‘K-Town’ Reality Show Season 2: Episode 6 Recap
Author: Crystal Kim
Posted: January 2nd, 2013
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Despite the drama we saw in last week’s episode, things somehow get resolved and everyone pulls themselves together for Young and So-young’s wedding. Even Jessica and Violet share a laugh by making fun of Jowe — probably the one thing they do have in common. Despite the failed bachelor party, the crew goes shopping for gifts and the wedding cake at the Koreatown Plaza. Maybe all this optimism is a good sign for ringing in the New Year?

Scarlet teaches Violet how to fight properly, just in case she finds herself in any more squabbles over a blog post or anything. Christine and Jasmine tackle each other over some ginseng and a boot gets thrown down a floor. Yes, things get nasty between the Chang sisters indeed.

At the salon, Mohawk Steve can’t part with his signature ‘do and calls the shave off. Joe reveals to Jowe and an un-hairless Steve that he still has feelings for Jessica. Jowe and Steve find themselves speechless for once. At the wedding, problems begin to arise. Steve casually forgets a key ingredient for a cocktail that will be served and Christine finds out that they have picked up the wrong cake. Cue Scarlet in to make a couple comments and Joe to stomp in angrily and you’ve got another fight in your hands. Tune in next week for the season finale to see the wedding unfold!

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