Sarah Palin and her NK Allies

The situation with North Korea right now is definitely serious and something we should all be concerned about, but come on, Sarah Palin, really?

Palin was recently on Glenn Beck’s radio show, where she so intelligently remarked, “This speaks to a bigger picture here that certainly scares me in terms of our national security policy. But obviously we’ve gotta stand with our North Korean allies.”

Transcript here:

CO-HOST: How would you handle a situation like the one that just developed in North Korea? […]

PALIN: But obviously, we’ve got to stand with our North Korean allies. We’re bound to by treaty –

CO-HOST: South Korean.

PALIN: Eh, Yeah. And we’re also bound by prudence to stand with our South Korean allies, yes.

Palin making mistakes is no surprise, and while it may have been a slip of a tongue, do we really want this woman running for president, as she’s hinted she might be?


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  • David

    bwahaha…ah palin, if only you were as awesome as tina fey protrays you.

  • AsianMovement

    omg… she needs to shut up

  • Robo

    Sarah Palin. She’s hilarious. God bless America! 😀

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