Monday’s Link Attack: Korea Subway Stabbings; 2NE1; Daniel Dae Kim
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Posted: August 20th, 2012
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Leader Visits North Koreans at Border Post
New York Times

The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, has visited soldiers stationed near the two Koreas’ disputed sea border and bestowed official accolades on the artillery unit that shelled a South Korean island in 2010, killing four people, the North’s state-run news agency reported Saturday.

Mr. Kim, accompanied by top generals, was said to have met with soldiers stationed on two islets off North Korea’s southern coast. The news of Mr. Kim’s visit, the specific timing of which was not disclosed, came days before the annual United States-South Korea war games are scheduled to begin Monday. North Korea usually does not announce the dates of Mr. Kim’s visits to military units, though the North Korean news media are believed to report them shortly after they take place.

N.Korea threatens to reconsider accords with US: report
AFP via Google News

North Korea has threatened to reconsider several agreements with the United States that call for Pyongyang’s concessions on its nuclear program in exchange for US humanitarian and energy aid, Foreign Policy magazine reported.

Citing two unnamed sources familiar with the discussions, the magazine said the hardening of North Korea’s position was made evident during a meeting last month in Singapore of mid-level North Korean officials and US foreign policy experts.

UT affirmative action case divides Asian-Americans
Houston Chronicle

On its surface, the case of Abigail Noel Fisher v. University of Texas revolves around whether the school’s consideration of race in admissions led to the rejection of a white student.

But as the case nears the Supreme Court’s fall docket, it is also stirring a debate about the impact of affirmative action policies on Asian-American students and casting a spotlight on the stereotype of Asian-Americans as “the model minority.”

Ex-Dictator’s Daughter Nominated for South Korean Presidency
New York Times

A former dictator’s daughter who cited Queen Elizabeth I of Britain as her role model became the first serious female contender for South Korea’s presidency on Monday when she was chosen as the governing party’s candidate for the election in December.

North Korea: Human Traffickers and the Chinese Market for Brides

How human traffickers are cashing in on the Chinese market for North Korean women—and how some victims escape.

8 injured in South Korean subway rampage
AP via San Francisco Chronicle

A man wielding a box-cutter stabbed or cut eight people at a subway station just outside of South Korea’s capital after a teenager confronted him for spitting at him, police said Sunday.

David Oh, NASA Engineer, Switches Family To Mars Time After Curiosity Landing
AP via Huffington Post

For one family, an exotic summer getaway means living on Mars.

Martian time, that is.

Since the landing of NASA’s newest Mars rover, flight director David Oh’s family has taken the unusual step of tagging along as he leaves Earth time behind and syncs his body clock with the red planet.

Korean Pop’s Singular Mélange: 2NE1, Korean-Pop Group, at Prudential Center in Newark
New York Times

They waited patiently, several thousand of them, outside the Prudential Center here on Friday night. They were mostly young, a combination of futuristic cool and slightly awkward. The more extravagantly attired were beyond mere extravagance: shiny clothes in bold contrasting prints, hair dyed in colors known to no rainbow.

They were K-pop fans, here for the first American performance of 2NE1, the K-pop — that’s Korean pop — stars. And they were being made to wait, unhappily, for unspecified reasons well past the time that doors were supposed to open, then also past the time that 2NE1 (pronounced “twenty-one” or “to anyone”) had been meant to take the stage. There was at least one report of fangirl tears on the street before the arena’s doors finally relented, and the crowd clogging the sidewalks was slowly herded to seats, just dodging the rain that would have compromised those outfits.

Goethe-Institut screens film, honors Paik Nam June
Korea Herald

German art historian Wulf Herzogenrath will deliver a lecture in honor of late artist Paik Nam June in Seoul on Wednesday.

The lecture will be in remembrance of Herzogenrath’s fondest memories with the Korean American artist who passed away in 2006 at the Nam June Paik Center with support from the Goethe-Insitut.

“When the future was now,” will be held in honor of Paik’s 80th birthday.

Being Tagged Sexy No Big Deal
Philippine Star

The eyes of Korean-American actor Daniel Dae Kim (or simply DDK) disappear into mere slits when reminded that he’s considered one of the Sexiest Men Alive (documented by People magazine in 2005) and ranked No. 81 on Buddy TV’s list of Sexiest Men of 2011.

Asked during an exclusive Conversation in a suite at Singapore Hilton how he felt about it, DDK said that it’s really no big deal being tagged sexy but he admitted that it’s good especially for Asian actors.

David Chang’s Sticky Korean Ribs Recipe
The Globe and Mail (Canada)

A few years ago, eating at Momofuku Noodle Bar in New York was a totally new dining experience. These days, the restaurant’s communal wood tables and blaring rock ‘n’ roll playlist have been widely copied, but its intensely flavoured Korean-inspired dishes are still unique enough to knock you out of your seat. This fall, owner and head chef David Chang brings his Asian-fusion cooking to Canada, opening a Momofuku outpost in Toronto’s Shangri-La Hotel.

Wedding: Impossible with Gail Kim x Robert Irvine

Back in May 2012, professional wrestler & WWE Diva Gail Kim got married to Food Network star Robert Irvine. Tonight on a special episode of Restaurant: Impossible, you’ll get to see what transpired during their wedding.

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