Red Devil–in the flesh!
Author: Kai Ma
Posted: June 23rd, 2010
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You know how Halloween is just an excuse for women to dress like sluts? Well, the World Cup does the same for Korean women. Case in point: This South Korea-based siren—spilling out of a barely-there, see-through hanbok—takes being a “Red Devil” to a naughty, new level. Im Jee Young, wearing nothing underneath but a white thong, also got fleshy during the 2006 World Cup—by replacing the ass of her denim shorts with sheer material.

What’s next for this half-naked nymph? Streaking down the streets of Seoul if we beat Uruguay on Saturday? Let’s hope! Go Korea!

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  • Im Jee Young

    You guys are just jealous.

    But yes, if Korea beats Uruguay, I will streak (almost) naked! @^_^@

    Korea, FIGHTING! ^__^b

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  • A honest man

    She is not that bad and u girls r jus haters. How come the women fans from other countries who wear paint shirts r admired fir their patriotism but if a Korean shows any sexuality she’s a slut . Let’s join the world in the in 2010 and put away the 1930s ankleshowing bikinis

  • HoneBIs

    Just making sure she gets in on that condom sale spike~ next week she’ll want to file a lawsuit :/
    The little girl she took that dress from will not want it back ~nast

  • Cyn City

    Is this chick for real?

  • lala

    she is def not that pretty but i guess this gets her the attention she wants :\

  • Liz

    wat the heo?

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