Monday’s Link Attack: North Korea, Roy Choi, K-pop
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Posted: May 21st, 2012
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North Korea releases captured Chinese fishermen, boats
Los Angeles Times

North Korea has released 29 captured Chinese fishermen and three fishing vessels, putting an end to a 13-day ordeal that raised questions about the stability of the Pyongyang regime.

The fishermen returned to the Chinese port of Dalian on Monday morning, the New China News Agency reported.

North Korea Urged to Back Down on Nuclear Test
New York Times

Senior American, Japanese and South Korean diplomats warned on Monday that North Korea would face more sanctions if it conducted a nuclear test following its failed rocket launch last month. But, in their first meeting since the rocket launch, they also urged the North to back down.

Man serving life for Tenafly murders faces credit card fraud charges
Bergen County Record (N.J.)

A New York man serving life in prison for a 2008 triple murder in Bergen County has a date in federal court in Newark this summer relating to his alleged use of stolen and fraudulently obtained credit cards.

U.S. District Judge Katharine S. Hayden signed an order Wednesday requiring Kang-Hyuk Choi, 36, of Valley Stream, N.Y., to be brought before her on July 25 for what could turn out to be a one-stop plea hearing and sentencing on the credit card charges, according to court papers.

A Talk with Peter Underwood, Part 1
Wall Street Journal

Few foreigners are as knowledgeable and influential on the South Korean business scene as Peter Underwood, senior partner at IRC Ltd., the Seoul consulting firm that has been a bridge for international firms doing business here and vice versa for more than two decades.

Urged by friends, Mr. Underwood recently published a book in Korean called “First Mover.” It examines the transition South Korean businesses and the country as whole is making into setting the pace in industries – a change from the historic role of “fast follower.”

Roy Choi’s Sunny Spot goes to the Caribbean
Los Angeles Times

The new Venice restaurant from the Kogi BBQ truck founder resides in a vaguely Jamaican world. Pass the rum and roast lamb, and groove to the reggae beat.

The 10 K-Pop Groups Most Likely to Break in America
Rolling Stone

YouTube’s most-watched Korean pop music video, Girls’ Generation’s “Gee,” has earned 74,000,000 American views alone, even though most mainstream U.S. music fans have never heard of it. The song and video – a calculated, colorful, choreographed affair that sees the nine-member girl group smiling and winking for the camera in flirty outfits as they change formations and soloists without a hitch – epitomize how Korean pop music (K-Pop for short) has been able to break language barriers and captivate a passionate U.S. audience. More recently, acts have begun turning the interest into profitable American tour stops and announcing plans to officially release music stateside. And as if to officially christen the genre’s U.S. crossover potential as an internet phenomenon, Google will host a multi-act K-Pop concert at their California headquarters on May 21st, which will be livestreamed on their YouTube Presents channel.

Tiger JK Says Yoon Mirae will be Going to America with Far East Movement
Yahoo Philippines

Yoon Mirae will soon be stepping into America with Far East Movement, the Asian hip-hop group that topped the Billboard charts and produced some of America′s biggest summer club hits.

Tiger JK said on the May 17 broadcast of KBS2’s Happy Together 3 that his wife Yoon Mirae will “soon be going to America” with Far East Movement and that she’ll “be very successful soon.”

History of Korean rappers just may trace back to hatted Joseon Dynasty poet
Yonhap News

When asked to imagine early rappers, most people are hardly likely to conjure up the picture of a Korean man, dressed in humble clothes, sheltered from the rain by no more than a straw hat, walking across Korea with a staff and finding his lodging and food based on the wit, and sometimes ferocity, of his rhymes. And yet, the Korean poet who went by the name Kim Satgat could well be called the original rapper/battle-rapper.

Probation for Calif. man who killed motorcyclist
Cortez Journal (Colorado)

A California man was sentenced to probation in connection to the death of a motorcyclist on the Mesa Verde overpass last year after an emotional hearing Friday.

Joonwon Choi, 21 at the time of the incident, apologized in court Friday to Cindy James, the wife of 54-year-old Richard James, who was killed Aug. 5 when his motorcycle was struck broadside by Choi’s SUV after he ran a stop sign. Choi said he did not see the motorcyclist.

“I’m terribly sorry to you, your family and the deceased,” Choi said before choking up, unable to finish his statement.

Woman charged with pushing North Side alderman in breadcrumb dispute
Chicago Sun-Times

A 59-year-old Uptown woman is facing a battery charge for allegedly pushing a North Side alderman during a confrontation over feeding pigeons.

Ald. James Cappleman (46th) said he saw breadcrumbs on the ground near North Broadway and West Wilson and began to sweep them up. A woman then exited a car and a confrontation occurred.

Police said Young Kang told Cappleman, “You are the alderman; I voted for you. You should not be sweeping up breadcrumbs.”

Cappleman told police that Kang — listed in the police report as 5-foot-2 and 110 pounds — shoved him hard enough to physically move him into the street, then threw a handful of breadcrumbs at him, according to police. She then drove away in a gray Toyota Prius.

Anthony Kim to miss rest of regular PGA Tour season
USA Today

Anthony Kim will miss the rest of the FedEx Cup season to treat chronic tendinitis in his left arm.

Kim has made only two cuts this year and has withdrawn from his last three tournaments. Along with nagging pain in his left forearm, Kim hurt his right elbow when his club struck a rock while he was trying to hit out of a bush at the Texas Open.

New Korean Bell Garden Opens Near Wolf Trap
Washington City Paper

There were Choco Pies, taekwondo demonstrations, and local pols shoring up the Korean vote at Saturday’s opening of the new Korean Bell Garden at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna, Va.

Vivid and Rare Colour Images of Prewar Seoul
KoreaBang (blog)

The following series of photos show post-division prewar Seoul in the months leading up to the devastating Korean War that flattened most of the country and took the lives of millions of people.

“Gook” is a bad word
Ask a Korean! (blog)

Dear Korean,

Lately, the guys at my school have started calling my Korean friends and I “gooks”. At first we just thought it was an immature thing that they had made up, but it turns out that when my older cousin was in middle school, her math teacher called her and all the other Asians the exact same thing. Is it supposed to be a racist word or just another name to call Koreans/Asians?

Sincerely, Confused “Gook” Girl

This post is more like a PSA, because the Korean believes (or hopes!) that most people would know about this. But apparently, at least some people in the world does not know this, so here it is:

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