right? Does anyone know?

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  • glacierkn

    I have cooked just this black rice with plain white rice, and it turns everything purple. So the purple comes from the black rice, not beans. Probably a very healthy food.

  • Sam Rice

    It’s really going buzzed around the local news and the internet over the black rice. People are now being informed about its benefits to health specially on preventing cancer. Its good that Koreans had some recipes for black rice. Now you can enjoy those benefits. Some interesting nutritional facts of black rice can be found here:

  • Chris

    Why is it “korean black rice”? Its just black rice. The rice does not originate from korea and many people from different ethnice backgrounds eat it.

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