Monday’s Link Attack: Todd Park, Apple vs. Samsung, Seung Hoon Choi
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Posted: March 12th, 2012
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White House names Todd Park as U.S. chief technology officer
Washington Post

The White House on Friday named Todd Park as U.S. chief technology officer, a post that came with high expectations when it was created in 2009, but has produced questionable outcomes, analysts say.

Park, who oversaw technology for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, replaces Aneesh Chopra, the first to hold the post.

Good For Government: New U.S. Chief Technology Officer Todd Park Is An Entrepreneur

What sets Park apart is his background as a serial entrepreneur. In 1997, he co-founded with Jonathan Bush athenahealth, a seller of practice management services and electronic health records, with a market cap of $2.7 billion. His brother Ed, athenahealth’s chief operating officer, helped develop the software. In 2008, he co-founded Castlight Health, a company that challenges the status-quo among health care providers. It allows patients to compare costs for medical procedures and doctor visits, highlighting the wild price variations that exist for example, for a cholesterol test.

University of Maryland student charged with threatening a ‘shooting rampage’
Baltimore Sun

A student from Howard County threatened to go on a “shooting rampage” Sunday at theUniversity of Maryland, College Park, campus police said.

Alexander Song, 19, of Fulton, posted on a website comments such as “I will be on a shooting rampage tomorrow on campus,” “hopefully I kill enough people to make it to national news,” and “stay away from the Mall tomorrow at 1:30,” according to a release from university police.

Song, a 2010 graduate of Reservoir High School, was taken to a local hospital for an emergency psychiatric evaluation, police said. He was unarmed when police apprehended him and charged with disturbing the orderly conduct of the activities, administration or classes at the campus, a misdemeanor that could result in a $2,500 fine or six months in jail.

Capt. Marc Limansky, a department spokesman, said police became aware of the threats Saturday night after a former student noticed them on the site and two people who had contact with Song on the site informed the school; at least one was from out of state. lets users text or video chat with random strangers.

Activists say China returned 31 N. Korean refugees
AFP via Google News

China has repatriated all 31 North Korean refugees it arrested last month despite international pressure against the move, refugee advocates in South Korea said Friday.

The advocates say the refugees could suffer abuse or even execution for fleeing North Korea during the mourning period for its late leader Kim Jong-Il.

Do Hee-Yun, head of the Seoul-based Citizens’ Coalition for Human Rights of Abductees and North Korean Refugees, said the refugees left North Korea in three separate groups and were arrested in different places in China.

“They were returned to the North clandestinely over the past two weeks,” Do told AFP. “They are likely to be severely punished as they fled the North during the mourning period.”

Clinton cautiously hails North Korea food aid deal

North Korea’s agreement to halt portions of its nuclear and missile programs and accept the return of nuclear inspectors is a “modest step in the right direction,” U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Friday.

Clinton said, however, that the United States will be watching North Korea closely and judging the country’s leaders by their actions in the coming weeks and months.

‘No One Wants to Just Swallow Up the North’
Der Spiegel (Germany)

Is it possible that Korea will ever reunite? People in the South firmly believe it will happen — and are even starting to save up money for the massive costs it would entail. In an interview, South Korea’s unification minister, Yu Woo-ik, shares his assessment of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and what his country could learn from Germany.

‘A Report from a Distant Planet’
Foreign Policy

After months of negotiation, the Associated Press opened a bureau in North Korea on Jan. 16, making it the first respected Western news organization to have a full-time presence in the Hermit Kingdom. Since that time, the Associated Press (AP) has filed around 20 stories with contributions from its journalists in Pyongyang. In December, AP’s relationship with the North allowed it to field the only Western journalist working inside North Korea in the days after leader Kim Jong Il’s death, shooting exclusive images of Kim’s body lying in state; additionally, the global news agency beat South Korea’s largest English-language wire service in announcing Kim’s passing.

N.Koreans ‘Dancing in the Streets’ at Rumor of Lee’s Death
Chosun Ilbo

North Koreans were dancing in the street at false reports of the death of South Korean President Lee Myung-bak spread like wildfire, the North’s official Rodong Sinmun daily reported on Sunday.

Rhee, District off the hook in teacher sex case
Washington Post

A federal judge has dismissed former Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee, DCPS and the District government from a lawsuit filed by an emotionally disabled student who became pregnant during a relationship with a teacher at the Transition Academy at Shadd in 2009.

U.S. District Court Judge James E. Boasberg did, however, rule that the case against the teacher, Robert Weismiller, can proceed. The former student, Ayanna Blue, is seeking unspecified punitive and compensatory damages.

Apple Hires Korean-Speaking Lawyers for Samsung Suit
Chosun Ilbo

Apple has filed another lawsuit against Samsung Electronics with an American court, and the two law firms handling Apple’s lawsuits have recently hired some 73 Korean-American lawyers to handle the litigation. That suggests the patent war between the two electronics giants is far from over.

South Korean film crew documents Williamstown Middle School’s implementation of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program
Gloucester County Times (N.J.)

A South Korean film crew traveled far and wide to observe and document the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program [OBPP] in action at Williamstown Middle School on Friday, hoping to come away with alternative ideas to manage the bullying problems and spate of teenage suicides in their country.

Kyrgyzstan: South Korea Attractive Destination For “Mail-Order” Brides

[Aikyz] Kojogeldieva is one of an increasing number of Kyrgyz women registering with private marriage agencies to find a foreign husband. The women are looking for stability and a way out of poverty; the men tend to be seeking a devoted spouse. Since the agencies started appearing in Bishkek about five years ago, South Korea, of countries outside the former Soviet Union, has become the most common source of grooms. Bilateral political and cultural ties between the two countries have strengthened over the past two decades.

Dimension Films to Remake Korean Action-Thriller THE MAN FROM NOWHERE

Dimension Films has announced that they have acquired the rights to the English-language remake of one of the highest grossing Korean films ever. The Man from Nowhere was South Korea’s biggest box office generator of 2010 and spent five straight weeks atop the ranks of ticket sales. Directed by Jeong-boem Lee and starring Bin Won and Sae-ron Kim, the film followed a mild-mannered pawnshop owner who finds himself going back to his bloody and violent roots to protect a little girl from an organ-trafficking ring. Dimension Films has tapped Shawn Christensen (Abduction) to pen the new script.

South Korea dominates short track speedskating world championships
AP via

Kwak Yoon-gy won the 1,000- and 3,000-meter races Sunday as South Korea dominated the world short track speedskating championships.

Kwak won the men’s 1,000 final in a time of 1 minute, 27.772 seconds. His teammate, Noh Jink-yu, who finished ahead of Kwak to win the 1,500 meters Friday, had a second-place time of 1:34.463, followed by Canada’s Charles Hamelin in 1:55.181.

Less than an hour later, Kwak won the 3,000, again beating teammate Noh, with another South Korean, Sin Da-woon, in third.

Throwing motion critical for Conger

Throwing mechanics — it may be the one thing separating Hank Conger from a Minor League prospect to a Major League catcher.

“I felt like if I could really clean up my throwing,” Conger said, “then I’ll be making some really good strides here in spring.”

Conger, who many still believe could be the Angels’ catcher of the future, has had a tendency to get long with his throwing motion and inconsistent with his release point. Like a pitcher, catchers strive to repeat their delivery when trying to gun down would-be basestealers — except their task is harder since they have to adjust to where pitches are thrown.

Saturday’s surprises – Huskers take the practice field
Husker Corner

Saturday’s practice – the first of the spring for Nebraska – was packed with new faces and surprises.

All across the offensive line changes and new surprises were popping up throughout practice.

Former 5-star offensive guard Andrew Rodriguez was playing with the second team offensive line, despite starting throughout 2011. Seung Hoon Choi acted as the starter with the first team at left guard.

Metrosexual Koreans Seen as Guinea Pigs for New Cosmetics
Chosun Ilbo

High-end foreign cosmetics brand SK-II recently introduced a skincare line for men in Korea, its first such foray in any country. The decision came after liquid essence for men, which hit local stores last October and costs W160,000 (US$1=1,120) a bottle, saw a month’s worth of inventory sell out in just four days.

“Korea accounts for 40 percent of the world’s high-end cosmetics market for men, and Korean men are often considered in the industry as test beds for new products,” a sales associate of SK-II said.

Men are quickly forming the main ranks of cosmetics shoppers, with the domestic market for men’s beauty products growing 15 percent each year. Industry watchers expect the market will surpass W1 trillion this year.

Spa pensions: Koreans embrace a new way to endure freezing winters

The communal bath culture, which originated in the early 20th century with the introduction of public bathhouses, still remains popular — people visit bathhouses with their children, friends and neighbors, catching up in the sauna while enjoying a day of intense scrubbing and grooming.

Recently, this old passion for a hot dip started to move away from the neighborhood public bathhouse to small lodging facilities called “spa pensions,” combining private bathing facilities with popular travel spots around the country.

Roy Choi’s Kimchi Quesadillas Recipe

Roy Choi approaches food like a graffiti artist: “I just want to put it out there and be gone before anyone knows I spray-painted on the wall.” So if you’ve been following Kogi BBQ-To-Go tweets but haven’t been in Los Angeles to find the truck, these fusion quesadillas should satisfy your cravings.

From line cook to ramen chef, talking to chef Jonathan Shin of Sai Sai Noodle Bar
Taste Terminal (blog)

Jonathan Shin dreamt of playing professional golf and even considered getting into art, a dream he’s closing in on as he now practices the art of ramen. At the tender age of 26, Jonathan is currently the Chef de Cuisine of Sai Sai Noodle Bar inside the historic Millennium Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, under the guidance of Executive Chef Thomas Ryan. Once a sushi restaurant, Chef Jonathan has created dishes for this fast casual Asian-influenced noodle bar. We sat down with chef Jonathan Shin and chatted about all things hot and soupy.

Sunset Stories with Sung Kang

Sunset Stories is a dark comedy, part After Hours and part Chungking Express, combining satire and awkward, relentless denial. May (Monique Gabriela Curnen) and JP (Sung Kang) are each other’s perfect excuse for imperfect lives. Their unexpected reunion forces the couple to explore issues of penance and self-forgiveness through the genre of a chase movie.

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