Top Chef Texas Recap – Week 8

Santa Claus Comes to Top Chef by Monica Y. Hong Turns out Santa arrived early this year and he overloaded us with presents! This week’s Top Chef Texas is all about...
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Video Roundup: Weeping N. Koreans, Pacman Frog, 2NE1 Light Show

Here are some videos we're watching this week at KoreAm. North Koreans Weeping Hysterically Over the Death of Kim Jong-Il The news of Kim Jong-Il's death earlier this...
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Wednesday Link Attack: North Korea, Debbie Lee, SK Soccer

Kim Didn't Die on his Train, says South Korean Spy Chief The Week According to The Times, Won Sei Hoon, director of the South's National Intelligence Service (NIS),...
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December Issue: Angry Asian Man's Angriest Stories of 2011

The Top 5 Angriest Stories of 2011 by Phil Yu From behind my laptop screen at Angry Asian Man headquarters, I sit at a relatively unique vantage point for what’s...
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Link Attack: Kim Jong Il Edition Part 3

The power brokers behind North Korea's next leader Yahoo! News The late Kim Jong Il had 20 years of preparation at the side of his father, North Korean founder Kim Il...
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Tuesday's Link Attack: Kimchi Fines, Hollywood Missionary, Hines Ward

Restaurants Sour on Rules Over Kimchi Wall Street Journal Lidea Park, owner of Duck Hyang restaurant in Queens, says she makes kimchi with trepidation. Ever since she...
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Link Attack: Kim Jong Il Edition Part 2

What's Next for North Korea After Kim's Death? ABC News via Yahoo News The death of Kim Jong Il likely puts the leadership of North Korea into the hands of an even...
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Monday's Link Attack: Speed Skaters, Cheese Makers, Football Players

Young speed skaters reflect Washington area’s diversity Washington Post Within the growing Korean American community in the Washington area, parents have begun to...
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