Local LA News Anchor Dead in Apparent Suicide

The co-anchor of a popular Korean-language news program was found dead in her Los Angeles apartment on Monday in what police are calling a suicide, according to news reports.

A relative of Jean Yoo, 36, found her body on Monday night at her condo in Koreatown after co-workers asked the relative why Yoo did not show up to work that day. The relative then called the police, who made a preliminary ruling that it was a suicide by hanging but are continuing to investigate. The body was sent to the L.A. County Coroner’s office.


Yoo served as a news anchor at Asian-language channel LA18, co-hosting the Prime News program, and previously worked at Korean-language channel tvK.

One of Yoo’s colleagues from LA18 told the Korea Times that there didn’t seem to be anything amiss with Yoo in recent weeks. A neighbor of Yoo’s told the paper she just moved in three weeks ago so they didn’t know her very well. Her immediate family lives in Korea, according to the Korea Times.


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  • Rachel Roh

    I feel like I’ve lost a member of my family.

  • Joo Lee

    Rest in Peace, Jean. We will miss watching you on LA18. <3

  • Dee Kim

    RIP Jean Yoo ..

    I hope the Korean community will open up about suicide and deal with this serious issue, instead of acting like nothing happened ..

  • Henry Kim

    What a waste; what a waste; what a waste of talent, smarts and beauty. It just doesn’t add-up.
    Why would someone like that decide to end it all; call it quits. I’m so shocked and even angry and frustrated that someone would choose that way out, whatever her problem might have been.
    What about her parents that she is leaving behind? I wish that I could had a chance to tell her that there is healing even from life’s most difficult moments, a way out of even from the deepest valley. I know this, because I’ve been there and back. Please no more senseless suicide, if indeed this was one. We should all be more aware of the warning signs of depression, suicidal thoughts and reach out to anyone we suspect that might be in trouble. So sad, so sad; what a shame. May you be in the arms of our loving God. Love, deeply saddened news viewer.

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  • Alexandra

    Terrible waste. And another suicide. Just looking at the AA news summaries and its one suicide after another. The AA community really needs to begin to address the issue of suicide in an open and forthright manner. This simply cannot go on or be allowed to continue with silence.

  • Samuel L. Swopes

    It’s such a shame to see a young Beautiful woman kill herself like this. But, what I’m wondering is, was there some kind of problem that she was facing that she couldn’t tell anyone close to her, or was there so much pressure placed on her that she couldn’t handle it? I guess we’ll never know!

  • Beccah

    I am a middle aged American woman, 미국 아줌마, with family and friends in, and from, Korea. As I am a psychiatric nurse I see suicide attempts all the time. NAMI, here in the US, has worked hard to de-stigmatize mental illness here. But I can’t help but wonder about the stigma attached to it in Korea. I have a friend there who suffers from depression. He is resistant to getting treatment though he knows it could help. His immediate family just tells him to “get over” his problems and treat him as if he is what he calls a ‘freak’ which he most certainly is not. Thankfully for him he has me to understand him, not judge him and can use me as a sounding board. It’s just difficult being 7,000 miles apart.

    As I follow Korean music, TV dramas and to a lesser extent movies, as well as news relating to the same, I see so many accounts of suicide in the Korean population. Is it that it is almost glamorized in the media or is it that Korean people have a difficult time seeking help for their depression due to cultural or other constraints? We see so much of this tragedy in the news about famous people and I would imagine its every bit as prevalent among the rest of the population. This is the second such account I’ve seen this week of a possible suicide of a well known person, the other being the drummer for Infinite’s Sung Kyu, Min Ki Woo Hyun (김민기).

    It is very sad indeed when someone takes their life. Lay people often don’t know what to look for insofar as signs unfortunately. My 22 year old daughter has lost 2 friends to suicide, a high school friend at age 17 and a college friend at age 21.. She now looks back and can see signs but was caught off guard at the times of their deaths. She is now planning to focus her pharmacy career in the field of medications for mental health issues.

    My heart goes out to the family of this young lady and the family of others who have died this way. To Henry Kim who posted above, i applaud you for your openness and reaching out….for promoting awareness. Education is important. Being there for your family and friends is important. Mental illnesses are disorders of the chemistry in the brain. In depression it involves mostly serotonin. It is as real as heart disease and diabetes and can be just as deadly if left untreated. My apologies for the long post but this is a subject I hold close to my heart.

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