Survey: South Korean Men Second Most Unfaithful

South Korea has the second highest proportion of men who are unfaithful to their partners, according to a recent poll.

The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive for condom maker Durex, reported that 34 percent of Korean men said they have cheated on their partners.

Harris interviewed 29,000 men and women from 36 different countries. The number one most unfaithful males came from Thailand, with 54 percent admitting they have cheated. Meanwhile, Malaysia ranked third at 33 percent with Russia and Hong Kong not far behind.

The Harris Interactive poll reported that the women of Nigeria were the most unfaithful in the world at 62 percent while Thai women tracked slightly above their male counterparts, with 59 percent of women saying they have had affairs.

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  • E

    It appears that divorce in these places (bar Russia?) is generally stigmatized?

  • Jimmy

    Sorry for Korean women. Men should takecare their partners batter.

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    This research is completely useless and unreliable; here is why. The survey only interviewed 29,000 people from 36 countries, which in average would be only approximately 800 people from a single country. Not to mention this case surveyed both men AND women combined. So give or take, they surveyed only 400 men in each countries. There are about 25 million male citizens in S Korea. 400 people cannot possibly represent the entire 25 million Korean men. You’re believing 0.00016% of men represents the whole entire ethnic community. Do you really want to put a prejudice on Korean guys just because less than 1% of population admitted they’ve cheated? You’re disgracing a lot of nice and honest Korean guys out there.

  • Mr.Statistics

    Dear KUNNOM,

    I applaud your preschool level of mathematics, but you’ll have take a statistics course to see why your perspective is lacking. The study could have literally surveyed even 50 people and you would get a good representative sample of Korea. Or we can take your proposition seriously and interview 25 million Korean men and get a great picture of how many cheaters there are. Or you could save millions of dollars and interview 400 people instead and get the exact same picture.


  • jstele

    The question is, How did they determine their “representative sample”? Then, we can determine the reliability of this survey. Critical thinking and not just accepting “results” as facts. That is the true statistician’s approach for anyone who has a familiarity with the subject.

  • math expert

    CLT, now STFU if you don’t understand stats. It’s not a difficult math.
    CLT = central limit theorem
    It essentially means that 30 samples from a group, represents the whole group.

  • jstele

    “It essentially means that 30 samples from a group, represents the whole group.”

    Like I said, “critical thinking and not just accepting “results” as facts.” You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about, multi-username troll. You can’t just survey 30 random white people and expect that to represent all white people.

  • jstele

    “CLT = central limit theorem
    It essentially means that 30 samples from a group, represents the whole group.”

    You really don’t understand statistics. LOL.

  • jstele

    “In its simplest form, the theorem states that the sum of a large number of independent observations from the same distribution has, under certain general conditions, an approximate normal distribution.”

    Now, go back to your hole, idiot. Don’t talk about stuff you know NOTHING about.

  • math expert with multiple aliases

    jstele, took you a day to research it? Too bad, you’re not as smart as you try to act. Providing a link that explains something THAT YOU CANNOT PARAPHRASE YOURSELF just shows you can’t grasp the concept. CLT just means, if you use 30 random samples, then a normal “dn” (that’s notation for “distribution,” since I hold a BS in engineering, and you, probably a BA in some academic joke) forms, looking like a “bell.”

    jstele, I bet you’re a homely Korean female, who is married to an ugly white or Jewish guy (your last name “Stele?”), who goes around, flaunting your ugly white husband or b/f at places like BCD?. LOL!!

    How come you never responded when I called your ugly ass out? You know, the article about Korean females being putative for plastic surgery? So let me reiterate? jstele, do you have the typical FLAT Korean face? do you want a higher nose bridge so that you can have more “Euro-esque” facial features,and also your profile won’t manifest a “ran into a brick wall?” do you want ssang-ga-pool (double eyelid surgery)? do you want a face lift so that your facial contours look more “white?”…if you answered yes to at least 1 question, then jstele = typical fugly Korean female with stubby peg legs and pale skin. :)

  • jstele

    Oh, poor idiot, can only get satisfaction from trolling as he has no other fulfillment in his life. Not interested in white guys. LOL I’m sure you look AMAZING :p No, it didn’t take a day for me to look it up, just a few minutes to review. It’s called Google. You should try it some time. Did take a course in statistics as many college students do. Yes, keep trolling on Koream. LOL. Why don’t YOU paraphrase if you’re so smart? I’m pretty confident in my knowledge, but educating fools like you is going to take MORE than a few days 😉 Yes, I expect you to come back with a “witty” reply. You’re too hilarious.

    “CLT = central limit theorem
    It essentially means that 30 samples from a group, represents the whole group.”

    Keep talking out of your butt. Just share your ignorance with the whole world, why don’t you? Exactly how did you get the number 30? Tell me that, “smart” boy.

  • jstele

    Unlike you, I don’t stay glued to the Koream site just to troll it. No, it did not take me day to research it. But I guess now, your secret’s out. LOL.

  • dee

    i’m a thai woman of siam origin, not an isan girl in northeast, nor lanna nor malay girls which are the colony lands of siam conquered by siam almost 300 years ago. i confirm that THAI MEN OR MEN OF SIAM REALLY CHEAT WOMEN OF ALL RACES IN THAILAND INTO BECOMING THEIR CONCUBINE IN THEIR HALEM OF thai girls or han chinese girls born from chinese parents or the mixed. MY THAI DAD of siam origin HAS ONE OFFICIAL WIFE (my mum) and other 11 MINOR OR SECRET WIVES, MY SIAM DAD HAS 12 or twelve WIVES. i was born from the first wife of my dad. Thai men of siam origin can get a lot of girls from all people of every social class because they are the most powerful class of men (handsome or ugly). We have han chinese immigrants that form 10% of the total population of the new name country The conquerred lands (isan, lanna or south malay or some malaysia) must speak and learn language of siam. those people are physically different from people of siam who live in central plain. Thailand is a new name to reduce resistance of the people of the conquerred lands… but all people in the new name country Thailand never know who is “thai”, a fake invented word.

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