Psy Releases a Sequel to ‘Gangnam Style’
Author: Chelsea Hawkins
Posted: August 14th, 2012
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This week’s video is a follow-up to Psy’s virulent “Gangnam Style,” which has hit 20 million views in less than a month. Capitalizing on the popularity of the video, a revamped “sequel” features K-pop vixen HyunA — a member of girl group 4Minute – dancing along and throwing in a high-pitched (that’s code for unbearable) “Oppa ttagnae style” [Oppa is just my style] with Psy’s recognizable chorus.

The real gem of this video remains Psy. The much cooler, pre-LMFAO LMFAO of South Korea, Psy has been putting out catchy, quirky beats for a decade. He’s odd. His suits glitter. His dance moves are ridiculous and unforgettable. And he wins the prize for best facial expressions. Ever.

All in all, this “sequel” takes away what made Psy’s original “Gangnam Style” so great – the odd-ball, Technicolor world of oppa – and instead replaces it with standardized K-pop gloss. The rodeo dance is still intact, but now it’s shiny and not so special.

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