New Reality Show To Feature Lives Of ‘Ultra Rich Asian Women’


When we said we needed more Asian representation on screen, this wasn’t exactly what we had in mind. A new Vancouver reality show will spotlight the “luxurious lifestyles of ultra rich Asian girls.” The name of the series: HBIC TV, which stands for Hot Bitch In Charge. Cringe.


Although details on the show are sparse at the moment, HBIC TV has announced that a casting call and audition will be held on June 26. The producers, Kevin K. Li and Desmond Chen, say that most of the show will be in Chinese and will feature young women who have inherited large fortunes, according to CTV News Vancouver.

On the show’s official Facebook page, there’s a brief description of the types of girls producers are looking for:

Are you the next #HBIC of Vancouver? Got a Centurion Black Amex Card?

Hermes, Lanvin, Dior, Louboutin, Chanel, Lambos and Ferraris are all a part of the daily lives of our HBICtv Divas.

“If you’re into the high fashion, the couture, the fancy cars, and the foie gras dinners, and popping the champagnes on the weekend like it’s every day,” Li said . “You know, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, but in Vancouver with this demographic.”

A short preview video for the show features a group of rich, Asian women buying necklaces worth $150,000 and gabbing about each other’s plastic surgery results.

While the show has already been met with groans from the Asian American community, there will likely be an audience that tunes in to all of the drama. Think we’ll have our next Asian Kardashian?

Top photo via HBICtv Facebook, other photo and video via VanCity Buzz

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  • Brandon Bowers

    Are these rich Asian women or rich Asian wives?

    • Harry You

      trustfund babies

    • b juardo

      They’re me-luv-u-long-time sugar babies. Ya know? like Don Sterling’s little princesses….I doubt anyone so crass as these bang-bang-gimme-50-dollahs-i-make-u-holla can build up wealth on her own. Wealth requires sophistication to reach it. You don’t have to be some nerd from Harvard business school doing hedge funds to become rich, but you do need refinement, intellect, lots of common sense, people skills, and sharp analytical skills.

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