Kate Gosselin Makes Racist Gesture in Photo, Sparking Outrage

The former reality show star of Jon & Kate Plus 8 is under fire by netizens for posing in a photo making the dreaded “chinky eyes” gesture while wearing a novelty geisha wig, gossip site Radar Online first reported.

The photo was posted to Twitter by a still unidentified person who recently created the account. The picture was posted with the text, “[Kate Gosselin] makes fun of Asians with 8 half Korean children.”

The Gosselin kids are actually one-quarter Korean, however, as Jon Gosselin was born in Wisconsin to a Korean mother and white father.

Reaction online ran the gamut from outrage to dismissal and rationalization.

“How would a child feel whose Mom showed such gross disrespect for his/her heritage?,” one usertweeted.

Another user tweeted, “Kate Gosselin has 1/2 Korean kids. She was prob. trying 2 b more like them than mocking them. Give it a rest people! Why so much negativity?”

The controversial photo has surfaced ahead of a September release date for Gosselin’s cookbook and comes amid a lawsuit she filed against author Robert Hoffman and her ex-husband, who published a tell-all book about his former wife.


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