Roy Choi Gets His Own CNN Show

Chef Roy Choi isn't a stranger to media. Social media played a huge role in establishing his Kogi truck empire, and earlier this year, he worked with director Jon Favreau on the indie film Chef. He also wrote for KoreAm a number of years ago and recently released his own memoir....
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Now You Can Watch Videos of The Most Adorable Korean Toddler All Day Long

It had to happen. Yebin, the South Korean toddler who charmed the world with her sweet incomprehension of stranger danger, now has her own YouTube playlist. ...
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KOCCA To Host 2014 Korean Americans in Hollywood Mentor Seminar in Los Angeles

This post is sponsored by the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA). On Aug. 22, the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) will be hosting the 2014 Korean Americans...
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This Epic Water Gun Fight Happened On The Streets of Seoul

Forget wearing one of those dorky little mister fans around your neck. If you really want to beat the heat on these scorching summer days, look to the masters of cool in South Korea....
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Seoul Transforms Urban Eyesores Into Creative, Artistic Spaces

An unused factory, a vacated government building, an abandoned commercial space—all are considered eyesores for a city. But, more and more, such sites in Seoul are being replaced by "creative spaces" that that may be ushering in an artistic renaissance for the city, while also fighting urban blight....
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Helicopter Searching for Sewol Victims Crashes, Killing 5 Firefighters

Just one week away from the 100-day anniversary of the Sewol sinking in South Korea, another ripple of the tragedy occurred. On Thursday, a helicopter carrying five firefighters searching for the 11 remaining bodies of the South Korean ferry victims crashed near an apartment building and school in the southern city of Gwangju.
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SKorean Electronics Giant LG Shows Off Transparent and Rollable TVs

"Life's good" when you can turn off your transparent TV and have it blend in with your wall. Or when you can roll up your TV and carry it to another room....
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