Krazy K-pop! — ONE LOVE – WINNER!

Introducing Krazy K-pop! — A Music Video Battle … starring YOU!


7. “One Love” MV – 1TYM by myronkim1980

Voting has ended!!

The Top 3 videos are “A Different Kind of ‘Wedding Dress'” by TheElchang, with 26.86% of the votes; “krazy4u4ever” by msgraceshim, with 21.55% of the votes; “‘I Have a Lover'” by cutiepiemeg918 with 19.66% of the votes.

Our editors’ pick is “One Love” MV – 1TYM by myronkim1980!

All four videos will be screened at Unforgettable – guests will vote at the event for his/her favorite!

UPDATE: Kanauru Productions has withdrawn from the competition and would also like to extend a public apology to everyone involved in the contest.

[polldaddy poll=4068557]

View the 10 semi-finalists after the jump!

Semi-finalists, please email with your contact info and the names of your two leaders (or the people who will be attending Unforgettable if you win)  as soon as possible.

1. 2PM “Heartbeat” by sungbini

2. Delicious Kpop Battle by missstrawberryscafe

3. A Different Kind of “Wedding Dress” by TheElchang

4. krazy4u4ever by msgraceshim

5. 2am “Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die” by TKLproductions

6. Dynamic Duo “One More Drink” by C00K13

7. “One Love” MV – 1TYM by myronkim1980

8. 이은미 / “애인있어요” MV -“I Have a Lover” by cutiepiemeg918

9. “Last Farewell” by chabely4

You may vote once every 12 hours.

The three finalists with the highest number of votes, plus/including one editors’ pick will win two tickets to KoreAm’s exclusive celebrity-studded gala “Unforgettable” on Nov. 20 in Los Angeles (a $500 value), where their videos will be screened. Attendees will vote for their favorite video. Confirmed celebrity guests include Chan Ho Park, Juju Chang, Grace Park, Kero One, Ameriie Rogers, Justin John, Lisa Ling, Brian Joo and many more.

The grand prize winner will receive …

A New York City Vacation!
A 5-night stay at The Shoreham, a luxury boutique hotel

Plus: $1,000 CASH!

Guest judge Joyce Kim of Soompi, the ultimate K-pop website, will choose 10 semi-finalists to compete online for your votes.

So come on, get Krazy!


Each submission requires one or two leaders (typically the director and/or producer). Each leader may submit only video. Cast members may appear in more than one video. Submit your video by uploading it to YouTube as a video reply to the above video.

You can choose to sing (parody or original lyrics) or do a lip dub (where you lip sync to the original song).

Submissions must be original creations. The video must not have been previously submitted, distributed or aired.

Submissions must be under 5 minutes.

Submissions must not be offensive, as determined by judges in their sole discretion.

By entering this contest, you authorize KoreAm to use your video for promotional purposes.

KoreAm editors, along with our guest judge, will judge videos based on concept, originality, cinematography, editing, talent and overall entertainment/impressiveness. Sound and picture quality will also be factors in the judging process.

Comment on this post with any questions. We’ll answer everything right here.

Good luck!

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  • Bear

    Can I get extension? I don’t think I can finish it by the end of this month.

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  • Patty Yu

    Nice! Thanks for the feature! Sounds like a great contest, but are you really only giving people about two weeks to do this? Mine took at least THREE MONTHS! Anyhow, good luck! Can I enter mine? haha

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Patty – we love your video, but we’re only accepting original videos made for this contest – sorry!

  • Kevin

    Are we allowed to create a re-make of a Korean Music Video? With similar concepts and locations shoots and such?

  • Liz

    @Kevin: YES! But remember, you will be judged on your creativity and presentation.

  • Kadxgals

    is this judge by views? or the video will be judge by their styles ??
    can we do a dance cover with the original steps of the song??

  • Allen

    @Kadxgals The 10 semi-finalists are chosen by the guest judge, Joyce Kim of Soompi. Then the finalists are chosen based on vote, which we will have set up when the finalists are chosen. One of the finalists will also be chosen by the editors. And yes you can do a dance cover as long as your video contains lip syncing, its one of the requirements. Good luck! :)

  • Jojo

    Can we use a remix song??

  • Daniel

    so each of the four finalist wins two tickets to the event?

  • SawaaPowaa

    are we allowed to use 2 songs in the MV as long as its under 5 min.??
    or could we remix different songs together?

  • Elizabeth

    @Jojo and SawaaPowaa – Yes you can use a remix song, as long as it’s under 5 minutes

    @Daniel – Yes, the four finalists will each receive two tickets to Unforgettable

  • Jwalkerz

    Jay park’s been doing lots and lots of Magazine covers in Korea.. it would be nice to see him in an ENGLISH writing magazine so we can read it. If you ever get jay on your magazine please let us all know what month issue.. we really wanna buy it.

  • Youngbae

    I was wondering, there aren’t any instructions on where to submit the video.
    and I was also wondering if we can submit two videos?

  • Youngbae

    also on top of that, do credits count as over 5 mins? Example: 5 min KRAZY-kpop-video and the rest is just giving credits to the cast.

  • Elizabeth

    @Youngbae – You need to upload the video onto YouTube as a video reply to our video above, and just the content itself needs to be under 5 minutes – it’s okay if the credits go beyond the allotted 5 minutes, but please keep it short.
    You can only submit ONE video under each leader – but cast members can appear in more than one video.

  • Kevin

    is there a possibility of a second extension for the deadline? it’s difficult to develop the video during finals week…I understand if you can’t but I just thought I’d ask.

  • Youngbae

    Is it possible for the video we submit on Youtube to be around 9 minutes because of the credits. We understand that the video has to be under 5 minutes but we’d like to have a extended credits just for Youtube. The content itself is under 5 minutes and so we would cut out the credits if we are chosen as one of the finalists. If this is allowed I was wondering if we have to do anything on our end to prevent any confusion during the judging process. Thank you.

  • Elizabeth

    @Kevin – Sorry! We’ve already extended the deadline as far as we can – Unforgettable is on November 20th, so we’re already cutting it close. We hope you can still submit a video though!

    @Youngbae – You can have additional time for credits, but you will only be judged on the first 5 minutes – anything after that will not be viewed by the judges. Good luck!

  • Youngbae

    A few last questions. If we were to submit two videos would it be fine if both are from the same Youtube account. If that is fine I was wondering how you define “leader”. How would we go about stating who is the leader for which video. Thanks!

  • Steven

    I am wondering the same thing about Youngbae’s question

  • Elizabeth

    @Youngbae – the leader would be whoever took charge, directed, did most of the filming as well as the majority of the editing. If you were a significant part of two projects and not just an actor/character, you would not be eligible to submit two videos, but you WOULD be able to be a leader in one video, and make an appearance in another.

    There can obviously be more than one leader for each video, especially if you all participated equally, but you would need to figure that out and appoint one or two leaders on your end.

  • Jack

    I was wondering how the video is going to be screened at the gala?
    Is it through a projector or a tv?

  • Elizabeth

    @Jack – most likely through a video projection

  • Jasmine

    I’m hoping to submit my entry by this weekend!! :)

  • Phu

    I wonder how many people are actually going to submit a video!

  • Jasmine

    Phu: I know, I really hope they don’t cancel it if there aren’t many entries cause I’ve been working really hard on mine T__T

  • Phu

    @Jasmine Can’t wait to see yours! They should have advertise the competition on Allkpop or something

  • Socket Set ·

    when looking for music videos, i always check out music videos with funny and sentimental content `

  • Jasmine

    @Phu: Thanks for your enthusiasm!! I hope you’ll like it! ^^

  • Jae

    To be exact. Submissions will only be valid before 11:59PM November 10th or does it need to be submitted before 11:59PM November 9th? Thank you!

  • Elizabeth

    @Jae- Submissions need to be in before 11:59PM November 10th – thanks for asking!

  • Kevin

    Question: is it ok to upload the video on my channel first, then video respond it to the Krazy K-POP video?

  • Grace

    I wrote an original song for this contest and shot the video for it, and i wanted to clarify…can we use our own original kpop songs?

  • Phu

    @Kevin Isn’t that the only way you can video response to the video???

  • Carolina

    omg… only if I knew you guys were going to extend the deadline, I would’ve worked on something. But since I thought the deadline was too close and I wouldn’t be able to get anything done, I haven’t even planned anything out or start shooting. ugh…….. =_=

  • jinnie

    Aaaagh! Two questions before I officially upload:
    1) Will I be disqualified for lipsyncing the entire song, AND adding my own voice recorded in the middle of the song?
    2) Can I post a link to the youtube video on facebook after I upload to the competition account?

    *please please let me know as soon as possible.


  • Elizabeth

    @Kevin (and Phu) – yes, you must first upload it to your own channel and then make it a video response to our Krazy K-pop video

    @Grace – Yes, it should be fine

    @Jinnie – No you will not be disqualified, and yes you may post the link to the video on your facebook

    Can’t wait to see your entries!

  • Shin

    wow….some people wrote songs?! LoL tHIS should be iNtEResTiNG and entertaining ^^

  • Youngbae

    I can’t wait to see more submissions!

  • Jasmine

    @Phu: Hope you liked my video!!!! ;D

    I can’t wait to see everyone else’s entries!!! How exciting 😀

  • jinnie

    I was uploading onto youtube, and I only saw 4 videos posted as a response, did I upload correctly?? Aaaagh, can’t wait to hear back from you all =)

  • Jae

    Once uploading the video on your account. You need to go to the contest video, click on the comment box, the “Attach a video” link will appear on the right and then pick your video.

  • abigail

    i only see 2 videos. does this mean you guys cancelled the competition? i’m confused, and kind of want to cry!

  • sungie

    can i start posting my video on twitter before the competition deadline

  • Jae

    The competition is still on. There is nothing that says it’s been canceled. Technically there are 3 videos posted.
    I don’t really see why not.

  • Elizabeth

    @Abigail – contest ends tomorrow at 11:59pm
    @Sungie – Yes, that’s fine

  • Jasmine

    I wanted to post a “making of” video for my entry, is that ok?

  • Elizabeth

    @Jasmine- you can post it on your own channel, but it won’t be part of the judging process

  • Jasmine

    Elizabeth – For sure, thank you!!

  • Chabeli

    Hello IAmKoream, during the past weeks my groupmates and myself have diligently been working on our Krazy Kpop video. Due to technology malfunction, our video was deleted and we had no choice but to start all over again. Please have sympathy and give us the pleasure to at least view our video. I know competition is rough (so many good videos) but all that we wish for is for your opinion. Even though we might not win, I hope you view our video and allow us to be part of this contest.

  • Elizabeth Eun

    @Chabeli – Sorry to hear about your tech. malfunction! But I’m not sure if I understand what you’re saying – you still have a few more hours to upload the video, so if you can get it in before midnight tonight (PST), then you’re still in the running. If not, you can of course still upload the video but it won’t be part of the voting process.

  • Kevin

    How does the voting process work once the submission phase is over?

  • Chabeli

    You don’t imagine how much relief you gave us.
    We are from Texas so it’s about midnight and
    we were literally freaking out.

  • Elizabeth Eun

    @Kevin – We’ll be putting up a poll tomorrow morning on our site and people will be able to vote once a day (more rules forthcoming)

    @Chabeli – Good luck!

  • Grace

    do we need to do anything other than upload the video? just clarifying in case I miss some form or something. :)

  • Elizabeth Eun

    @Grace- you need to make it a video response to our Krazy Kpop video above – it needs to show up to qualify

  • Grace

    @Elizabeth Eun Thanks for your quick response! I’m excited!

  • Richard

    Is it 11:59PM exactly? I uploaded my video a few hours ago but Youtube is taking a while to process the video :[ Thanks Elizabeth!

  • SawaaPowaa

    will it be okay if we’re a bit late because of Youtube’s slow uploading?

  • Megan Lee

    OMG i hope they are still accepting! I’ve been having problems too! youtube keeps giving me an error when I upload I’ve been trying to upload my music video for over 3 hours :((((((( wahhhhhh!!!! please wait for me!!! >.<

  • Jasmine

    Wow…I just have to say that I am so impressed by everyone’s entries. KRAZY!!! 😀

  • Richard

    Ahh I hope I can still submit mine. My video kept getting screwed up :[

  • Elizabeth Eun

    UPDATE: Because of all the issues YouTube had last night and because we know how hard you guys have been working, we’ve decided to do a short extension for those who couldn’t upload in time. Entries must be in by 5:00pm PST TODAY (Thursday, Nov. 11th) Please make sure your videos are uploaded as a video response to our video above. Voting will begin tonight at 10:00pm PST on this site. Email with any questions. We’re sorry for all the confusion and inconvenience.

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  • danyol

    I’m confused, when you say “orginality, talent and overall entertainment/impressiveness” did you mean to try to mimic the orginal mv as best as you can? choreography, storyline all mirroring the original mv?

  • jerbear

    77 votes in 2 minutes? holy

  • Bear

    Run away winner!
    But true test will be known at the Unforgettable event.

  • jerbear

    i share your confusion danyol.

  • SFBistro

    What happened to the 5 minute submission limit rule?

  • SFBistro

    It’s not a part of the poll but why accept a video response to the contest video that was created in July?

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  • Elizabeth Eun

    @SFBistro: We did have a 5 minute submission rule, but if you look at earlier comments, we addressed the issue of allowing a longer video so people could include credits – we’ll add a note below the extended video to make things clearer.
    Also – thanks for letting us know about the other video submission – people add video responses on their own so they show up and remain there until they are approved/rejected – We’ve just removed it and the only videos that are part of our contest are the ones on the poll above.

  • Karen

    The only original ones seem to be “delicious kpop” and “krazy4u4ever.”
    But overall, all the videos were good!

  • PK

    I watched all the videos and was impressed with all of them. Some more than others, but overall very impressed. LOVE THIS CONTEST. Thanks Koream!

  • Amanda

    Wow! Did you read the ending credits of crazy4u4ever? They had a $0 budget and only had two weeks to do the whole thing?!! They should win just for that! Plus the guy in the video is really cute. The cutest out of all the videos. Every second of that video kept me on edge, great editing!

  • Grace

    @amanda Thanks for your supporT!!! Brian is adorable though, isn’t he?? 😉 I really can’t express how much help and support went into this video, so I’m glad someone is reading the credits and givin it where it is due! please keep voting every 12 hours. <3

  • fatboy


  • Mike

    Originally the rules required that the video submissions were not to be previously aired. But it seems that you’ve allowed submissions that break this rule. This seems unfair for those who have been working with the time constraint by working within the guidelines. How can a video that had unlimited time be judged along with those who were working with deadlines?

  • Elizabeth Eun

    @Mike- which video are you speaking of?

  • Mike

    @Elizabeth Eun – they teased a video back on 12/09

  • Grace

    @elizabeth eun Is it ok if I make the song “krazy4u4ever” available for download? Is that against some contest rule to release it? Just checking before I do anything against the rules… thanks!

  • Jasmine

    Grace: YES!!! I hope you can post it for download!! I love your song! ^__^

  • Richard

    Spiffy! I enjoyed the song also. Is the car crash audio in there also ;D

  • Mike

    @Elizabeth Eun

    Here’s another teaser posted on a different website, please note that it was posted 04/21/10

  • Elizabeth Eun

    @Mike – Thank you for the information – but we just had a requirement that the actual submitted video must not have previously aired, distributed or submitted elsewhere. – there’s nothing we can do about the fact that people may have been working on the video before we announced the contest. I understand that you’re concerned about bias but only the guests at Unforgettable will be able to vote for the grand prize winner.

  • CJ


    I guess I should say what’s on my mind and maybe some others is that:

    An area of concern is that the rules could be more specific in regards to works that may have been produced prior to the announcement of this contest.
    – “Submissions must be original creations.”
    the verb-age in this is misleading. What is the contest’s definition of “original”? Original meaning what? Original choreography? Original narrative? Original costume?
    – “The video must not have been previously submitted, distributed or aired.” Does this mean if I had produced a music video for a Korean pop group that hasn’t been released to the general public yet, I could enter the video in this contest. It meets the “originality” criteria along with the “not previously submitted, distributed, or aired” criteria as well.

    It could easily be said that the online portion of this contest isn’t merit based, but rather an online popularity contest. and that whomever has the highest amount of friends and followers online is declared the semi-finalists. I suppose that is why the editors choice there as well.

    why not just declare all 10 videos semi-finalists and let the audience at Unforgettable declare the winner? or have a Most Popular winner in addition to the overall winner?

    Im sure there are filmmakers who created a video for the sole purpose of this contest along with those filmmakers who were able to submit their videos due to the fortuitous timing of this contest.
    I am okay with both, just want to make sure that all the videos are being judged by the same yardstick along with maintaining the integrity of this contest and Koream.

  • Seong

    On Video #7- One Love…

    That female actress looks SOO familiar…. I swear I’ve seen her somewhere before… Help?

  • Jasmine

    @Seong: It’s Jenny Lee from Namja Set, Yuja Set (3 guys, 3 girls Korean sitcom from years ago). I thought the exact same thing and found out after I commented on the video hehe ^^

  • Elizabeth Eun

    @CJ – We’ll definitely try to be more careful with the wording next time – it wasn’t our intent to be confusing, but I can see how people could take things different ways.

    When we said original, we meant original as in the people who submitted the videos, created the videos, and they owned all the content (besides the song, of course).

    Your second hypothetical situation also makes a good point – we assumed that all the videos that would be submitted to us under those guidelines would have been made for us and our contest, but perhaps that was an assumption we shouldn’t have made. Under our guidelines though, we do accept the video that is under contestation.

    We are aware that any contest that is open to public voting is often not merit-based, but that’s out of our own control- it’s hard for any contest to not be a popularity contest, which is why we’ve included an editor’s choice.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have the option to air all 10 videos at our event – there’s just not enough time for that. But we do appreciate you airing your concerns – I hope this post explains some things and clears up some of the confusion.

  • jerbear

    i would definitely say a time constraint bears an impact on the quality of work and should definitely be given greater weight as its purpose is to create an even playing field. also, user votes play a critical role because they not only determine the submissions Unforgettable sees, but they also confer a prize. oh well, kudos to those that worked within the time constraint and still managed to make such amazing pieces.

  • myronkim1980

    In MV #7, that’s actually Jennifer (aka Jenny) Lee from “3 Guys, 3 Girls” (English translation). She lives out here, and being a good friend of my producer on the project, she decided to help us out. Jenn was great to work with and actually has a lot of work that’s about to get out to the public… Keep your eyes peeled!!

    It seems as though there’s been A LOT of controversy about the competition thus far. I’m not going to say whether I agree with certain viewpoints or not, but I think you all would agree that the MV submissions are great and for the most part are very original and creative.

    Winning is based on opinions. Opinions are subjective. There’s only going to be four finalists, so obviously not everyone’s going to make it. I just hope no one loses sight that this is all “for fun.”

    We shot “One Love” in a day and a half and I edited the whole thing in two nights. Having directed only narratives with a (somewhat) proper budget and a workable schedule, this was a new experience for me, but it was fun as hell! I don’t think I’m ever going to try and fit 7 locations in a 12 hour shoot day again!

    Props to Thomas Suh, the producer on the project, and Robert Ryu, the star!

  • ash

    Hey let’s keep this friendly… i thought everyone did a great job including the taeyong wedding dress remake… i mean you gotta give it to them they did a pretty dam good job making it like the original. Bonus points to the vietnamese tae young for pulling it off that was dope!

  • ash

    btw we’re thinking of releasing “Krazy4u4ever” as a download…thoughts?! Let us know on our page if you want a copy:

  • CJ


    Thank you for addressing our concerns in a timely manner. I agree with you that it impossible for a contest to depend solely on merit. Which is why many contest have implemented a system in which the audience’s vote plays a large role in the overall decision as opposed to the audience’s vote being the singular factor in saying who is eliminated and who moves on. Perhaps for future contests, a judging formula in which the audience votes are a part of the overall judging would be sage.

    I think this contest is a great way for talented people to get their work seen and appreciated. It would be a shame to see all the hard work and effort put in by the Koream staff to be denigrated by such controversies.

  • Elizabeth Eun

    @CJ – Thank you for all your input! Each contest for us is a learning experience-we definitely want all the participants to be equally appreciated!

  • Roger Hwang

    I vote number 5, It’s so so so GOOD!

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  • Jan

    Lol, number 5 is pretty hilarious. Love the twist at the end!

  • a

    i think this tae yang remake is better~

  • bjddkjkdjkjksd

    whats up with all these wedding dress remakes?

  • SJ

    correction…what’s up with that ‘wedding dress’ remake that is EXACTLY the same as the original?? c’mon people…creativity please.

  • I like making multiple accounts because I am angry


  • Josh

    I don’t know about anyone else but is the 2PM video the only east coast (new york) video?? haha our production time for it was also only like 5 hours and we shot most of the video at an abandoned train station hhaha krazy huh? All the videos are awesome though and goodluck to all!!

  • chrissy

    no i’m pretty sure the “different kind of wedding dress” is in NYC too 😀 yes, all the videos are cool, especially #3!

  • Jasmine

    Josh: I’m from the east coast!! 😀 I live in Pittsburgh, PA ^^* …where there are no krazy koreans :(

  • Kev

    @ Jasmine – Whoa you’re from Pittsburgh?! Nicee. I’m from the East coast as well! Currently in Rochester,NY. Trust me, there are plenty of Krazy Koreans in NY and New Jersey. I used to live there.

    @ Josh – Duude! East coast represent!!! I like how yours is different from the rest. It definitely adds some diversity in his competition. And 5 Hour production in an abandoned subway?? Dang…that’s some KRAZY stuff. Kudos to you guys! *wink wink*

  • kevin

    Hey guys! all the videos loook awesooomee! but to be honest I REALLY give props to number 8! because thiat video was creative, original & very krazy!!! and i believe the number 9 wedding dress remake was really amazing too! but they made that video a couple of months ago wayyy before the contest which is not fair to get all those votes!! :(
    We have to stick with the rules for the contest! hope the judges wil keep that in mind before they choose the top 3.

    ps.I subscribed to cutiepiemeg918 so thanks KoreAm I found out about her!! WOW she’s only 15!! can’t believe it! wow! i wish i was that productive when I was 15 😛 lolz

  • kevin

    Hey guys! all the videos loook awesooomee! but to be honest I REALLY give props to number 8! because thiat video was creative, original & very krazy!!! and i believe the number 9 wedding dress remake was really amazing too! but they made that video a couple of months ago wayyy before the contest which is not fair to get all those votes!! :(
    We have to stick with the rules for the contest! hope the judges wil keep that in mind before they choose the top 3.

    ps.I subscribed to cutiepiemeg918 so thanks KoreAm I found out about her!! WOW she’s only 15!! can’t believe it! wow! i wish i was that productive when I was 15 😛 lolz

  • Devon

    The 2AM parody was HILARIOUS. I think we’ve all been there before at one point or another in our lives, or at least thought about it. haha. Kudos fellas. You got my vote!!!

  • Jasmine

    @Kev: Yah, home is actually Honolulu, Hawaii :) I’m excited to go out to Cali this week though!! KoreAm love is across the nation!!! ;D

  • Josh

    @Jasmine – Pitt?! My sister graduated from Pitt haha.. seriously KoreAM love spreadin throughout the country!

    @Kev – Yeah abandon subway in the city! We weren’t even allowed in there but the scenery was amazing so we had to sneak in for the shot 😉 Our director did his best and put a lot on the line for this video!

    Unforgettable in LA looks awesome and I hope whoever goes has a great time!!!!!! I’m praying myself for the chance to go to the West Coast for the first time and to represent a video from the east coast would be awesome!!! 😀


  • ahnsoo

    universal love <3
    i vote #3.
    love love loooooved that video. it's nice to see a beautiful and FUNNY different take on the theme of 'wedding' in general :)

  • K-Soda
  • yln

    the elchang’s different wedding dress was AWESOME. got my vote. ^_~ her facial expressions crack me up and besides her funky dance moves, she’s SOOOO PRETTY! ^______^

  • Bear

    wassup with that different wedding dress… disturbing.. didn’t even want to finish the video. I don’t see why people say its funny.. idk probably either its them writing about their own video.

  • ed


  • ash

    what’s so disturbing? Just to clarify, her hands aren’t ACTUALLY made of scissors dood…

  • Jasmine

    lol, well I was actually kind of grossed out watching the guy lick jja jang sauce off that girl’s face hahaha….too much pda!! but no hate, they did a great job xD

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  • Jasmine

    wowow congrats to “different kind of wedding dress” on really breaking through some barriers too!! looks like your video got picked up and promoted on a spanish site for the lesbian community!!

  • YlN

    @bear: why the haterade just because someone really likes someone else’s video? I like her video. period. it’s amazing quality, it tells a cute story, politically pertinent, it’s not a remake of something else, it was creative and they did a great job. I don’t know which one is yours, but I watched them all and different kind of wedding dress really blows them out of the water.
    @ash: LOL @ scissors comment.

  • jenn

    Can you guys screen the ACTUAL original kpop videos before screening the videos of the selected teams during the Unforgettable event? I think it would be interesting to compare to see just how unique/creative some of these submissions are….

  • Grace

    @ Yin: i agree. no need for the haterade :]
    @ ash: lol. you are my favorite brother.
    @ everyone: please vote for #4

  • Ed

    @jenn #4 krazy4u4ever is completely original song and video.

  • jenn

    @ed i agree and enjoyed #4. but #8, is totally not .

  • laura

    hey guys watch this and then watch #9…oh what? they aren’t the same video? could’ve fooled me! :)

  • jenn

    @ ed CORRECTION: i meant to say #9 is totally not lol.

  • Elizabeth Eun

    @Jenn- Unfortunately, our planned schedule is already packed – we just don’t have enough time to play any other videos. Thanks for the suggestion though!

  • http://youtube DAEWOOPARTS

    #128 ,laura , they are not the same video ,#9 is a remake ,it is done so well though that it could fool someone who don’t look carefully, even the props are simular from belt buckle to the spikes on him ,but the building where they dance is different as well as other scenes, its done real well and they did a great job on it ., but i am voting for #8 on originality its real cute and megan lee is a great actress for her age :) but i do like the remake#9 too

  • Qui

    I definitely feel the hate from other people for our video. I don’ blame them. You are saying it’s not creative is it because I made the spikes entirely from piece by piece or the fact that I see taeyang is my role model and actually got the belt? I could have gotten any costume I want, I can dance in a monkey suit no problem but I wanted taeyang himself to see this… It just so happens I saw this contest and said why not join. We can be creative if we want to, that’s not even the issue, besides Don’t all wedding dress remake share a similar plot? I enjoyed all the remakes and it’s apparent who are going to the gala. Good luck to y’all and see you there. For what it is, a remake will be a remake.

  • DK


    I’d rather not beat around the bush or try to be serpentine with my comments and aim them directly. I dont think people “hate” your video; at least I don’t. It was well planned, shot, and executed. Technically speaking, it is deserving of many votes.

    If I may interpret, some of the “hate” that is appearing here.. it stems from a frustrated sense of unfairness that most feel with this contest. and unfortunately, your video is the target of that frustration.

    although noble in its attempt, the contest rules were ambiguous and vague with a lot of things open to subjective interpretation.

    The majority of the videos (you will forgive me for my general assumptions) were planned and shot with this contest in mind. Meaning that: there was a finite amount of time for each team to spend on their video. Most people are assuming that you had a bit more time to work on your video as submission to this contest was not your ultimate motive. But rather, due to lucky timing, you were able to enter this video into this contest. Some people consider the teasers that were released by your group to be in violation of the ” The video must not have been previously submitted, distributed or aired” rule, but i digress.

    Your argument of “don’t all wedding dress video share a similar plot” is valid. yes, the song is very clear about what it is about and there’s not much room for interpretation. But the other wedding dress video took that little bit of wiggle room and made a video from it.

    Most would classify your video as a cover or a tribute. In which you pay homage to the original artist with your work. And that’s great! no qualm here. But when you enter your tribute video into a contest in which “originality” is a criteria, you can agree that it leaves room for confusion.

    Yes it is apparent who is going to the gala. and it is also apparent who has the largest online following. The only unfortunate thing is that some of the other videos will never get an audience at Unforgettable. the rules left a lot of factor open to interpretation. And with a lot of grey areas you get well… lots of grey.

    at any rate, I do wish you would have danced in a monkey suit. It would have been funny, fresh, and original. I might have even voted for ya. But please don’t try to pass off entering this video into this contest as a way for taeyang to see the video or as a tribute to him. it insults his artistic integrity and insults your own intelligence- and you guys are far too talented for that.

    ps. this contest was never a remake contest.

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  • KC

    @Qui – I don’t think anyone can deny that your video took a lot of time, effort and talent to produce. I believe it deserves a lot of credit and by the voting you can see that others agree. I’m sure it’s difficult to take criticism for a project that took over a year to complete, I assume the time based on the teasers.

    But it’s not because your video isn’t “good”, it’s more about the criteria in which it is being judged. Koream states that the “submissions must be original creations”, this in itself is ambiguous. Koream also states that they will “judge videos based on concept and originality”. This is clearer in terms of the judging criteria, but in practice, I don’t see that it was executed. The only portion of this contest that was left to the judging criteria was to narrow down to the semi-finalists, as the final vote will be based on the attendees at the Gala. I may be wrong, but I didn’t see any further detail on how the winner would be selected.

    So I agree that your video rocked, but based on the rules and guidelines of this contest, your video seems to be outside of the criteria. And you should agree that this is the case, in that you did not create it with the contest in mind…you wanted exposure to Taeyang and you wanted to remake his video as closely as possible. And I don’t think it would be fair for anyone to say you are not creative and I don’t think anyone has, those comments are directed towards your video. Your video had everything already laid out for you, it basically was the original, done by you. Which in itself is a great accomplishment, but not what the contest should be judging on…as it states “originality”. I think you took it personally as you point out that you made spikes piece by piece, that Taeyang is your role model and so you got the same belt…but I think you missed the point.

    But you shouldn’t be discouraged or surprised, you know your video is good and you didn’t intend to submit it to this contest, you entered it due to timing and a whim.

    Best of luck to all you guys, I think everyone did a great job!

  • Nick


  • jimmy

    Yes, I agree with the previous comments that #9 is really well made. Nobody can deny that. However it is true…everything was already laid out of them. The plot, the “costumes”, the dance moves, and even the camera angles. That’s very nice that Qui put the spikes on “piece by piece”, but you know what? I’m sure that the cookies from vid #2 were handmade, and from what I can tell, I’m pretty sure that the Edward Scissorhands outfit wasn’t bought at the costume store either. What frustrates me is that most likely, many of the attendees at the gala will most likely not have seen the original video (do you really think that Juju Chang goes on youtube after filming Good Morning America to keep up with the latest kpop vids?). They will see the Taeyang remake and judge it as a completely original piece of work, placing it on the same playing field as the other videos that actually involved true effort in making something original (in a shorter amount of time). This video will probably end up winning because how well put together it is, and as awesome as it is (as a remake), I must say that I am disappointed it that it was allowed to take the chance away from the other videos that actually followed the contest rules (as vague as they may have been). good luck to all!

  • KC

    There’s nothing wrong with what Qui has done, so I hope he understands that the comments are more directed towards the judges. He made an awesome video, he saw the contest and submitted. The burden of determining which submissions are following the set rules and guidelines are up to the KoreAm people. Fortunately for Qui, they’ve made it clear that it is good to go…unfortunately, people seem to disagree.

  • Jasmine

    @Jimmy: yes! i handmade all the cookies!! ^^ i made my own cookie cutters to make them too lol….ah, well whatever the outcome of this contest, everyone who’s supported me has already made me feel like a winner :) i’m happy and grateful that i had the opportunity to participate in this regardless. it would’ve been nice to take my brother to the gala…i had plans to make grace park my sister-in-law hahahaha~ i was and am very impressed with everyone’s entry and wish everyone the best of luck in these final hours of the competition!! ^^

  • bubbles

    i found an interesting article below & instantly became fan of cutiepiemeg918!!
    and you should read this too & support her too!! TEAM megan lee FTW!!
    Thank you everyone <3

  • Qui

    You guys are right. We didn’t have the contest in mind, Not gonna lie about that one. And I’m more than sure we aren’t gonna win also. I guess I just capitalize on the opportunity.

  • Dc

    The comment below leaves no ambiguity. The taeyang remake should be disqualified as Qui’s admission shows that it has clearly breached the rules.

  • paul

    @qui Beware of capitalization, as it often sacrifices artistic integrity.

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  • denise

    @Jasmine Grace Park is married… sorry…

  • Jasmine

    @denise: really?? aw man didn’t know….sister-in-law plan fail. lol

  • YlN

    Jasmine–your cookie video looked AMAZING. I must say that you were by FAR my second favorite. I kind of was wondering what they tasted like ;).

  • jliang

    everyone needs to chill about the wedding dress remake, kanauru productions has been working on it for about a year, and the timing was just right and they decided to enter for fun. it was never intended to be part of the contest and i think its unfair to say that their video is bad because it’s unoriginal. its a remake. and if it breeched the rules somehow i think that the people running the contest would have said something. They worked really hard and its undeniable that they made a great video.

    great submissions everyone! i wish you all the best

  • cinleung

    @jliang Kanauru’s remake would’ve be a great video if taeyang’s never existed. And you said it yourself they’ve been working on it for a YEAR when the other contestants had little short of a month. Maybe competing in “America’s Best Dance Crew” would’ve been a cleaner playing ground for them.

  • Elizabeth Eun

    @ everyone: Kanauru Productions has withdrawn from the competition and would also like to extend a public apology to everyone involved in the contest – we’re sorry it all had to end up this way and would also like to apologize for having unclear rules. We’ve taken everyone’s suggestions into consideration, and although we were unable to implement any of them in this year’s contest, we will definitely keep them in mind for our next contest.

  • Jasmine

    YlN: They tasted like kpop. And you know kpop tastes goooood 😉 Thanks, and I’m glad you enjoyed my video!! ^^

  • http://youtube DAEWOOPARTS

    Qui, you did the right thing ! you got my respect for pulling out bro ! i have no beef with you and rather like your work ,you put alot of effort into it from the props to the great team effort,dancin and filming. nice work guys and don’t give up either .your talents are liked by me and others. keep up the great work !!! PEACE !!!

  • Qui

    Sorry for everything. We’ll bring our “A” game for the next video competition. See you guys then!

  • Jasmine

    Congratulations everyone~ ^^

  • Em-Park

    ASSAH!! Video 3 ‘Different Kind of Wedding Dress’ in the final! Love seeing Korean lesbians given some representation. The gay scene in Seoul is wonderful and diverse and needs this support.

  • Jessica

    Wish one of the boy bands would have been represented. K-Pop is sooo about the boy bands/ girl groups. Go 2AM & 2PM!! You guys were great! :)

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  • Angela

    Dear KoreAm,

    Did OneLove really win the music video contest? I think that the next time you have this contest that it’ll be important to have: explicit contest rules and a disclaimer on nepotism/judging. I admire your efforts to create opportunities for young Asian-Americans but I get the sense that your organization understands the rules and policies better than your public.

    Most competitions have strict guidelines and rules against friends/family being able to compete–this seems to be something that KoreAm might want to consider, that will make the contests more professional and fair.

  • Un Jung

    I am writing to express my disappointment at KoreAm and the Krazy Kpop music video contest.
    What is the point of getting KoreAm readers and wider community members to vote on a kpop music remake video if the editor’s of KoreAm are going to ultimately choose a video that they want but didn’t receive as many votes as the clear winner of the voting contest. Either KoreAm used a cheap media bait & switch method that’s really tacky or they don’t have the courage to choose a music video remake that has lesbian content.

    I think KoreAm is doing a disservice to their readers, fans and community members by not allowing “A Different Kind of Wedding Dress” to win the contest. You, KoreAm are losing both a media opportunity to publicly support a video that is both unique, fun, alternative and challenging to the American public and you’re also about to lose loyal KoreAm followers/readers.

    I’m disheartened that KoreAm would not choose the winner of the voting contest just because of it’s alternative content. As an out & proud Korean American Lesbian woman, this inability to present the real winner of the music video says to me that KoreAm and the judges are both narrow minded and cowards. This blatant rejection is another indication that Korean/Korean Americans remain homophobic and unable to change their views so they can maintain a status quo. That Korean/Korean Americans don’t accept people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer identified.
    I was going to tell my family, friends and community members to subscribe to KoreAm if A Different Kind of “Wedding Dress” won but now, KoreAm has lost my respect and my loyalty to the magazine.

  • Elizabeth Eun

    @Un Jung and Angela – The staff had no say in the final decision – the guests at Unforgettable texted votes in after all the videos were screened. Hope that clears things up!

  • Angela


    Adding exclamation points to your sentences does not mean that you are actually expressing or communicating a meaning. I see that much of your response to community concerns comes in the form of lip service and would like you to know that this is read as disengenous.

    Un Jung and I took the time to write a comment that raised serious concerns–and we were hoping for a similiar response. I specifically asked about the potential nepotism within the staff members at KoreAm and the ‘winners.’ But I see that you either did not understand my question or choose not to respond.

    As a representative of the KoreAm community you come off as extremely unprofessional, much like this contest. I will keep this in mind when I see future ‘competitions’ or ‘contests’ from your site–but as this contest proved–what’s the point in any of ‘us’ participating?

  • Steve

    Was there someone in the 1tym video related to the Koream Staff?

  • CJ


    i’d really hate to start a flame war on this thread, but as a bystander I can’t just sit here as you accuse Elizabeth and the Koream staff as unprofessional.

    Let’s take a concise look at your concerns..
    You specifically asked about the role nepotism could have played in determining the outcome of this contest. To this Elizabeth responded…”The staff had no say in the final decision – the guests at Unforgettable texted votes in after all the videos were screened”
    I’d say she understood your question clearly and responded likewise. She said that the staff had no say in the final decision. Meaning unless you’d like to accuse all 500 guests of Unforgettable of nepotism, Elizabeth clearly understood your question and did choose to respond to it.

    All four videos were screened at the gala. the audience was then instructed to text a certain code to a number to be computed and tallied by Verizon Wireless. The results of the voting was then announced.

    I think the larger issue is that the online voters did not know what in what method the final winner was determined by. the winner was not determined by Koream or any of the staff! The winner was determined by the number of votes it received by the Unforgettable guests. Most people are probably thinking that Koream’s staff were the ones to make the final decision. This is simply not true.

    @ UN JUNG

    your argument of “I think KoreAm is doing a disservice to their readers, fans and community members by not allowing “A Different Kind of Wedding Dress” to win the contest.” disheartens me as a LGBT supporter because you stress that they should have won solely due to it’s lesbian content as opposed to it’s overall artistic merit.

    your statement that ” this inability to present the real winner of the music video says to me that KoreAm and the judges are both narrow minded and cowards” clearly indicates that you are guilty of the blanket stereotype that you now accuse the Koream staff and the 500 guest judges of the event. Just because the video in discussion didn’t win doesn’t mean it didn’t win due to the homophobic nature of the judges. It didn’t win because it didn’t not receive the majority of the votes at the event. Your statements just represents a narrow minded view from your perspective. Just as it is wrong for a majority to impose it’s views on a minority, it is equally as wrong for a minority to impose it’s views on a majority.

    So before you direct your feckless accusations towards Koream and its staff, please take a moment to fully comprehend what the contest was truly about; rather than what you wanted the contest to be about.

  • Elizabeth Eun

    @Angela and Un Jung – As CJ so graciously explained for us again, the KoreAm staff had no say in the final results of the contest.

    We chose our Editor’s Choice out of the 7 remaining videos (the ones that were not part of the top 3 videos), giving four videos an equal chance to win the grand prize at the gala. The videos were then screened throughout the night and guests texted in to Verizon to vote at the end of the night.

    As far as potential nepotism, no one on the staff is related to any of the contestants. I’ll even go as far to say that the majority of the staff didn’t have time to vote that night. We will definitely try to have more explicit contest rules in the future but we did appreciate every single video that was entered in our contest. I do honestly hope this clears things up – but if it doesn’t, feel free to comment again or email me – we originally wanted to post things here to keep everything open and honest, but I have no problem with you emailing me personally if you have specific issues.

  • Un Jung

    @ CJ – You are in fact instigating an argument that I don’t think you realize is extremely reactionary and defensive, for whatever reason. Perhaps, you know Elizabeth and therefore it strikes a chord in you to respond?
    Well, I merely expressed my views about my disappointment, which I have every right to do. I agree that the larger issue is that the online voters did not know what method the final winner was determined. Which is probably why Angela had concerns about the lack of transparency and communication of the results. Which is also why I addressed my concerns the way I did. CJ, what are your affiliations with KoreAm magazine? You seem to have more inside information for you to know the in depth workings of the contest. This makes me think your defensiveness is not based on being an innocent bystander, which then makes you biased to the concerns that were raised.
    Again, I believe the video A Different Kind of “Wedding Dress” should have won because it received the most online votes and it was well made. It was, in my mind, superior to the others. The lesbian content was just a bonus because I identify as a Korean American Lesbian woman. My comment was accusatory because it was made prior to knowing about the Unforgettable event. I do however stick to the belief that A Different Kind of “Wedding Dress” was better produced in concept, originality, cinematography, editing, sound, picture, quality, talent and entertainment. That’s my opinion and I have a right to express that. I also have a right to contact Elizabeth directly to express my opinions since this contest was suppose to engage the wider public and her information was listed on the blog as a contact person.
    I am curious though: Who was allowed to attend the Unforgettable viewing/event? Who chose the guests? Why did the general KoreAm public not know those attending the Unforgettable viewing/event could text message their votes and that would ultimately decide the contest winner?
    The other comment I want to make is that I have a right to express how I feel. Even though I mistakenly accused the KoreAm judges of being narrow-minded and homophobic when they were not responsible for judging the contest, I do have a right to express my speculations on the audience members who attended the Unforgettable event. I am expressing my opinion that A Different Kind of “Wedding Dress” probably did not win during the Unforgettable event because of narrow-mindedness not because of quality. I think that this discussion about LGBT narrow-mindedness or visibility is an important one to have in the Korean/Korean American community. As someone who is persecuted for being a sexual minority in this country and in the world for that matter, I have every right to express my opinion if I feel there may have been some discrimination involved since the methods determining the results of the contest were not clearly explained to the public.
    CJ, as a supporter to LGBT people, it would have been nice to have read from you that you could understand where I was coming from but instead you fecklessly lumped me in as being a voice for “minorities” and accused me of stereotyping the LGBT community, which I never did, because I was speaking only for myself. I, in fact was not imposing my views onto anyone but you very quickly negated my views because you wanted to defend the majority of the KoreAm staff for not being homophobic. You were quick to defend Elizabeth and KoreAm magazine but did you think for once that my feelings could actually be legitimate.
    @ Elizabeth, I would like to apologize if I came across aggressive. I would have liked you to have emailed me directly but I guess it made sense to respond publicly. Even though I don’t have any reason to apologize, I do recognize that this blog should be a place of conversation and dialogue so I am sorry if you felt threatened.
    I do want to point out however that LGBT people are often silenced and made to feel that their viewpoints are not justified or that their feelings are just overreactions and in that, is a subtle form/version of homophobia, which also moonlights as heterosexism. I stand by my opinion that this contest was poorly communicated and lacked transparency.
    This contest started off exciting and fun but ended sadly. I do however want to thank and express appreciation to the creators, directors and producers of A Different Kind of “Wedding Dress” for being creative and brave enough to develop a remake video that was unique, alternative and different than the typical kpop videos we see in the mainstream media.

  • elchang

    As much as I would have loved for “A Different Kind of Wedding Dress” to have won at the Unforgettable Gala, it is important for me to share that this contest for me personally is not the end all and be all. I am honored to have had the opportunity to attend Unforgettable, and have had such widespread exposure for our video to show audiences that love is universal, even through the form of a kpop video. I also see sometimes that ‘popularity politics’ do indeed have a hand in determining the results of a particular competition. I understand that not everyone is solely looking to choose a video specifically for artistic merit or political relevance. This is evident in mainstream media. Many of your concerns addressed on this forum are valid and I think it is important to keep an open mind in perspective. However in the end, I am immensely thankful for all the support that our video has received from community organizers, activists, and individuals alike who have inspired me and continue to encourage me to get our stories seen and heard.

    rock on,

  • Angela

    @Cj and Elizabeth

    I wrote my comment after hearing specifically from my friends who attended the event that the time alloted for voting at the event was:

    1. Bizarrely unclear and short (around 3-4 songs long–is that enough time to vote?)
    2. That many people who attended the event was not even aware that the voting time would be so short OR that it had even started or when it would END.

    And lastly, that the winner was announced very quickly to everyone literal surprise.

    This is not to say that OneLove did not make a great video–I am more concerned with the fact that this contest was VOTING based but that the voting procedure was carried out in an unfair and unprofessional manner. This kind of unprofessionalism than leads me to believe that there is either some kind of favoritism, nepotism, or just plain carelessness to the say KoreAm operates.

    I am not the only person that has concerns/issues about KoreAm contests and rules. I feel that as someone who participated in the viewing and voting and as someone who has friends who went to the event–my concerns should not be brushed aside and dismissed.

    CJ–If I feel that the voting rules/guidelines were unclear, than that is grounds for me to say that this entire contest was unprofessional. What else does unprofessional mean other than, “unclear and amateur?” As Un Jung has already said so well–I am allowed to say how I feel about the contest and its procedures and it is not your job to correct my perception. I would however, gladly welcome a REAL explanation with some sort of transparent means to access the guidelines KoreAM created for the voting procedure and the contest.

    No organization is perfect so I thought that you were an organization that wanted feedback from your community to improve future events. I now see that this is not the case and that you are more interested in defending and making nonsensical excuses.

    I hope that you and the staff keep this in mind for future events. The internet community and YOUR readers have expectations–and they are apparently higher than the ones you have for yourselves.

  • Elizabeth Eun

    @ Un Jung – The event is open to anyone who wishes to buy a seat, but the staff does invite specific celebrities and notable figures in the KA community. The fact that the guests would vote for the grand prize winner was part of the original post, but I completely understand that it wasn’t emphasized and people could have glossed over it. I’m also fine with you expressing your opinions and your regrets – so I do thank you for your apology and your views, because I agree that you have every right to express your opinion.

    @ Angela – I’m sorry to hear that you feel that we don’t want to hear feedback – I misunderstood your original point and mistakenly assumed that you also didn’t understand how the grand prize winner was chosen. We do want to learn from each contest and would like to prevent these problems in the future.
    My only explanation for the short time for voting was the fact that we were trying to give each video equal time for voting – since there were so many people had concerns with bias and online favoritism, we were trying to prevent potential cheating – we went the texting route because of its simplicity and the fact that we hoped it would assure people that we weren’t inputting any of our own bias, but as these things go, there are issues with every option. We were unaware of the problems you mentioned, so I do honestly thank you for bringing it to our attention.
    Again, like I said to Un Jung, you do have the right to express your opinion – it’s why we have comments open and why we’re trying to respond to your comments here. You’re completely entitled to your own feelings about both KoreAm and the contest – we’re sorry they’re negative, and we understand that this explanation may not change anything, but hopefully it does answer some of your questions.

    I would also like to say that the I am the only KoreAm staffer who has been commenting on this thread – all other thoughts, comments and opinions are from people who have, as far as I know, no connection to the KoreAm staff.

  • jessica

    Geeze, everyone here just needs to chill. This whole contest is supposed to be just to be something fun that fans of korean pop culture can have FUN utilizing their talents and creativity in make these music videos. I doubt it was ever intended to be some giant political statement or anything remotely close to that. Do I think “One Love” should’ve won? No. That’s my opinion, but the world doesn’t end because it did. I may be wrong, but I doubt it was ever meant to be anything than something carefree that everyone can just enjoy for what it is.

  • @jessica

    Welcome to the world of korean youths’ minds. Korea got bombed on, 4 people are dead, a world war may ensue because of it…But k-pop music; which k-pop artist is better, which Korean drama was tear-jerking, blah blah blah is much more important.

    opps, forgot, Monday’s giveaway is just as important too 😉

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