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I Am KoreAm: Featuring YOU!

Have you ever thought, “Hey, maybe I could be on the cover of KoreAm Journal?”

Through the years, many notable Korean Americans have come up to us and declared that it’s their dream to be on one of our covers. Unfortunately, we can’t accommodate everyone we come across in our magazine, but we have the next best thing.

I Am KoreAm places the spotlight on you and other individuals in our community and readership.

Peter Rhee Final

Shannon Buckley

To participate, send an email to info@iamkoream.com with the subject heading “I AM KOREAM.” Please include your full name, age, city/location and occupation. Then, complete this sentence: “I am KoreAm and proud because…”

If selected, we will send you a questionnaire along with a few more details, and you’ll be on your way to being featured on IAmKoreAm.com! College and university students, check out Student Spotlight for your own unique profiles.

Click here to see previous  individuals featured in I Am KoreAm.

Disclaimer: Your personal information will not be distributed or used beyond this specific purpose. Please use discretion in the information you make available through I Am KoreAm.

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