K-Town Reality Show Open Casting Call

So you want to be a reality star? Why? Here are a few responses we got from auditioners as they were waiting in line for the open casting call last Saturday.

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  • http://daveyooner.blogspot.com Dave

    Wow.. that was really weak… casting call part duex?

  • charlie

    I would rather have big FOBS wearing yellow Nautica fleeces and gangbanger wannabes whose closet has 30 XXL white shirts and 20 LA 59/50s than these boring geeks representing koreans or even people living in k town. Tell these guys to go back to the La Crescenta and unless these guys are gonna pop out 8 babies and raise them on camera, the show is cancelled b4 it begins

  • irene

    oh myy jp park is cutttee!!! and i like the blondie but other than them.. pretty weak stuff ):

  • kigga fo life

    all da gangstaz on that utube vid are hardcore thugz. they be reppin’ la crezent and all da ghettos in los. big ups to ma homeyz in Cteezee aka Cerritos killuhz. ya don’t know bout da struggle young Korean soldjaz be strugglin wit, ya know what i’m sayin dawg?

    Koreans represent fo life!

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