Seoul Transforms Urban Eyesores Into Creative, Artistic Spaces

An unused factory, a vacated government building, an abandoned commercial space—all are considered eyesores for a city. But, more and more, such sites in Seoul are being replaced by "creative spaces" that that may be ushering in an artistic renaissance for the city, while also fighting urban blight....
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Helicopter Searching for Sewol Victims Crashes, Killing 5 Firefighters

Just one week away from the 100-day anniversary of the Sewol sinking in South Korea, another ripple of the tragedy occurred. On Thursday, a helicopter carrying five firefighters searching for the 11 remaining bodies of the South Korean ferry victims crashed near an apartment building and school in the southern city of Gwangju.
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SKorean Electronics Giant LG Shows Off Transparent and Rollable TVs

"Life's good" when you can turn off your transparent TV and have it blend in with your wall. Or when you can roll up your TV and carry it to another room....
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Miss Korea 2014: ‘The Crown Feels Very Heavy’

by TONY KIM Today Ewha University student Kim Seo-yeon beat out 49 other contestants to be crowned this year’s Miss Korea at the Olympic Hall in Seoul, according...
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SKorean Soldier Who Shot Comrades Set Off By Past and Recent Bullying

The South Korean army sergeant who opened fire on his fellow troops this past June was repeatedly mocked by his comrades, an experience that recalled painful bullying he faced as a youth, investigators revealed, according to the Daily Mirror....
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Pic of the Day: Sonya Thomas Gets Devoured In Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

[adrotate group="1"] Sonya Thomas wolfed down 27¾ hot dogs and buns at the annual Nathan's Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island, but it...
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Pic of the Day: Badass Ajumma Can’t Be Bothered During South Korean Stand-off

This past weekend, a South Korean soldier opened fire on his fellow troops, which led to an intense shootout with authorities and his ultimate capture. ...
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