N.Korea Fires At S.Korean Island

Photo credit: WSJ

November 23rd, 2010-
11:44amPST UPDATE:
President Barack Obama has gone on record condemning the North Korean attack, calling it an “outrageous act.” According to Yonhap News, two marines have been killed.

November 22nd, 2010-
11:50pmPST UPDATE:
KBS is reporting that several people have been killed in the attack; other media outlets are reporting one marine killed.

North Korea fired dozens of artillery shells at South Korean island, Yeonpyeong, on Tuesday, setting multiple buildings and residential homes on fire.

Yeonpyeong, which has a population of about 1,200, has been evacuated, and South Korean television footage showed smoke and fire on the island. At least four South Korean soldiers have been reported to have been seriously wounded by the attack, and more are being reported as injured. At least 200 rounds were fired at Yeonpyeong, and is being reported as the biggest shelling the two nations have seen in years. According to South Korean media and military reports, South Korea returned fire and deployed a fighter jet to the west coast after the shelling.

This is the second attack of the year by North Korea against South Korea and only further indicates the deterioration of North-South relations.

via Reuters

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  • D. Lee

    Seoul should respond with a full scale invasion of North Korea.

  • Peace Activist

    No, S. Korea should be diplomatic, acquiescent, and give the benefit of the doubt to our brothers and sisters in the North. It’s not wise to upset the Dear Leader. Now let’s all hold hands and sing: kum-ba-ya!

  • low brow culture

    Hey, look what’s more important people! the monday giveaway or k-pop music! yeah, who cares if n korea blows away s korea?! it’s not anyone i know, so who cares right? back to k-pop, korean dramas…

  • Park

    Agreed. If anyone provoked the North’s action it was the south and the US with their “war games,” Obama should apologize to the DPRK and China for the war games and sign a formal peace treaty instead of deliberately provoking the North.

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