South Korean Actress' Red Carpet Dress Causes Stir

Little-known Korean actress Oh In Hye walked down the red carpet at the Busan International Film Festival yesterday wearing a Grecian goddess-inspired orange dress with a plunging neckline which has resulted in a media frenzy in South Korea.

According to allkpop:

When told, “The dress you wore became a hot issue in the media,” she replied, “I still don’t feel it. It was my first time on the red carpet so I was just so surprised to see the reactions. All of my friends began calling me, telling me not to feel down with the hate. Although there were positive replies, there were also some bad ones. I merely went to the event hoping to get caught on camera, but I think the situation blew up into something out of my control. There were some who criticized me for going overboard, but what I want to make clear is that I didn’t seek the attention purposely.”

Check out more photos here.


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  • DeeKee213

    thats nice cleavage ,,

  • Jasonrudd

    A testament to the plastic surgery available in South Kora.

  • glace

    She obviously WAS purposefully seeking attention. Well, at least the dress was her choice and not forced upon her…right?

  • Mark

    Me gusta.

  • Hottie with a body

    @Jasondud, plastic surgery is available in ALL industrialized countries. Just as long as there are people who can fork down the money for it, then there will be plastic surgeons available. btw, what is “South Kora?”

    @Dee & Mark +1
    @glace, don’t hate girl. If you ain’t got it, then obviously you can’t flaunt it. Don’t hate the playah, hate the game.

  • Simon

    Yeah, there was no mirror after she wore the dress, tell that to kid, Ms Oh. Soon, porn movies in the offering and she would say, ohhhhh, I thought it was only a comedy move.

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