College Student from Indiana Posts Anti-Asian Video
Author: Chelsea Hawkins
Posted: March 6th, 2013
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Meet Alexandra Wallce 2.0: Samuel Hendrickson, a student from Indiana University, has made a video detailing 10 reasons why he wouldn’t want to be Asian. His reasons include dating Asian women, sweatshops and math.

Since he posted it on YouTube, people have responded negatively, prompting Hendrickson to apologize, 8Asians reports. He defends the video as merely humorous digs, but the “jokes” he spews are based on very real stereotypes.

Let’s be frank: racism still exists. Racist jokes aren’t funny. Because we accept racism in our everyday humor, we see the perpetuation of micro-aggressions and misconceptions. If our culture didn’t give racist jabs a green light under the guise of a “good joke,” we wouldn’t see college campuses – areas where we should be challenging and criticizing racism – “border hopping” or “ghetto” theme parties.

Why are supposedly educated individuals continuing a dialogue rooted in ignorance?

  • asiankaos

    I agree with the truth. I think what he means is who gives a fuck about this video most Asians deal with racism everyday. If you need to watch a YouTube video to know racism exist then you are the ignorant one.

  • AJay

    As aJew, I have nothing but contempt for that jerk. To paraphrase Benjamin Disraeli. when my ancestors were busy studying and writing the bible, and East Asians were creating complex civilizations and amazing inventions, most of his were chasing each other with sharp sticks while swinging from tree to tree drunk. His stupid, contemptuous comments about Asians in that rambling video were not even amusing. I can tell Jewish stereotype jokes often, dealing with saving money which, I inform others are the result of having to bribe border guards to escape murderous pogroms at the hands of illiterate religious fanatic European neighbors. I use this as a teaching moment. Considering how many great scientists and inventors were Jewish, without the Jews, Europeans would still living in filthy plague infested slums, probably as slaves. (One invention alone,”Greek Fire” created by Jewish scientist Callinicus of Heliopolis, stopped history’s greatest Jihad in 673 AD from wiping out Western Civilization; not much gratitude here!) East Asians now dominate most of our best universities and while they work on lab reports, studying and scientific experiments, many of their fellow students spend “Spring Break” drowning in their own vomit in cheap motels in Florida or Mexico. That moron should look up Rushton’s”Race, Evolution and Behavior” before spouting such ignorant contempt. In any case, I have found that those expressing racial hatred towards Asians, spread the same jealous venom about Jews when I am out of ear shot.

  • Jones

    This guy does not go to Notre Dame, Indiana, or any other college. He even says in the video how very stupid he is and almost didn’t graduate because he doesn’t know basic math. This is just some numbnuts who thought he was funny but he is finding out in a hurry how funny he is.

  • brooke

    @ “The Truth” – it’s not about sending him death threats. who said that? i’m not promoting violence. that’s never the answer. it’s just the ignorance of the video that’s upsetting. would you really not be upset if someone said those things to you? yes, he just needs to be educated but your comment proves your ignorance. if you’re so-called “the truth,” maybe you should realize posting these things allow people to be aware of the situation and not blind to it because that makes us ignorant too. if you don’t care, then what do you care about?

  • Aaron B.

    “The Truth” is more offended by people speaking out against racism than he is of actual racism. Also, his fathers’ and grandfathers’ racism (but strangely, not his) is “far worse” than the video poster’s, so the poster’s ignorance and inexperience with Asians is supposed to make it OK. Wow. This is mindboggling idiocy right here.

  • The Truth

    Who cares? As a Korean guy I’m more offended by people giving a fuck about this kind of stuff than this actual video’s content. Our fathers and grandfathers are far more racist than this guy, and it is because they haven’t had the opportunity to share the land with the others. The same thing goes for this guy. Obviously this guy is just ignorant and inexperienced with Asians. Well, what now? Are we going to have a bunch of Asian people sending him death threats? Will that make us any better?

  • Brooke

    This guy is ridiculous! I don’t understand how this is a “joke”. It’s clearly personal, where he commented on Asian looks and not wanting to date Asian women. I couldn’t watch the whole video because it was THAT upsetting. He’s so ignorant. I think the most annoying thing is that he thinks Asians all look alike!

  • Chelsea Hawkins

    Hi Wendy,
    Thank you for pointing that out — we have made the necessary correction.

  • Wendy Bredhold

    I work in the office of News and Information Services at the University of Southern Indiana. The content of this video is concerning, but Samuel Hendrickson is not a student at USI. We would appreciate it if you would correct your article.

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