North Korea is Bringing Tacos To You

photo credit: LA Taco

Kim Jong Il must be on a roll these days. The Pyongyang Express is the newest taco truck to hit the streets of Los Angeles, and yes-it’s serving “real North Korean food.” Because North Koreans regularly eat kimchee quesadillas and “North Korean tacos.”

It’s owned by Sun-Hee Kim, who wants consumers to ignore the politics and focus on the food.

“North Korean people take much honor and care in every ingredient use in recipe. Unlike very fast, tasteless food. Pyongyang BBQ cater gourmet food and should not be considered street food. […] North Korean peoples believe Juche is the guide to life! It has make us come to LA and open Pyongyang BBQ. We have infused Juche not only in our foods and picture on truck, but we will revolutionize North Korean way of life to people here.”

Sounds intense- but this may be a stunt pulled by E3, a gaming conference in downtown LA, which is promoting Homefront, a new game about North Korea invading America.

We’re not sure how long this truck will last, but it is true that the prices are dirt cheap: tacos are $1 and a “DPRK Rice Bowl” will cost you $2. You can follow the truck with twitter and let us know how good the food is.

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