South Koreans Run Ad in Times Square

photo courtesy of Seo Kyung Duk, via Chosun Ilbo

An ad thanking countries that sent troops to support South Korea during the Korean War began running on Monday on a Times Square billboard, just in time to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the war, which is this Friday.

The 30 second ad shows the numbers of the troops sent by the 16 countries, and will air 350 on the CNN News billboard for two weeks, according to Seo Kyoung-duk, the organizer of the campaign and a visiting professor at Sungshin Women’s university.

“On the occasion of the Korean War 60th anniversary, we wanted to look back at the meanings of war and especially express our gratitude to the soldiers who fought in the war,” said Seo to the Korea Times.

The ad will also air on a billboard in New York’s “Koreatown,” on West 32nd Street.

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  • Yu Bumsuk

    Thanks so much for remembering their sacrifice.

  • m

    anyone got a video of the ad?

  • Brian

    Interesting story, though the post just copies the Korea Times article.

  • Amanda

    Perhaps they’d be better to remember the South Koreans who were slaughtered by American troops in that war. I’m tired of hearing them constantly praised when they did terrible things too. I’m sure it was comforting to those South Koreans as they died that they were butchered by the Americans who were supposed to be helping them, rather than by their known enemy.

  • KoreaSucks

    Killed by Americans? What a load of crap propaganda published by North Korean sympathizers. Korea is very lucky America provided help, the alternative is unacceptable. I doubt that there will be the same level of support if war breaks out today. Most Americans are fed up with Korea burning our flag whenever things don’t go their way. Its a country full of spoiled brats.

  • K

    to the one called KoreaSucks, i kinda don’t get why you are here. this magazine is all about korea and korean related articles focused for an audience who are interested in korea or are koreans (which you are obviously not if you are hating korea and koreans). if this was the first thing people read on this website, i bet a lot of koreans would be hating you right now for judging all koreans into one category of american flag burners. i don’t see you complaining about the neonazis in AMERICA promoting hitler and racism. i’m a korean-american, korean by blood but born in america and take insult that you think all koreans hate america. i bet there are koreans who do hate america for a reason (one main one being that US basically waged war in iraq and korea’s troops are basically being sent there when south korea is already on thin ice with north korea), but that doesn’t mean that all koreans are the same. and i have to agree with amanda, war has to do with killing people. america did aid south korea but there were those that did not see the distinction between north and south and killed some of their own allies. as america doesn’t want to acknowledge that fact that she did wrong (america does mess up a lot and we don’t fess up on making mistakes), she just pushes the information away so that america doesn’t seem like the bad guy. that’s a reason why many countries dislike america because of america’s superiority complex by the government, military, and its people (being lazy people who wade in our wealth and fortune and belittling of lower standings who work with sweat and blood every morning to evening to make a living).

    long story short: i know i don’t have all the facts, but i sure know that you know basically nothing on this subject. we don’t need haters to get in our face without having any proof to back it up.

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