K-Town Cast Revealed…

…and they’re just as tan and drunk as we thought they’d be.

Young Lee, Jennifer Field, Joe Cha, Scarlet Chan, Violet Kim, Peter Le, Steve Kim and Jasmine Chang

Photos of the cast of the Asian American reality show everyone’s been talking about have been released through Facebook, and you can already tell who’s supposed to be who. There’s the bleach blonde, the bi-sexual pornstar nude model, the aspiring actress, two meatheads, and even a Korean Snooki. Surprisingly, all the girls do seem to have eyebrows. For now, at least.

They started shooting around Los Angeles’ Koreatown this week, and according to the cast members’ tweets, the show promises at least some drunken entertainment.

Last night was truly unbelievable.. you take 8 crazy personalities and the result, epic madness! love all the cast! – Steve Kim

Craaaaaaazy night with the cast. Good night! Xoxo. – Jennifer Field

Huuuuuunng ooovvveeerrrr daayum… Talk about some crazyyy night, Welcome to Ktown LA .. Seriously – Young Lee

Welcome to Koreatown indeed. More trashy goodness after the jump.

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  • HH

    You have a Scarlet and a Violet – what is this, Clue?!

  • k teezee

    hell yeah, they got all photogenic peeps on here. ain’t no ugly mugs on this show, that’s right. All the chicks on here are fiiine, especially jennifer and violet.

  • hyuntae

    imo, i don’t think they’d be a good representation of korean americans…
    in the end, they’ll probably overexaggerate their actions just for TV… as most reality TV shows go
    they already seem like people who are trying too hard…

    i’m greatly disappointed and kind of embarrassed by this

    like the jersey shore thing, i hope people don’t start thinking that all koreans are like this…

  • kk

    Are they all korean? some of their last names don’t seem like it. if so, then koreans probably won’t be the only asian race being manipulated here -__-

  • Fo Real

    OMG, that chick Jennifer Field is haawwt!! Don’t know if she’s adopted, or if she’s hapa, or whatevers. Dont’ give a damn neither. Can’t wait to see this show, just cause of her though. Giyeah!!!

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  • pp

    i think majority of them are korean. i cant tell if jasmine is korean or chinese as chang is a last name in both… but i think she looks more korean? violet, steve and joe are korean..and i think young is too. but once again lee is an international last name haha. jennifer is part korean, irish and some other stuff. i think shes super pretty. and then you got super beefy peter whose i believe is viet and scarlets chinese.

  • Lolwtf

    Lol these guys are all korean
    Peter is korean btw.. it says so on his page and…the only whos not is thaat fields girl who is half.

    terrible show

  • Anonymous

    If these guys collide with the Jersey Shore cast, they probably won’t get along. They’d be butting heads, (the guys) especially over the (Asian) girls. You know how Asian girls are being stolen by guys of other races, like Whites, for example? Imagine what that would be like in either K-Town or Jersey Shore! If cast members appear in either shows! Besides, Italians and Koreans (and other East Asians, except Filipinos) are a far more different culture and they may not get along well.

  • jstele

    Scarlet, Jasmine, and Peter are NOT Korean. Peter is VIETNAMESE. Scarlet and Jasmine are CHINESE.

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  • Lo Wang

    You is suck the dick!

  • utuber

    lo wang, or no-wang, whatever your non-phallic possessing azz is trying to communicate–please do the world a favor and kill urself.

  • Kei

    @#10 The Jersey Shore cast isn’t full of Italians. This is a spin from it so of course it’s going to be…not fully Korean. Anyway, I’m feeling excited that Asians will finally be on the spot light in American Entertainment, because Asians are hardly ever on American entertainment things. But I’m also disappointed that if this gets famous…Asians on American Entertainment basically had to sell out to look trashy because that’s what Americans want…

  • Jonny

    This looks quite pathetic. You have poseurs in every culture and every ethnic minority society. These are Koreans who just want to appear different and Americanized. Put white faces on them, and you can’t tell if this is Jersey Shore or Laguna Beach.

  • Lei

    You think they manufactured something to market it and make it look trashy? Look around you more closely, there are wannabes with every cultural background. They Koreans just wanna be partying white Americans. They LOOK trashy or they ARE trashy? Asian bias goes both ways OK? Obviously, they ARE trashy.

  • Contemporaneous Korean American Metrosexual Quasi-homo male

    @ jonny and lei, good points. However, I think East Asians especially, need to shed the “dork/nerd;I excel @ math; get into Harvard w/o a sweat; sex is taboo, I only do it after marriage and also to have children” stereotypes. East Asians i.e. Koreans, Chinese and 8th-generation Japanese Americans usually act “white washed” once they’re assimilated into American culture. I don’t like “kiggas” i.e. Koreans who tryda act too black, know what i’m sayin’ dog? And I laugh bannanas, because no matter how prissily you speak English sans an urban-swagger (tryna talk ghetto), you’re still a slanty-eyed, yellow-skinned Oriental to white people; look @ at white washed token Asian fratboys in 99%-white frats; white-washed Asian girls in 92%-white sorrorities. They still don’t fit in.

    …So, this K-town show, I believe, is the happy medium. Fo’ sho!

  • tokyo jack

    a sad day for Koreans

  • Christie

    There are so many idiots with misconceptions about the show that it’s revolting. K-Towners are NOT, I repeat, NOT trying to act whites or blacks. They’re acting like any normal Koreans living in America. Some of them already fit the Korean stereotypes. One of the Korean guys went to University of Washington (tough school to get into), one Korean girl went to University of California, Irvine (tough school to get into). I’m sure they play a musical instrument but you know what, Koreans still know how to PARTY!!! What’s wrong with succeeding while partying?!? It can be done, and if anyone, it will be the Koreans who will show you how to do it!!!

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