Video Roundup: Adele Cover, Dumbfoundead, K-pop Tot

Here’s a look at some of the videos we are watching this week at KoreAm. 15-Year-Old Korean Girl Covers "Rolling in the Deep" On KPOP Star, an American Idol-esque...
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K-Pop Concerts Across America: A Year in Review

Photos via MTV K by Linda Son Last April, when a car pulled up to the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, it became hard for those waiting in the crowd to breathe,...
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Friday's Link Attack: Tiger Mom, Kim Jong Un, Nosaj Thing

Tiger Mom's Long-Distance Cub The Wall Street Journal When our kids go off to college, we want them to have the confidence, judgment and strength to take care of...
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Seattle Culinary Artist Dies At 34

Christina Choi, a culinary artist and former restaurant owner from Seattle, passed away on Wednesday after suffering complications from a brain aneurysm. She was the...
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Con Artist Robbed Homes After Filing False Abuse Claims: Police

A Southern California woman was arrested after police discovered she had been filing false domestic violence reports and then robbing people after they were taken into...
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Wednesday's Link Attack: Kim Jong Il, Hyuna, Seung Hoon Choi

From Miraculous Birth to ‘Axis of Evil’: Dictator Kim Jong Il’s Timeline Bloomberg North Korea ends 12 days of official mourning today for Kim Jong Il, the...
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Tuesday's Link Attack: North Korea, 2NE1, Opera Singer Ji Hyun Kim

North, South Korea exchange recalls previous historic meeting Los Angeles Times REPORTING FROM SEOUL -– Though brief, Tuesday's meeting between North Korean and...
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North Korea Calls on People to Rally Around New Leader

North Korea will be allowing delegations from South Korea who wish to express their condolences upon the death of Kim Jong-il into the North, CNN reported today. A...
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