Tuesday’s Link Attack: Roy Choi, Euna Lee, David Choi
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Posted: March 6th, 2012
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Police: Gunman had prior dispute with bank manager he took hostage
Orange County Register

A man shot and injured by SWAT officers was purposely targeting a manager held hostage at Saehan Bank, where he showed up for a “methodically planned” robbery attempt armed with a sawed-off shotgun and homemade explosives, authorities said Monday.

Myung Jae Kim, 54, of Irvine remains in critical condition, as police Monday asked the Orange County District Attorney’s Office to file attempted murder, kidnapping, robbery, burglary and other weapons-related charges against him.

K-pop Till You Drop: The Skinny on the Korean Boy and Girl Groups That Get Major Play in Koreatown
LA Weekly

K-pop has become a worldwide phenomenon, and one of its great hubs is Los Angeles. Walk into any Koreatown club, dive, noraebang (karaoke bar) or, hell, even a bakery, and you’ll hear the genre’s famous slick jams and infectious dance beats. Importing elements of American R&B and hip-hop, as well as Euro dance beats, the strain’s popularity surged in the new millennium after picking up steam in the Japanese and Chinese markets. Through YouTube, it has gained a strong foothold in the United States as well.

Snookered again by North Korea?
Chicago Tribune

Last week came word that North Korea’s young leader, Kim Jong Un, has agreed to yet another deal that supposedly would rein in his rogue government’s nuclear program. Under the terms, North Korea will suspend nuclear weapons tests and uranium enrichment and will allow international inspectors back into the country. The price: America’s delivery of 240,000 metric tons of food for Pyongyang’s hungry populace.

Washington has been snookered again, critics say. “We’ve bought this bridge several times before,” said U.S. Rep.Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla.

Repatriation Protesters Keep Pounding China
Wall Street Journal

The lawmaker who passed out after an 11-day hunger strike to protest China’s policy of arresting and returning North Korean defectors is recovering and planning a new offensive.

Park Sun-young said from a hospital Tuesday that she’ll travel this weekend to Geneva, Switzerland, to visit the United Nations Human Rights Council and discuss the abusive treatment by China and North Korea of North Koreans seeking freedom.

N.Koreans, US lawmakers press China on refugees
AFP via Google News

North Korean defectors warned that some 30 refugees in China risked severe retribution if they are sent back, as they joined US lawmakers in urging Beijing to halt plans for repatriation.

Activists fear that China will soon send North Koreans who recently fled the impoverished state back over the border and say that they could suffer abuse or even execution for leaving during mourning for late leader Kim Jong-Il.

Hoping to step up pressure on Beijing, the US Congressional-Executive Commission on China invited two North Koreans who resettled in the United States. They gave accounts of beatings, forced labor and food deprivation when China earlier repatriated them.

20th Anniversary of Los Angeles Riots Observed
UCR Today

The 1992 Los Angeles riots fundamentally changed how Korean Americans view themselves and their role in local politics and multiethnic, multiracial coalitions. Scholars and community activists will examine the social, political and cultural implications of the riots in a daylong conference on April 28. The event commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Los Angeles Civil Unrest.

The conference, “Confronting Sa-I-Gu: 20 Years After Koreatown Burned,” will begin at 9 a.m. at the Garden Suites Hotel in Koreatown, 681 S. Western Ave., Los Angeles. Sa-I-Gu means “4-29” and refers to the day that rioting began. Registration is $20. Student registration is $10. Contact Carol Park at carol.park@ucr.edu to register for the event.

South Korean actor throws open closet door
Los Angeles Times

For years, [Hong Seok-cheon] has been an instantly recognizable media personality here, famous as the onetime host of a children’s show that was South Korea’s version of “Sesame Street” and costar of a popular 1990s sitcom.

But on this Saturday afternoon, the slender 41-year-old with the signature shaved head is playing himself, an out-of-the-closet gay man talking about what it’s like to be a pariah in a conservative society where 77% of Koreans in one poll said they believed “homosexuality should be rejected.”

Hong is the featured guest on a cable TV show called the “Star Lecture Series,” making history, he says, as the first gay man to discuss sex and sexual orientation on-air in South Korea.

Asiana Airlines’ cabin crews say ‘no’ to skirts

Asiana Airlines is famous for its impeccable cabin staff service. In fact, it won the World’s Best Cabin Staff Award at the 2011 World Airline Awards.

However, at least some of the female cabin staff are not happy about one thing — the uniform.

The Asiana flight attendants’ union is looking into filing a complaint to the National Human Rights Commission for outdated restrictions regarding uniforms and appearances.

The Greatest Food on Four Wheels
Wall Street Journal

On a startlingly sunny winter day in the Flatiron District, the walking traffic along lower Park Ave. has slowed to a crawl. The culprit: A knot of hungry folks on lunch break who’ve congregated around a bright yellow-green van parked in a choice slot between 23rd and 24th. Some pedestrians grumble as they’re forced to go around — but every so often, one takes a peek at the menu and joins the throng. Domo Taco, the newest new kid on New York’s burgeoning street-eats scene, has reeled in another midday customer.

North Korea vacations on the rise? Tour company adds trip to Rason, northeast coast of the peninsula
New York Daily News

Encouraged by the interest in traveling to one of the most unlikely tourist destinations in the world, Koryo Tours has added a new trip to its itineraries in North Korea.

The company, founded by Briton Nick Bonner in 1993, had been concerned that the death in December of Kim Jong-Il, known as The Dear Leader in North Korea, might have had a negative impact on its operations. With the addition of this new route, those fears have been put to rest.

The new route down the northeast coast of the peninsula has never been taken by Western tourists before, says Bonner.

Chang’s rise helped pave way for Lin

Jeremy Lin isn’t just carrying the New York Knicks.

He’s carrying the hopes and dreams of legions of fellow Asian Americans. Most have never met Lin but might feel like they know him. They’ve been starving for someone like him to come around and break the stereotypes of a race that has been dubbed the “model minority.”

He’s the boy they grew up with, the one who was in the same class as their daughter, who played sports with their son.

Michael Chang can relate. Two-and-a-half decades ago, he was that boy.

YouTube phenom singer-songwriter David Choi schedules IRL show at Cafe 939
TNGG Boston

YouTube addicts, close your internet browsers: On Wednesday, March 28, you’ll have the chance to see YouTube phenom David Choi, a guy you’re probably very familiar with, live at the student-run Red Room at Berklee’s Cafe 939 when he comes to town with a full band to promote his newest album, Forever and Ever. The show will be the California native’s second at the venue.

Foreign Minister to Visit U.S. on North Korea
The Korea Herald

South Korean Foreign Minister Kim Sung-hwan will travel to the United States this week, officials said Tuesday, after a diplomatic breakthrough under which North Korea agreed to halt key parts of its nuclear weapons program in exchange for food aid from the U.S.

During his five-day trip starting Wednesday, Kim plans to hold talks with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday in Washington after making a stop in New York, a senior official at the foreign ministry said.

Chronicling the New Nomads
Wall Street Journal

In South Korea she is a best-selling author, but in the U.S., Kyung-sook Shin is experiencing the giddy anticipation of a writer’s debut all over again.

The author of seven novels, seven short-story collections and three books of essays, Ms. Shin, 49 years old, is one of Korea’s most established literary figures. Her novel, “Please Look After Mom,” however, is her first to make it into English translation. Although still far from the million-plus copies it sold in Korea, an estimated 33,000 have sold in the U.S. since its April publication, according to Nielsen BookScan, and the translation is being distributed in 18 other countries.

Sunny Side Up
New York Post

About two and a half years ago, during one particularly ambitious eating trip, we went to Los Angeles for 24 hours and dined at the Bazaar by José Andres at the SLS Hotel, Animal, the Kogi BBQ food truck and Katsuya.

All four spots were worth visiting, but we were especially dazzled by chef Roy Choi’s kimchi sliders and short-rib burritos at Kogi and the oh-so-meat-centric, highly refined dorm-room food we found at chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo’s Animal.

This wasn’t the LA of salads at the Ivy and Wolfgang Puck’s California cuisine. This was punk rock, bursting with flavor and fun.

EXCLUSIVE: Euna Lee on Becoming a Better Journalist
FishbowlLA via Media Bistro

In a few weeks, former Current TV editor Euna Lee will quietly mark the third anniversary of her March 17, 2009 capture along the North Korea-China border. Much has transpired since then: Bill Clinton; a book; and a move from LA to New York last summer to attend Columbia journalism graduate school.

FishbowlLA caught up with Lee over the weekend upon her return to Manhattan from Washington DC, where she had traveled to film a scene for one of her class projects. Lee is slated to graduate in August from the one-year Master’s documentary program.

Style Profile: Aleka Kim
San Diego Union-Tribune

Born in New York City and raised in Seoul, Korea, Aleka Kim brings a global perspective to her refined design palette. Kim is a unique talent with a wide range of experience in the contemporary art, architecture, furniture and fashion industries, holding degrees from Cornell University and Fashion Institute of Technology. From curating art shows in Venice, Italy and the Netherlands, Kim went on to curate a calligraphy show for the Queen of Jordan in Amman, before joining the design team at New York fashion house Donna Karan.

Cypress’ Yoo takes third in State wrestling
OC Varsity

At the start of the day, Cypress wrestler Paul Yoo probably didn’t expect that he would have to face Ryan Davies of Clovis again at the CIF State Tournament.

However, after Yoo suffered a loss in the championship semifinals to Kyle Pope of Bakersfield in the morning, he and Davies eventually met again in the third-place match.

Yoo, who finished sixth at last year’s tournament, scored a takedown in overtime to defeat Davies, 3-1, to take third place at 182pounds Saturday at Rabobank Arena.

South Koreans Take to the Hills
Al Jazeera

In South Korea, the value of the country’s hiking industry has quadrupled since 2008, rising from $90m then to $360m last year. People have a newfound desire to commune with nature, and mountaineering has become a very popular sport. But for some, its success carries with it risks of damaging the alpine spirit, as nature campaigners say trails across the country are being eroded by the increased traffic.

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