Chinese Teen Sells Kidney For iPad 2

Zheng shows the scar on his stomach from kidney removal surgery.

A teenager in China reportedly sold his kidney and used the proceeds to buy an iPad 2 and now regrets the transaction as his health deteriorates, according to an article published by China’s Global Times.

A 17-year-old with the last name of Zheng from Huaishan, Anhui Province got in touch with a kidney farmer on the Internet and agreed to hawk his extremely vital organ for a mere 20,000 yuan, which equates to a little more than $3,000.

The Global Times reported:

On April 28 of this year, Zheng went to Chenzhou, Hunan Province to have his kidney removed under the supervision of three so-called middlemen, and received 22,000 yuan ($3,395). Then he returned home with a laptop and an iPhone.

Zheng’s mother discovered her son’s new electronic products and forced him to reveal how he came to afford them. Then she took Zheng to Chenzhou and reported the matter to local police. The three agents’ telephones have not been answered since that time.

The hospital is playing dumb, saying the urology department where the surgery was performed was contracted to a businessman in Fujian.

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