Friday’s Link Attack: Steven Yeun, Jeremy Lin, Chang-rae Lee
Author: Linda Son
Posted: February 17th, 2012
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Korean Ambassador to U.S. Resigns
Chosun Ilbo

Korean Ambassador to the U.S. Han Duk-soo on Thursday tendered his resignation. He is reportedly to be replaced by Sagong Il, the head of the Korea International Trade Association.

A senior official at the presidential office said Han “will take on another position.” According to government and business industry sources, Han will head take on the KITA job.

‘The Walking Dead’s’ Steven Yeun Talks Love in the Zombie World
Hollywood Reporter

The Walking Dead’s Glenn (Steven Yeun) may be changing his scavenger ways now that he has more to lose after Maggie took the couple’s relationship to the next level.
During the AMC zombie drama’s midseason premiere, Hershel’s daughter professed her love for the group’s go-to guy for dangerous supply runs into a walker-laden town, prompting him to make some tough decisions about his priorities and place among the group.

This year’s model: A country on a roll, or rather a wave
The Economist

Besides the usual commercial ties, however, South Korea has been cultivating another, equally significant, link with Cambodia. Impressed by the economic success of South Korea over the past decades, Cambodian officials and businessmen are now flocking to Seoul, South Korea’s capital, to find out how the country has done it. And the South Koreans, proud of their achievements and eager to tell the world, are doing everything they can to oblige. It is an effective exercise of “soft” power. Chinese success is more talked about. But China is such an unusually large and atypical country that other Asians are not sure that the Chinese model, if it really exists, is readily exportable. Japan, sadly, has lost its lustre. Midsized South Korea, however, fits the bill nicely.

South Korea introduces yet another law to curb gaming’s ills

The South Korean government is considering another law to further curb rampant game playing and Internet addiction among its youth. Dubbed the “Cooling Off” system, it aims to regulate the amount of time a student spends with video games in a 24-hour period.
If passed, it will join the “Shutdown Law,” in effect since last November, which also targets gamers age 16 and under, but is far more restrictive in that it prohibits gaming between midnight and 6 a.m.

The Christian Nerd High Five

Jeremy Lin, a Harvard grad, and Knicks teammate Landry Fields, a Stanford man, geek out before games with a handshake ritual.
See it here: TIME.

Korea’s self-service pubs: Cheap, simple, hugely popular

Customers grab a table, which comes with a basket that they can fill with ice and use to shop from a selection of over 100 brews from a row of refrigerators. Prices are posted on each fridge. At the end of their night, when they get up to leave, an employee gathers the bottles and brings them to the counter, where they are tallied up for the bill.

These self-service watering holes — often referred to as “beer changgo” or “beer warehouses” for their stark look and rows of refrigerators — are cropping up all over the country, attracting a young clientele with their wallet-friendly and varied selection of domestic and imported beers.

Korean DMZ Teems With Wildlife

The 160-mile-long by 2.5-mile-wide DMZ’s roughly 400 square miles shelter red-crowned cranes, black bears, musk deer, spotted seals, lynx and the rare goat-like Amur goral. The region is also home to nearly 100 species of fish, perhaps 45 types of amphibians and reptiles, and more than 1,000 different insect species.

Rumors circulate that Siberian or Amur tigers may prowl the DMZ, reported Al Jazeera, though they disappeared from Korea before World War II.

Sorry Spectacle
China Daily USA

Chang, a Korean-American, founded Icon Eyewear in 1987. Now it employs 680 people and had a turnover of $80 million (61 million euros) last year.
Every year Chang spends about two weeks in Wenzhou looking for suitable manufacturers for his brands, something he has done since he began working with companies in Wenzhou in 1994.

“Wenzhou spectacles makers are major manufacturers for my products. But our major market is Europe, which is greatly affected by the economic crisis, so my orders have to decrease by about 20 percent compared with 2011,” Chang says.

5 Questions With Chang-Rae Lee
Kimchi Chronicles

To say that Chang-Rae Lee is well known in the Korean American world is a serious understatement. The award winning author and Princeton professor has written 4 widely acclaimed books, and the most recent, The Surrendered, was a nominated finalist for the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. In addition to being an exceptionally talented writer, Lee’s an enthusiastic foodie and oenophile who’s written for major glossies such as Food & Wine, Gourmet, and Travel and Leisure, to name a few.

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