Robot vacuum sucks up hair

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Attacks Korean Housewife’s Hair

A robot vacuum cleaner "attacked" a South Korean housewife last month when it sucked up her hair at her home. ...
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South Korea’s Ridiculous Game Addiction Ad

South Korea's Ministry of Health and Welfare recently released a public service announcement a few weeks ago about the dangers of video game addiction. The public was less than impressed with the ad. ...
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Scammers Caught on Dashcam Staging Car Crashes in S.Korea

by REERA YOO | @reeraboo Staging car accidents seem to the latest scam trend in South Korea, according to the Korea Observer. Many Korean con...
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Glow Recipe: Finally, Access to Korea’s Natural Beauty Products

Christine Chang and Sarah Lee, co-founders of Glow Recipe, share a list of Korean beauty trends for those who strive for luminous skin. ...
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Nate D. Sanders Auctions Collection Of Academy Award Oscar Statuettes Set To Be Auctioned

LINK ATTACK: Oscar Noms, Eddie Huang, ‘Fresh Off the Boat’

This week's Link Attack includes stories about the 2015 Oscars diversity backlash and Eddie Huang's stirring essay about the process of adapting of his memoir into a family-friendly sitcom for ABC....
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A330-200 Enhanced_First Class 2

Korean Air’s First Class Experience

What's it like to fly first class on Korean Air, besides receiving a bowl of macadamia nuts?...
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Roy Choi Gets His Own CNN Show

Chef Roy Choi isn't a stranger to media. Social media played a huge role in establishing his Kogi truck empire, and earlier this year, he worked with director Jon Favreau on the indie film Chef. He also wrote for KoreAm a number of years ago and recently released his own memoir....
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Now You Can Watch Videos of The Most Adorable Korean Toddler All Day Long

It had to happen. Yebin, the South Korean toddler who charmed the world with her sweet incomprehension of stranger danger, now has her own YouTube playlist. ...
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