Monday Giveaway: Skunk Juice Ear Buds

Hello readers! Today we have a nice giveaway courtesy of Skunk Juice! We are giving away two (2) pairs of their amazing ear buds which allow you to connect with up to four friends with their innovative magnetic snapping connectors. These ear buds are iPhone/iPod compatible.

From Engadget:

You know when you’re rocking out, earbuds nestled in your canals just so, and then the cord catches on something and it feels like your brain is getting sucked out through your ear holes? That very situation could be avoided if only you were wearing Skunk Juice earbuds. They feature a magnetic ZZYZX SnapJack connectors, not unlike those found in Belkin’s BreakFree guitar cable, providing a failure point somewhere south of your fragile head internals.

To win, just leave a comment below by Friday, Sept. 23 at 5pm PST. Retweet our tweet for an extra entry. Continental U.S. addresses only, please. Good luck!


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  • Elzabeth

    My SON would love these! He is a gorgeous 13y/o!! The name alone would entice him to wear them!

  • madeline

    As a just newly graduated college student…I could use some headphones! p.s. I am a frequent visitor to KoreaAm, i love there’s a magazine for an asianam ethnic group !!

  • Stacey Park

    Awesome headphones!! I love KoreaAm! Such a great magazine!

  • Andrew Chung

    I love these!

  • Carolina

    My daughter would love this. I’m a single mom who’s been unemployed for 4+ months and couldn’t take my daughter back-to-school shopping.

  • Quan Nguyen

    Gotta love the magnetic snapjack connectors. Good looking out, Koream! I hope I win a pair of these. :)

  • Nikki Truong

    These headphones look awesome :] need me some new headphones mine are dying

  • Min

    I love free stuff!

  • Claude

    Nice headphones! My wife would love them.

  • Moeman

    Love free stuff! Thank you!

  • Jaelyn

    I have a pair. There pretty amazing!!

  • Kami

    Sweet deal! Always wanted to test these out.

  • Louise

    Great concept. Would love to test these out.

  • Penn

    Would love these! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  • Jaelyn


  • Crystal L

    I want one! 😀

  • johnlee


  • Christine Bae

    This is fabulous!!!

  • Yoon Kyung Lee

    I would reallyyy love these awesome unique headphones!! :) please please please!!

  • Donald Ngo

    I love Korean people! Hope I win :)

  • sophie

    WOW ! great stuff !!!

  • Steve Lee

    Please me!

  • liz

    lost my beats. need new ears.

  • Theresa Ahn

    just started reading Koream!

  • Stephanie

    우와! Must have… <3

  • Jennifer

    I’ve experienced the unpleasant yanking sensation from my regular earphones when dropping my iPhone. Also, my last pair of earphones broken after that incident. I can only hear from one side only since then. I would appreciate a pair to use as I have just recently enrolled in online courses and will be streaming lectures from my laptop. Please make my ears happy! :)

  • Kim

    awesome! 😀

  • Jared Ensign

    주세요 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Nathalie

    wow! incredible! is a very good option for those who are addicted to music, and they love sharing their music … XD! VERY VERY VERY GOOD! FABULOUS! ^ ^

  • LeeSeol

    I would absolutely love these! Being a college student, this would come in so handy.
    Thanks for the contest, Koream!

  • Juls

    i want these =)

  • Mai Lo

    These would be amazing! The concept is cool :)

  • Y. Peter Kang

    Congratulations to our winners: Claude and Jennifer!

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