Friday’s Link Attack: LA Riots Film, CS Lee, Gold Medalist Yang Hak-seon
Author: Linda Son
Posted: August 10th, 2012
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AHSC helps Asian immigrants afford breast cancer care
KATU (Portland, Ore.)

AHSC helped Young Mee Kim with interpreting, setting up appointments, paying for treatment and getting the support she needed during her recovery process. “Through AHSC this was all resolved so I felt a bit more relieved and could focus on just my fight with this disease,” Kim said. “If it wasn’t for AHSC I’d be in a very difficult situation and my recovery would probably have taken longer.”

Leigh Ann Hahn: Polyglot L.A. Is A Grand Performance

“My goal when I was a child was to be blond-headed and blue-eyed like all the other kids I hung out with, but that was never going to happen. “So eventually I realized I didn’t necessarily want to change, but I did want to blend in. The idea of living in Los Angeles was really appealing to me because Los Angeles is a polyglot community.

A Korean American zenith [OPINION]
The Korea Times

This November, the Korean-American community needs to choose the best candidate to represent its unique needs and views in the Oval Office for the next four years. It isn’t much of a choice. There is only one candidate who, throughout his career, has consistently supported and committed to Korean-Americans. During his first term as president, Barack Obama has set a historic precedent in making Asian-American issues a priority for his administration.

1992 riots the centerpiece of Korean American Film Festival
Los Angeles Times

Continuing through Saturday, the first Korean American Film Festival Los Angeles features 24 movies (including narrative and short films and documentaries), with its centerpiece program of five movies focusing on the Korean American perspective on the riots 20 years later. All screenings take place at the Korean Cultural Center, 5505 Wilshire Blvd.

Courtroom tension boils in Apple-Samsung showdown

It was the end of a long week in court in the Apple-Samsung legal war, and Samsung attorney John Quinn was trying to block his adversary, Apple attorney Bill Lee, from showing the jury a document. As Quinn made his argument to U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh, he slipped in a reference to Koh’s pre-trial order blocking sales of some Samsung products — a subject Koh had forbidden the parties from discussing in front of the jury.

Minority Business Leaders: Shinjoo Cho
Philadelphia Business Journal

Shinjoo Cho did not take a traditional route to her job as technical assistance and outreach manager for the Philadelphia Department of Commerce. A native of South Korea, Cho studied piano performance and pedagogy (the art of teaching ) at the Westminster Choir College of Rider University in Princeton, N.J.

K-Town Episode 5: Korean Speed Dating and SCARLET SMASH!
San Francisco Weekly

As much as I love K-Town, I must quibble with the show’s refusal to coherently tie up loose ends. In Episode 5, there’s no mention of Young’s lapdance imbroglio, though, I’ll let it slide because it opens with some of his own impromptu dancing while Prince Jowe impressively beat-boxes Wu-Tang Clan’s “Ain’t Nuthing Ta F’ Wit.”

Asbury Methodist Church welcomes Rev. Hyekyung Pauline Kang as its new pastor

Rev. Kang is a first generation Korean-American. Since 1985, when she began her theological studies at Drew University, she served as a pastor for children and youth in various churches until she took a full-time position in 2002 as educational minister at Korean Community Church in Englewood.

Yang Hak-seon vaults from poor beginnings
The Hankyoreh

The nineteen-year-old seemed trepidacious. His Kakao Talk profile read, “Yang! Hak! Seon! Shoooow your coooourage!!!!!” Such was the urgency. A few days before, he had dreamed of being shunned by his cohorts at the Taereung Athletes’ Village, national training center for South Korean athletes, for failing to win a medal. Even the springboard at North Greenwich Arena was causing problems: the springs were too strong for his body weight. Chances of gold? Ninety-nine percent. And even that was just a possibility. Nobody could say for certain. But the Korea National Sport University student was as courageous as he had to be on the Olympic stage. More than that: he was flawless.

Korean Coca-Cola More Harmful Than Made-in-USA
Korea Times via New America Media

A consumer group claims that Coca-Cola produced in South Korea has 24 times the amount of a harmful substance than that manufactured in the United States.

Consumers Korea released a statement Friday citing a report made by the U.S.-based Center for Science in the Public Interest, that Coke made in Korea had 96 micrograms (ug) of the chemical 4 methylimidizole (4-MI), far exceeding amounts in the soda produced in China at 56 ug, and Japan, 72 ug.

Soft autonomous robot inches along like an earthworm

Now researchers at MIT, Harvard University and Seoul National University have engineered a soft autonomous robot that moves via peristalsis, crawling across surfaces by contracting segments of its body, much like an earthworm. The robot, made almost entirely of soft materials, is remarkably resilient: Even when stepped upon or bludgeoned with a hammer, the robot is able to inch away, unscathed.

The INNERview #20 “C.S. Lee” A famous Korean American Actor at Hollywood Part.2

Arirang TV’s INNERview meets with top celebrities and renowned Koreans in the arts, sports, and entertainment, as well as renowned personalities from abroad who have come to visit Korea.

October Issue: Breast Cancer Survivor Shares Her Story
Author: KoreAm
Posted: October 4th, 2011
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Let’s Talk About Breasts

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness month, and one young woman wants you to know that early detection saves lives. It saved hers.

by Hannah Lee

I was 28 years old the day I felt a lump in my right breast. I remember that day like it was yesterday. Call it woman’s intuition or a gut feeling, but I knew right then that I had breast cancer.

The next couple months went by fast. Not only did I feel a lump, but also had bloody discharge from the nipple. Due to my young age and no family history, my doctor initially thought that I had an infection. When that “infection” never cleared up, he ordered a biopsy, and a few days later, I was told it was not breast cancer.

But, instead of feeling tremendous relief upon hearing the good news, I knew something wasn’t right and shared my doubts with my doctor. I would undergo a lumpectomy, and that test clearly showed what the earlier biopsy did not: The mass was large, as in seven centimeters. In terms of tumor size, this was big.

On March 31, 2009, my doctor confirmed what I had long suspected: breast cancer. Continue Reading »

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