Ching Chong Ting Tong

Graphic by Allen Lee

Alexandra Wallace, a polite American girl, decided to make a video venting about impolite people – specifically, impolite Asians who like to hang out in libraries.

The UCLA student, who was raised correctly by her American parents, vented her frustrations about these Asians, who apparently bother her just a bit – you know, with all their ching-chongs and ting-tongs, and oh, you know, their concern for people who may have been affected by the tsunamis.
How dare they.

All that annoying behavior distracts her from her political science studies, which evidently leads to extreme political incorrectness. On behalf of the Asians in the libraries, we’re very sorry about this.

Watch Alexandra Wallace’s rant below – it’ll make your day.

(A.N. This was sarcasm, by the way.)

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  • daphne

    wow -___- this girl!!! what a way to make non-asians look bad -_- thanks.

    i am so sad that this kind of attitude is around even in college T__T ugh.

  • Someone

    I can pick out all the wrongs in American manners but that wouldn’t change someone as ignorant as her. Besides, talking on the cell in the library has nothing to do with Asian manners. This video is going to scar her pretty damn badly (job interview, graduate school, maybe they’ll play it on the big screen during her wedding)

  • Papa2Hapa

    Use American manners yourself. No. You don’t sound racist at all. Ajumma going to beat you with your dirty laundry.

  • Felicity

    Ummm this girl needs manners herself!! Not only did she insult Asian manners, which are quite decent, she also forever ruined her and her family’s reputation. She’s also a disgrace to UCLA for saying such racist remarks about her peers. If people like her are going to be our future politicians, the United States is going to face many pr

  • L

    A privileged white cousin of mine (who, thank God, I share no biological ties with) made a really racist status update on Facebook about a year ago complaining about the same thing. I don’t understand why it’s a race issue. Plenty of white bitches be drivin’ me crazy in the school library talking on their cell phones and whatever. All of you, STFU. Also, this chick looks as stupid as she sounds (is that racist of me to say? Haha).

  • Felicity

    Ummm this girl needs manners herself!! Not only did she insult Asian manners, which are quite decent, she also forever ruined her and her family’s reputation. She’s also a disgrace to UCLA for saying such racist remarks about her peers. If people like her are going to be our future politicians, the United States is going to face many problems. Hopefully, she will make a public apology, because at this point, she will be receiving a lot of hate from people.

  • Casey

    Note: These views don’t represent the views of UCLA students. This is embarrassing to us.

  • Roger

    Asians are generally pretty rude in the library. I don’t see what is wrong with her pointing this out.

  • Healigan

    I kind of wish you did not post this, since now she will get more views. Can’t get that 2 minutes back.

  • person

    The original video has been removed, she won’t get any more views. Though she will have a harder time during finals week now that everyone on campus will be staring at her. I am all for free speech and I agree talking in the library is rude, but really, why put this on the internet. Tell your friends, not the world.

  • http://youtube DAEWOOPARTS

    a alexandra ! efff U you itchy bitchy witchie whitie,chunky hunky wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a thong fatty girl !!!!!!

  • Kim Joo

    Here is another link to the video, just in case the one posted doesn’t work.

    It also has information regarding about how to contact that UCLA chancellor and how to contact her through the Examiner.

  • Howard

    This unfortunate (for both parties) event is not so much about racial attitudes held by group A of group B: it is more about the superhuman ability of some to make ignorant generalizations about entire groups of people with extreme ease.

    Because all Asians were born in Asia… and all Asians, every single one, has no regard for cell phone etiquette in university libraries during finals week.

    I am an Asian-American not from Asia (from the U.S. [gasp!?]) that does not talk obnoxiously on the cell phone in the university library, at any time. I go outside to answer calls.

    Ms Wallace is fully entitled to make ridiculously broad generalizations about an entire race at the university she attends. But, I strongly disagree that this post should not have been created. After all, she initiated a conversation with her audience: the ‘Asian’ community.

  • xander

    Dear Annoyed American White Girl,

    First of all, welcome to America. You know…the melting pot of the world — or so we try to think that way. I liked how you also tried to qualify your insults to your friends by saying that your rant wasn’t really geared towards the people you cared about, but rather strangers, in which you have no connections to (even though they’re probably the same ethnicity as your friends). Good job, I think you’re completely absolved for insults you’ve just made on an entire continent since you’ve clearly failed to pinpoint the language in which the “ching chong” and “ting tong” originated from.

    Secondly, the “hordes of Asian people” they let into UCLA isn’t because the UC schools get together and hold some sort of competition for how many “hordes of Asian people” they can let in. As hard and pressure-filled as the upbringing for an Asian child, the rewards they reap often lead to admittance from prestigious schools, such as UCLA.

    Third…according to you, all Asian people in the entire system of dormitories on the UCLA campus are bringing in “everybody that they brought over from Asia” (sorry…might be paraphrasing it). You’re completely right. Our main prerogative is actually to bring over everybody that we brought over from Asia just to piss you off. We had a meeting about it in Asia and I guess your invite to discuss this matter at our forums was some how lost in the mail. You must be jealous since your parents don’t seem to buy groceries for you, clean your laundry, or flat out care for you. Actually, I’m positive you’re jealous, but that’s cool, I can let this comment slide.

    Furthermore, it seems as though if your only place to study is in the main library of the campus…you have larger issues at hand. Don’t like the noise? Get some noise-cancelling headphones. I’m sure your parents can scrounge one up from the confines of your ticky tacky house.

    One last insult to injury…great job on the video speech. I know it seemed as though you cut out the parts in which you completely messed up. But you know, that just made the video seem more “amateur” and “thought invoking” with your impecable oratory skills. It seems as though you’ll go as far as my trip to mailbox every day…oh and FYI, our mailbox is in the garage.



    A Singularity in the Horde of Asian People

  • Moon

    Its funny to read such words coming out a bitchy meatball whos ashaing its own country. Lise weight and gain brains before writing these racists pukes. Frustrated in your life? Get shagged and you’ll see: asian people arent ruder than greasy fat racist bitches

  • Asian x

    White abercrombie cunt….die slow.
    U r the exact definition of a dumb white ignorant cunt.
    Die motherfucker die!

  • hana

    who’s this ignoramus kidding? it’s obvious she’s never even seen the inside of a library! my 6 yr old has a more sophisticated thought process and advanced ability to articulate herself than this lamey! haha

  • James


  • Trojan alumnus

    Hey everyone, let’s submit this video to UCLA’s administration!!!! Don’t get bent out of shape, play it smart, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sir

    Calm down people. She is exercising her freedom of speech. You are entitled to yours as well, but don’t stoop to her level in doing so. She will get her own when it comes time for her to start looking for a job.



    Ill-mannered Asians anywhere (not just the library) tend to be Koreans. The “OHHHHH” accompanied with an upwards tone of voice, as imitated by Wallace, is well known among the Korean-speaking population. The well-mannered Asians in the library tend to be the Chinese and Japanese- please don’t group them in with the Koreans.



  • http://MichaelPants Michael Pants

    I’ve met a lot of Russians, and none of them ever said “Ching chong.” Does this chick know different Russians than I do?

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  • aKoreanAmerican

    In America, white people express racism through joyous parties (compton cookout) and youtube video blog posts (this video).

    In Asia … …. .. .

  • H

    1. She has the right to her opinion. But just because you can stand up and mouth your stupidity is no reason to do so. Everyone has the right to react to it and continue to react to it.

    2. Rule of thumb oh so young and naive: Yell loud enough and be ready to face a horde of both like minded and opposite minded people. And the consequences with it as you can now see. Consider this a warning.

    3. You want people to stop talking in the library? Ask them politely to leave. If they give you static, go to the library admins and ask them to do something. It’s simple.

    4. Generalizations are the narrow minded idiocy of every side of the fence. For every Asian you think follows this example, there are plenty of ill-bred, vapid, soulless, bottle-blonded, big mouthed white people doing the exact same thing and/or a lot worse. Stop casting stones and take a good look before you start to pick up another one.

    And this is coming from a white southern man if you start perhaps putting me in some sort of group. I already have had my fill of the ol thought-speak of ‘gee you must have a hate for a certain group of color’ jazz, thank you.

  • aKoreanAmerican

    In America, the white person’s capacity for manners and respect is an inverse relationship. When their manners are really good, their respect is very low.

    You do not respect us.

    But that is the American way. Do what you want because you can. And to hell what others think.

  • aKoreanAmerican

    And by white people I mean Alexandra Wallace, no offense to the others.

  • just ucla, ucsd, etc.

    @not just ucla, I’d drop f-bombs on you, but I’m going to be classy. So I’m assuming you’re chinese or japanese or a taiwanese who’s a wannabe-japanese.

    Nonetheless, you’re real bold by smack talking Koreans up in here. Yeah, OK, cyber tough guy…

  • Confucius

    If you take in negativity, you tend to project negativity as well. Most of you took in her hate and just expressed more hate that is twice as worse as hers. How we respond to hate either makes us look strong or weak. From the responses read, we look pretty weak.

    “You make a stronger statement by silently acting upon what you believe rather than loudly proclaiming what you believe.”

    “If I choose not to accept your gift of negativity, then who still has it?”

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  • Chris

    For those meek minded Asians that condemn other Asians for “stooping to her level” need to start changing your attitudes. It’s that Confucius behavior that makes Asians targets for ridicule. That crap don’t work in American society. Like another commenter states, in America, being obnoxious brings respect. If you don’t like it, then that’s too bad. True that most Asian men have frail bodies to give that meek image, but it’s also the way you carry yourself. To those who spew hate on hate, good for you. You’re exercising your freedom of speech like this blond bimbo. You don’t need to resort to humble, reserved manners to please others by following the model minority stereotype. Most likely, those Asians condemning other Asians for standing up to white people are just jealous and angry that they don’t have the spine to do so.

  • Amanda

    UCLA should expel her. I don’t think she’s the kind of graduate they want to send out in the world representing their school.

  • I.S.

    She makes a good point (“be quiet in the library, no loud cell phone use”) and then from that point onwards, it’s all downhill. I guess her polite American mother did not teach her the polite American manners of keeping hateful speech from 200,000 viewers throughout the world.

    I like to see this girl in the middle of Sendai with all her cell phone, i-phone, i-pad, roots touch-up kit, belongings, family, and friends missing, no water, food, or shelter, and see how much “polite American manners” she could contain. Betcha the first words out of her mouth is “I NEED IMMEDIATE ATTENTION!”

  • shibalsaekgi

    Wow… I just stumbled onto this website and I’m truly disappointed….. You know the creators of this website should really take a “Race and Ethnic Relations Sociology” class…. Just the fact u defame the name “Korean” into a corny degrading name “Koream” is proof enough you wish our people to assimilate into the immoral primitive culture of america. Are you aware of the “Brain Drain?” If not you should Google it but let me give you a quick overview. Abstractly it means attracting people from all over the world and basically “USING” them for their smarts. Example: German scientists from WWII were brought over to america through “project paperclip” to utilize their talents. america debauches people from all over the world luring them in with promises of freedom (which is slowly being taken away daily), tempting lifestyles, false hope, media (the most powerful psychological influence weapon), and the list goes on forever, then utilizes them for their smarts brainwashing you in the process that this country is so great and that you are part of this “great” nation. It’s all part of the game. This is all innate conquering knowledge that we all carry. Think about it wouldn’t you do the same if you were in power? You might think we’re treated equally and that there’s nothing wrong with this filthy country but your 100% wrong and need to do your research. Take a “Race and Ethnic Relations Sociology” class and you’ll begin to grasp what I mean.

  • aKoreanAmerican


    “..It’s only 3 weeks into the course, but I understand how the whole world works now.”
    – American Dad

  • Confucius


    When my 5 year old niece gets mad, yells at the top of her lungs with her arms flailing in the air while crying, we ignore her until she shuts the fuck up.

    Now, I understand that people want to practice their freedom of speech and believe me, they have every right to do so, and I understand you want to yell at the top of your lungs “FUCK YOU FAT WHITE BITCH!!” but really, who the hell is listening to you? Who are you getting respect from? Other obnoxious 5 year olds or adults who are going to listen to what you have to say?

    Just because you can yell, doesn’t mean you have a voice.

  • Asians got no swagger

    Confucious, you’re wrong. What Chris meant, is that whites are too scared to talk shit to blacks or Hispanics…because uhhh, niggas and mexicans will fuck you up on the spot. “Ghetto” minority groups like blacks and latinos aren’t passive like Asians. Asians on the other hand, are typically acquiescent, “dignified” people who refrain from acting uncivilized. But, this behavior becomes the trite “passive agressive” phenomenon of Asian, Confucian-influenced culture–acting like pussies.

    Am I implying Asians go around looking for trouble? Hell no!

    Chris is right. To get respect, you have to be feared. Niggas act like porch monkeys in white neighborhoods when they visit the malls/movie theaters during the weekend, but the whites are too scared to tell them to shut up when they talk loud, cuss liberally with “nigga” in every sentence, etc. If an Asian person acted brash and demonstrated some swagger like niggas do, then white people wouldn’t hesitate to quell lil’ ol’ Chinaman.

    You remind me of my lanky, feeble voiced, tail-between-his-legs, never engaged in a physical confrontation, dorky Jap-American Asian American history professor who said “I just ignore them” when addressing the subject of racial taunts.

  • Confucius

    Swagger aka Chris,

    Keep swinging, you might actually hit something.

  • Sure buddy

    Confucious, you like to kid yourself, don’t you? “Swagger” =/= Chris. That “kung fu, David Carradine: see the light in the darkness” shit don’t work in real life.

    I’ve swung many times before, and even if I got my ass kicked in a brawl, the muthafucka who called me a Chink, Jap or Gook found out I wasn’t no pushover…unlike you, who rationalizes and feigns this “I demonstrate my equanimity, because I’m de facto a coward who’s too afraid to do anything about it…”

  • patty

    wow. looks like she’s in some need of serious asian parenting.

  • cody neighbors

    im gay. so fuck me in the butt

  • Nic

    This girl is an ignorant racist…but I find it ironic that some people here then turn around and insult her with sexist names like “bitch” and “cunt” and make irrelevant comments about her breasts…as if her being an ignorant racist all of a sudden gives everyone else the right to be ignorant sexist pigs and start slamming her for her gender. Criticize her for what she has done, which is make a plainly ignorant and racist video, but don’t turn around and stoop to her level by also acting like ignorant sexist pigs.

  • andrew weare

    Where people do not vent openly, they will on some of these or any other sites. Like kids do when they pass you on a school bus and poke out their tongues. As for Cosy Neighbor, try Doctor Ching’s ”internal back support” seen on another site.

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