New Plus-Size Fashion Magazine Launches In South Korea


In the swarm of headlines about extreme dieting, undernourishment, slimming products and image-obsession in South Korea, here’s something that makes us scream, “AT LAST!” A new plus-size fashion magazine has launched in Seoul. Its goal is to promote healthy body images and help women accept themselves no matter what their size.

66100 is the brainchild of Vivian Kim (who goes by Kim Ji-yang in Korea), the first Korean model to debut at Full Figured Fashion Week in Los Angeles. Size 66 is the Korean equivalent of women’s XL in the United States. “100” refers to large clothes for men.

Kim, who is 5-foot-5 and 154 pounds, told Korea Times that it’s hard finding plus-size women in Korea who feel confident enough to be featured in a magazine, but she hopes that the publication will open up a new market and encourage clothing companies to cater to different body types. She says Korean women don’t feel as stressed out while shopping in the U.S. simply because there are more sizes available.

Using her personal savings, Kim printed 1,000 copies of the first edition of 61000, and so far, it’s been well-received.

“Beauty is not about whether a person is fat or not,” her motto states. “It’s about having the confidence to know you are beautiful the way you are.”




Thanks to reader Tami Jackson for the tip!

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  • Ashley

    I am 66 but im a medium…. k….

  • b juardo

    Glad to see that she’s the disrupter to Korean females’ sense of aesthetics. Not every Korean girl can be a 5’10,” 110lb., “coked out” runway model; not every Korean girl needs plastic surgery. Be proud of your natural looks.

  • Rin Sanada (真田 りん)

    She doesn’t even look fat, more like healthy. Especially at 5′ 5″ and 154 pounds.

    • CynthiaC.M.

      By Korean (and other East Asian) standards, she’s kind of chunky. She’s “healthy” looking by most North American standards, however. I’m 5’2″, size 0. In most East Asian countries/regions, I’m “normal thin,” but here? People think I’m “ZOMG….sooooooooooo tiny.”

    • Marie

      She’s towards the higher end of the healthy weight range for her height (I’m 5’6″ so my range is very similar to hers), but she still looks pretty dang good. She’s at a healthy weight and looks nice, she’s just a bit chubby around the middle which is probably what’s going to get people referring to her as “fat” when it’s definitely not the case.

    • moresoup

      Are you kidding? That’s not healthy. She’s not FATT, but that’s not healthy. She’s still overweight for her height.

    • amber

      Health isn’t directly related to your weight. A person could have metabolic disorders and look ‘fat’ but be very healthy because they eat well and exercise. On the other hand, people who are naturally very skinny may eat junk food and be couch potatoes and be very unhealthy.

    • Sash Wei

      truee, they are a lot of factors to a bigger frame person, it can be a lot of water retention, etc.

    • Lady Astra ☆ Parang

      Height does not dictate your weight. Muscle mass weights more than fat. So if you have more mucles you can still be considered overweight yet barely have any fat on your body.
      I am 183cm yet I weigh over 120KG(used to be 140). I am overweight, yet not as overweight as you’d think. A large part of my weight comes from teh muscles I have from working with animals. I have stronger thighs than the guys at the local gym. My doctor says my ideal weight would be between 80 to 85 KG, yet if you look at the “standards” It should be between 70 to 75 KG….

      Weight is relative to your build, the work you do, the muscle mass you have etc etc.

    • Ashley

      You do realize that there is scientific facts stating being a little overweight is actually healthier for you, right?

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  • Janine Pressley

    Dang, 154 lbs is fat… wow!

    • kneelbeforetigers

      I hope you’re being sarcastic… because um no.

    • Janine Pressley

      No not at all… I’m truly surprised that 154 is considered as being FAT. I’m 300 lbs… she’s not fat… possibly big-boneded or thick. What I would do to be half my size.

    • kneelbeforetigers

      Oh, whew…. I thought you were saying that you thought that 154lb weight mention = overweight! I absolutely agree with you, as for a healthy, active woman, 154 lbs would be just fine.

  • Kitty O’Neal

    Size 66 is equivalent to an American 8-10, btw. Not anywhere close to an American XL. It’s just the largest size commonly made in Korean clothes.

  • Sash Wei

    5’5 on a BMI should be 120-130 lbs give or take so she is considered over her weight which is in all actuality plus size. she looks fine to me just don’t go over 160 lbs.

  • KingPho

    There needs to be a balance. Hopefully the pendulum won’t swing to hard the other way where plus size = health. Just focus on healthy diet and exercise regardless of how one looks. I would hate for this model to have to keep from healthy diet and lack of necessary amount of exercise just to keep up with her current weight due to her job. Again, I’m not saying she is unhealthy or healthy.

  • silverzero

    this is so awesome and empowering. is there any way to order a copy in the states???

  • Cassie (Yeobomg)

    love the magazine.
    But…size 66 is not a US XL. I’m a US size S-M and I wear a korean size 66.

  • Jay

    Vivian (Kim ji Yang) is a very attractive girl. she has a cute face, she doesn’t look oversize at all, at least not in the pictures. Unfortunately, I’ve written to her but couldn’t yet order her magazine

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