New K-pop Girl Group Features Three Biracial Members

An all-girl Korean pop act set to make its debut later this month will be the first K-pop group to be comprised mostly of biracial Korean Americans.

The quintet known as Chocolat has three Korean American members who are half-Caucasian with an average age of 18, although one member is as young as 14 years old.

The girls have been training “extensively” for the past two-plus years, according to K-pop website allkpop.

We’ve seen plenty of girl groups debut with attention-grabbing concepts, but this is the first girl group ever that’s specifically comprised of bi-racial members.

The group will release its first single on Aug. 17 and make its TV debut on Mnet the following day, according to allkpop.

Check out the teaser video for their debut single “Syndrome” after the jump:


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  • Jared

    혼혈 피 화이팅! lol..

  • kpop fan not

    Biracial K-pop group huh? I thought Koreans were intolerant of biracial peeps?

  • Ben J

    I’m very sure this is a great thing to point out because interracial relationships as we know it are on the rise. In fact, I’m really excited that there’s a K-Pop group making the effort to let the world know that three of their members are half white. Now we all know about white guys and Asian girls, but why not Asian guys and white girls? I speak for myself as an Asian guy that grew up around white people, and I am very attracted to white girls. I see a lot of media that basically makes the Asian man look like either a triad, or a sexually-defunct being. This is not cool in my books, but I was very fortunate to find a magazine that covers the idea of Asian guys dating white girls. Check it out here

  • blackgold

    @kpop fan. Only if their half-black and half-korean.

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