Red Devil–in the flesh!

You know how Halloween is just an excuse for women to dress like sluts? Well, the World Cup does the same for Korean women. Case in point: This South Korea-based siren—spilling out of a barely-there, see-through hanbok—takes being a “Red Devil” to a naughty, new level. Im Jee Young, wearing nothing underneath but a white thong, also got fleshy during the 2006 World Cup—by replacing the ass of her denim shorts with sheer material.

What’s next for this half-naked nymph? Streaking down the streets of Seoul if we beat Uruguay on Saturday? Let’s hope! Go Korea!

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  • Liz

    wat the heo?

  • lala

    she is def not that pretty but i guess this gets her the attention she wants :

  • Cyn City

    Is this chick for real?

  • HoneBIs

    Just making sure she gets in on that condom sale spike~ next week she’ll want to file a lawsuit :/
    The little girl she took that dress from will not want it back ~nast

  • A honest man

    She is not that bad and u girls r jus haters. How come the women fans from other countries who wear paint shirts r admired fir their patriotism but if a Korean shows any sexuality she’s a slut . Let’s join the world in the in 2010 and put away the 1930s ankleshowing bikinis

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  • Im Jee Young

    You guys are just jealous.

    But yes, if Korea beats Uruguay, I will streak (almost) naked! @^_^@

    Korea, FIGHTING! ^__^b

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