Rain to Be Punished For Dating Scandal
Y. Peter Kang
Author: Y. Peter Kang
Posted: January 3rd, 2013
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The South Korean military is set to punish pop star Rain after photos of him cavorting with actress Kim Tae-hee recently surfaced, prompting many Korean citizens to question exactly how much free time the enlisted idol has to pursue such endeavors.

Korean tabloid Dispatch was the first to break the news that the ab-heavy 30-year-old hunk was dating the 32-year-old actress and model, with a series of grainy and dull photographs showing the pop star exiting a white sedan. Somehow they were able to recognize Rain, who was hiding behind a big white face mask, and connect him with Kim, whose agency confirmed the couple have been dating for about a month.

While the Korean Defense Ministry has denied that Rain has received special treatment, they admitted he has taken more days off than most soldiers and was not permitted to have private meetings while on duty. They will determine his punishment next week, according to the Associated Press.

Ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok said jail time — which would significantly delay his discharge — was an unlikely punishment for Rain, who joined the army in October of 2011 and is set for release next July.

South Korea’s mandatory military service of 21 months for all able-bodied males is a sensitive issue that often elicits strong reactions from the public.

  • hk

    This headline is misleading b/c Rain is NOT being punished by the army for “dating” let alone being seen with another k-pop star, so no, there is no “dating scandal”, nor is there any prohibitions against ROK military personnel dating gorgeous k-pop types. Rain is being punished for being caught outside of his area of operations (AO) ROK soldiers on active duty are assigned to a certain area of operations, and these soldiers — as well as their officers — are not allowed to travel or be seen anywhere outside of a minimum operating radius, which is usually about 5km from their HQ or reporting station inside their assigned AO. I once went on a road trip with an off-duty ROK Army captain I had become acquainted with and she immediately became quite worried when we were soon outside of her permissible radius. Thank God she didn’t get caught, but getting caught is tantamount to losing your career (for an officer), and petty punishment for an enlisted ROK soldier. Rain will probably get extra duties, docked some pay and perhaps confined to quarters for a week or so for having been seen in Seoul, which is definitely way outside of all frontline areas of operation.

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