DDK's Love Interest Cast

A few months ago, Kim shared with San Diego Asian Film Festival audience members that he was discussing who his future love interest on Hawaii Five-O would be – producers were debating between an Asian, a non-Asian (but still a minority) or a Caucasian, and it seems like they’ve managed to reach a compromise.

According to, producers have cast Reiko Aylesworth,  who is half Dutch, one-quarter Welsh and one-quarter Japanese. She had a guest stint on Lost, but is best known for her role as Michelle Dessler on 24.

Good decision or a cop-out?

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  • Shawn Lee

    Casting cop-out? Arguably, but it’s Hawaii, so the mixed heritage might be more accurate to the context of the story anyways. Besides, I would never meet a hapa and say, or even think in the back of my mind, “You’re an ethnic cop-out.” So I won’t say that now for a casting decision.

  • http://youtube DAEWOOPARTS

    cop out , why does hollywood have to sell out asians , get a full asian to play the part,there is more then enough talent out there,would love to see arden cho be the girl for him :)

  • Angel

    If the show wants a love interest to be a “Caucasian” that’s fine. It’s a show’s producers’ casting choice.
    But if the show/producers are saying they’re representing Asians by casting Reiko…well that is a complete cop out, because anyone watching would not identify her as being Asian—a casting decision is reflective on the actor’s outward appearance, not on their bloodline.

  • KZ

    Good decision. Whether the love interest is an Asian or not, there really isn’t a bad choice in this matter. It all depends on their chemistry. Like with John Cho and Gabrielle Union on Flashforward. At first, I thought the producers were reaching and going for something just for the sake of being cutting edge. But when I saw them on the screen, they were sizzling hot together. I don’t watch too much TV anymore, but I’ll definitely be tuning in to see how this works out.

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