Friday’s Link Attack: LA Riots, East Sea Controversy, Dia Frampton
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Posted: April 27th, 2012
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L.A. Riots: LAPD Tried to Displace its Racism Problem And ‘Put it On a Korean Merchant,’ Says Former Times Reporter John Lee
LA Weekly

The riots that were sparked on April 29, 1992 put L.A.’s burgeoning Korean American population in the spotlight.

It seems that for every generation, a group of immigrants gets picked for no-holds-barred hatred, and Koreans in 1992 were it. John Lee covered the community and the riots for the Los Angeles Times back then, and he argues that the LAPD, under fire for the Rodney King beating, wanted the focus to be on his people.

Shortly after the uprisings, Lee, a longtime friend of this reporter, left the paper, bitter about his experience. He looks back:

Rebirth of the Korean American Community
Huffington Post

Do young people in Los Angeles still have this perception of Korean-Americans today? How is the narrative different given the experiences of our parents and their peers? What feelings does race trigger in our communities now? Does the anger of the L.A. riots still seethe in the minds and emotions of even those who were merely children on April 29, 1992?

Korean Store Owner On Arming Himself For Riots

The Los Angeles riots stunned the nation in 1992, claiming more than 50 lives in that city. As the unrest approached Koreatown, store owner Kee Whan Ha mobilized his fellow business owners to arm themselves and defend their property. Host Michel Martin talks with him about the riots, and the neighborhood today.

New North Korean Missile Is Called Into Question
New York Times

April has not been a great month for North Korea’s image-makers. First, they invited dozens of journalists to chronicle the 100th anniversary of the birth of the country’s revered founder, Kim Il-sung, only to see their signature event — the launching of a satellite — go bust.

Now, a pair of German missile experts have gone public with evidence suggesting that new missiles that the North rolled out with much pomp at a parade just days later were mock-ups, and clumsy ones at that.

African American and Korean community leaders try to build hope in South Dallas
North Dallas Gazette

Fortunately, Korean community leaders have reached across the imaginary color line in hopes of eliminating the issues that have kept these two groups bickering. The proverbial peace offering to include and expose African Americans to Korean culture is being planned during the annual Korean Cultural Day on Sunday, May 27 at the Irving Convention Center. The hopes of organizers on both parts are to build stronger relationships between the two communities. The African American community leaders in Irving and Dallas have agreed to begin the journey towards peace, understanding, and open communications.

‘Apprenticeship’ to Chef Meant Only Long Hours and Sub-Minimum Wages, Suit Says
New York Times

Here’s a variant on the depressingly common phenomenon of restaurants underpaying their low-wage workers: a former employee of the Lower East Side gastropub Spitzer’s Corner has charged in a suit that he was hired into a nonexistent “apprenticeship” and required to work upwards of 90 hours a week for as little as $2.91 an hour.

The worker, Edward Kim, said in a statement that the restaurant’s chef, Sung Park, told him would be trained as a skilled chef but instead, the suit charges, required him to perform an “ever-expanding list of duties” that included butchering, receiving heavy shipments and running personal errands for Mr. Park.

A painful beauty – Sexual Harassment in South Korea
East Asia Gazette

“We are always told to go right before we finish work. Our boss never tells us early, so we don’t have time to prepare. If I don’t go, he will probably get mad. He doesn’t like girls to have a boyfriend, so almost all the female employees hide the fact that they have a boyfriend at work. If he finds out, he’ll probably fire them later. When he gets drunk at the hweshik, he always cusses at his coworkers and touches himself, telling the girls who work for him, ‘you should eat more because food makes your breasts bigger!’ and he feeds food to me and other girls by hand. If we comply, he feels happy and gives us about $1,000.”

South Korean Seasickness

Seoul has lost its bid to have the world’s mapmakers allow the Sea of Japan, the body of water between Japan and the Korean peninsula, also to be known as the East Sea. Japan is pleased, according to Stars and Stripes.

Dia Frampton Embarks on Sold Out Tour with The Fray
Sun-Herald (Mississippi)

DIA FRAMPTON has joined The Fray on tour. As a special guest, she’ll be supporting the group on its sold out U.S. run, performing at packed theaters and amphitheatres across the United States from April 24 until May 18.

‘The Voice’: Dia Frampton and Javier Colon return alongside some serious star power

Blake’s season one finalist, Dia Frampton, is set to perform her single ‘Don’t Kick the Chair’ featuring Kid Cudi off her debut album, Red, while Vicci Martinez sings ‘Come Along’ featuring her former coach, CeeLo.

Rappers Recap April 2012: What are your thoughts on Sa I Gu (April 29), the LA Riots?

I grew up in Ktown all my life and I remember the riots. It’s been 20 years and sadly the relationship between black and Asians aren’t that much different. although LA is diverse its really segregated.

Jessica Alba’s whirlwind tour of Seoul

“Sexiest Woman in the World” enjoys five hectic days of sightseeing, late-night shopping and soju-filled nightlife

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