Full, Unedited K-Town Cast Reel

TMZ leaked the K-Town cast reel this weekend. Here’s the full, uncut version from the producers. They’re hoping it will get picked up by a network and air on television as early as Spring 2011.

What do you think? Are you gonna watch?


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  • frizzle

    I’m watchin’ fo sho! Just cuz of Jennifer and Violet. I was laughing at the intro. Dont’ giva damn bout what TMZ says.

  • Kevin

    lol at scarlet on the toilet

  • everybody

    who would want to watch this? besides the friends of whos in it? looks freakin retarded and very ghetto…

  • not everybody

    Not “everybody” agrees. No need to hate. Just because you can’t take your shirt off (if ur a guy) without thinking twice, or can’t wear a bikini (if ur a girl) because you’re afraid you’ll blind people with how pale and flabby you are, doesn’t mean you gotta rain on others’ parades. It only looks retarded because “everybody” doesn’t pay attention to you.

    Awwhhh, you need a hug?

  • somebody

    And by “hug”, not everybody means “date rape”.

  • ashamed

    who ever started this hates koreans~ and now it’s going to make it harder to convince ppl we are not all alike~ boo! for shallow arrogant vain crazies who are going to shame our race and embarrass themselves in the making… don’t u get it~ this is going to ruin your lives!

  • chris

    jennifer is a smokeshow

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