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December 2007

With a stellar swing and nerves of steel, Rookie of the Year Angela Park is just getting started. Plus: Asian American comedy troupes make you laugh and think, photographer Cindy Hwang unveils the KYOPO Project, KoreAm explores the new dating game, alto saxophonist Grace Kelly channels jazz legends, hip-hop group Far*East Movement breaks barriers, Korean soups to warm the soul.

November 2007

Behind the seams with Los Angeles fashion designer Joy Han, who’s making a splash with her chic, vintage-inspired creations. Plus: Justin Lin, Roger Fan and Sung Kang chat about Finishing the Game, C.S. Lee pulls double duty on the small screen, filmmaker Gina Kim steps into the spotlight with Never Forever, model Chanel Iman has got the look, a mother-daughter love story.

October 2007

Bobby Hundreds and the coolest brand you’ve never heard of. Plus: Our beyond-the-ivies college guide, a bathhouse newbie scrubs in, breaking down b-boying, older Korean men find a sense of place under the Golden Arches, Korean-style Halloween treats, clothing line Missphit offers curve-worthy options, a daughter recounts the U.S. history lessons she and her mother will never forget.

September 2007

Will Yun Lee kicks up his career with NBC’s Bionic Woman. Plus: The kidnapping of 23 South Koreans in Afghanistan, Dr. Jim Yong Kim dedicates his life to relieving suffering across the globe, a writer and her mother rediscover South Korea, VHS or Beta frontman Craig Pfunder refuses to label his band, Korean reggae artist Skull hits the U.S. charts.

August 2007

Discovering the many dimensions of Margaret Cho. Special bonus: Four illustrators give their take on the queen of stand-up. Plus: The pipin’ hot trend of Korean friend chicken, Michelle Rhee wants to overhaul D.C.’s public school system, Korean parents put a new twist on matchmaking, E! radio show host Michael Yo has a gift for celebrity gab, director Gene Rhee yells “action” on his lifelong dream, contemporary Asian art at the Andrew Bae Gallery.

July 2007

Olympic gold medalist Toby Dawson adjusts to the changes in his life, which include a relationship with the birth father he never knew. Plus: A plea for Baby Elyse, Seyong Yang enters the priesthood, A Corpse in the Koryo exposes more than just whodunit, author Min Jin Lee enjoys the critical acclaim for Free Food for Millionaires, actor Aaron Yoo cooks up, chef Jayne Chang whips of healthy fusion fare for those on the go.

June 2007

K-pop star Rain is out to conquer America. Plus: KA transgender people step beyond cultural stigmas to share their stories, the “joy” of  cooking a Korean feast, the story of a $67 million pair of pants, exploring the shame that Koreans expressed after the Virginia Tech tragedy, filmmaker Iris Shim uncovers the details surrounding convicted murder Andrew Suh, LegalZoom’s jump into the cyberspace market, a writer explores her mother’s double identity.

May 2007

Virginia Tech: Student reactions, media confusion and the KA community’s response. Plus: Competitive eater Sonia Thomas is hungry to be No. 1, KA bloggers filling up cyberspace, KoreAm’s first pro-am golf tournament matches LPGA members and the KA community, HeroesJames Kyson Lee, Kim Messer and Melissa Shaffer pack a mean punch.

April 2007

Actress Moon Bloodgood finds her niche in Hollywood. Plus: Remembering the riots, Korean-run frozen yogurt shops cause a stir, the Rev. Phillip Jun Buck aids North Korean refugees, considers Rex Lee goes from the ivories to Entourage, a day in the life of Korean driving instructors, kickin’ it with Bobby Lee.

March 2007

Conceptual artist Nikki S. Lee on her career, her past and being Korean Korean. Plus: Comfort women hope a proposed resolution and a new documentary bring them justice, preserving the stories of Korean American refugee families, revisiting the plight of the Jung family, a journalist attempts to understand her new role as a military wife.

February 2007

Better, Stronger, Faster—Yul Kwon is the Survivor. Plus: Two prisoners rejoin their families after being held captive for aiding North Korean defectors, escapees of North Korea speak about their native land, David Lim’s denim destiny, your online source for Korean eats, a meditation on hotness.

January 2007

USC running back Emmanuel Moody finds glory on the gridiron. Plus: KoreAm’s fifth-annual “Unforgettable” gives goosebumps, the James Kim storyindie filmmaker Kevin Hahn starts his career on a high note, Paula Yoo reflects on the late Arthur Lee, James Sun wants to be the next Apprentice.

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