Korean Woman Gets Plastic Surgery to Look Like Miranda Kerr
Author: James S. Kim
Posted: October 3rd, 2013
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Complete makeovers aren’t uncommon. Some of us at some point might need a change in how we do things or in how we look. The question is, then, how far are you willing to change, and what type of person are you willing to become?

For one South Korean woman, it was a question of whom. On a recent episode of  Martian X-Files, a Korean reality TV show that spotlights eccentric and unique non-celebrities, one of the guests was a woman who underwent plastic surgery to look like Australian model Miranda Kerr.

The wannabe emphasized that she only had work done on her eyes and nose, according to Soompi. Even from a young age, she said, people would tell her mother that she looked like an “adorable non-Korean child” and asked if her father was from overseas. One time, the guest and her mother got into a taxi. The driver, thinking that they were foreigners, asked where they were from and was surprised when they responded in Korean.

The segment followed the guest as she goes through her makeup ritual. She begins with the universal step one, foundation. The next step is her eyebrows, to which she adds a sharp taper to imitate Kerr’s. She spends the most time on the eyes, then adds some emphasis to her lips to round out the cosmetics portion.

The final step is to add in the colored contacts, given that the hair is the proper style and color. Add in some posing sessions in front of the mirror, and she’s good to go.

So why the obsession with Miranda Kerr, who visited Seoul to great fanfare last June, even appearing in a sketch for SNL Korea. Some say that Kerr’s appeal is because her looks are a perfect combination of cute and sexy, a look many East Asian young women wish to achieve. For some, by any means necessary.

For those unwilling to go under the knife, here’s an extensive but relatively painless step-by-step makeup tutorial on creating the Miranda Kerr look by YouTube makeup artist Michelle Phan.

  • wannabes need not apply

    I won’t argue with you trish, because it still doesn’t change the fact that Koreans are the worse when it comes to self-hate of their natural features.

    so trish, what procedures did you have?
    hair color
    so so, average, athletic build
    ugly, so so, attractive
    …pics please

  • Trish

    There are tribes in africa of people with blond hair and blue eyes… Just wanted to put that out there.

  • wannabes need not apply

    Puuh-teh-tick! This plastic surgery thing is getting out of hand. When will Koreans ever be happy with themselves?! This over emphasis on trying to reach “perfection” is downright stupid. Most Koreans, especially those who condone plastic surgery, rationalize that plastic surgery isn’t about “whitening” one’s natural features. They use hackneyed lines like, “white, Euro people aren’t the only ones with double eyelids you know?” But I do know one thing…white people are the only ones who got blonde hair, blue/green eyes naturally. Korean girls who get plastic surgery is akin to those guys who drive piece of shit, 10 year old Hondas or whatever, rice-mobiles, and put gaudy body kits on them to try to make them look like cars that more expensive. Geeeeet-oooo!

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