Monday’s Link Attack: Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun; Kim Yuna and Michelle Kwan; Ken Jeong
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Posted: February 4th, 2013
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NKorea’s Kim issues ‘important’ guidelines on how to bolster the army and protect sovereignty
Washington Post

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un issued “important” guidelines on how to bolster the army and protect the nation’s sovereignty at a high-level ruling Workers’ Party meeting, state media said Sunday, an indication that Pyongyang may be ready to conduct an atomic test anytime.

North Korea said last month that it would conduct its third nuclear test to protest international sanctions toughened over its long-range rocket launch in December. The U.S., South Korea and other countries have urged the North to scrap its nuclear test plans or face grave consequences.

SKorea envoy says NKorea nuke test seems imminent
AP via Google News

South Korea’s U.N. ambassador said Monday a North Korean nuclear test “seems to be imminent.”

Ambassador Kim Sook said there are “very busy activities” taking place at North Korea’s nuclear test site “and everybody’s watching.”

Kim told a press conference that in the event of a nuclear test, he expects the U.N. Security Council to respond with “firm and strong measures.”

Michelle Rhee Gets an Education
New York Times Magazine

In your new book, “Radical,” you recount that while growing up in a Korean-American household in Toledo, if your brother brought home a bad grade, your mother would ground you, not him. Can you explain her thinking?

My mother is a very traditional Korean mom. I grew up with clear roles as the girl of the family, and one of them was being responsible for my brothers and specifically to make sure my younger brother was doing well in school. Korean culture is very lenient on boys.

Attending a North Korean school … in Japan

On the surface, it resembles just about any other high school in Japan — or any high school in most places around the world.

Students sit quietly studying math, science and English; some struggle to stay focused, looking at the clock and waiting for the bell to ring. When the school day ends, some move out to the sports fields for rugby or soccer practice, while others study music in emptying hallways.

What makes this school different is the pictures of two men scattered throughout the building — portraits of North Korea’s founder Kim Il Sung and previous leader Kim Jong Il.

‘Gangnam Style’ Reaches N.Korea
Chosun Ilbo

Not even North Korea has been spared the global phenomenon that is “Gangnam Style.” The Chosun Ilbo has footage of North Koreans watching a video of rapper Psy’s smash hit.

Caleb Mission, which supports North Korean defectors, acquired the video while trying to find out how South Korean entertainment plays in the North. The mission, along with the Chosun Ilbo, gathered information in a Chinese border city last month.

The Walking Dead star Steven Yeun on Glenn’s changing role as the prison and Woodbury collide
Channel Guide Magazine

CGM: Was the roar you let loose after freeing yourself and killing the zombie Merle [Michael Rooker] sicced on you at Woodbury a thesis statement for who Glenn has become this season?
Steven Yeun: You know, that scream actually wasn’t scripted — that just came out of the scene. Dan Sackheim, who was our director for that episode, gave me free rein in that moment to just play. I was kicking stuff over and falling and picking myself back up and it was so crazy and intense. And finally, once that actual hit happened, my only reaction was to just let it out. So, yeah, you could call it a thesis statement, but I don’t think Glenn is done growing. Glenn is still very much a young man — and when traumatic things like that happen, sometimes with youth you kind of overstep your boundaries, as well. I think people will be interested to see how far he takes this.

Small roles, powerful performances
Los Angeles Times

Moon Bloodgood: Vera, “The Sessions”

Moon Bloodgood may be familiar to audiences for starring roles in “Terminator Salvation” and TNT’s “Falling Skies,” but in “The Sessions,” she’s almost unrecognizable — and she couldn’t be happier. As Vera, the caregiver for polio-stricken Mark O’Brien (John Hawkes), the stunning actress is stripped of all glamour, “hair pulled back, wearing funky clothes, and I tried to walk in a really frumpy way,” she says.

“It was so nice to play someone who didn’t have to look pretty in front of the camera. You get to be loose and real and relaxed.”

Fresh Footage From Community’s Changlorious Return

The more things change — or Chang, if you will — the more they stay the same. However, Community, which (finally) launches its fourth season this Thursday (NBC, 8/7c), is about to turn that adage on its head with the not-so-triumphant return of Ken Jeong‘s Ben Chang.

Last seen living in the vents of the dastardly City College, the onetime troublemaker returns to Greendale early in Season 4 — but, alas, he’s no longer Chang. Instead, the character is suffering from — dun, dun, dun! — Changnesia and goes by the name Kevin.

Reality Check: Hines Ward is still cooking
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A particular joy in Food Network’s “Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off” (Sundays) is knowing that the two remaining contestants who are not self-proclaimed, gotta-win-it foodies have done well so far.

Until this week. Low-key Hines Ward continues to turn out some of the most-liked plates. In this week’s episode, he managed to create some nicely done quesadillas and miniature cupcakes.

Rogge confident Pyeongchang will overcome debt obstacle

International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge is confident Pyeongchang will host a successful Winter Olympics in 2018 despite fears that preparations could suffer as the South Korean town battles mounting debts.

Figure skater Kim Yu-na to perform with Michelle Kwan in Special Olympics closing ceremony
Yonhap News

South Korean figure skating star Kim Yu-na will perform with her idol, Michelle Kwan of the U.S., in the closing ceremony of the Special Olympics World Winter Games in PyeongChang, organizers said Monday.

Concert to commemorate Korean immigration to isles
Honolulu Star Advertiser

The Korean American Foundation Hawaii is commemorating the 110th anniversary of Korean immigration to the islands with a concert, “Seulgidoong: Korean Rhapsody,” at 7 p.m., March 2, at the Hawai‘i Convention Center. An 11-person ensemble will merge traditional Korean music with a contemporary style.

How to travel to North Korea
CNN Travel

You would think with tension so high, the isolated state would be off-limits to tourists. But it’s not. Here’s how to get in and the best times to go

Man Hurt as Samsung Phone Explodes in Pants Pocket
Chosun Ilbo

Another Galaxy smartphone has exploded and injured its owner. Bupyeong Fire Station in Incheon on Sunday said a 55-year-old man reported the previous day that his smartphone battery blew up in the pocket of his pants.

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