Golfer Christina Kim Shoots Back At Rude Fan

Pro golfer Christina Kim shot back at a rude golf fan on Twitter on Thursday, sparking an immediate reaction from her fans quick to defend her honor.

A Long Island, N.Y. man sent Kim a message via the social media service saying, “You are one big fat kiss of triple bogey death.”

Kim, a San Jose, Calif.-native known for her brash personality and colorful wardrobe, chastised the man for his rude remark.

“Gotta love how people are so fearless on twitter. I may be fat, having a sh-t year on tour, and going through unimaginable things, but at least I’m not a coward,” Kim tweeted. “Everything I tweet, I would say to the person’s face.”


Kim’s followers quickly flocked to her side, sending an avalanche of messages in her defense.

“No one pays attention to the jerks unless you keep drawing attention to it,” said one. “99% of your followers are there for you.”

Kim thanked her fans and seemed to dismiss the incident and resumed her Twitter coverage of the men’s PGA Golf Championship, which began Thursday.

“There is no need to argue, please just let things be,” Kim tweeted.


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